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[answered] 1) An arrangement in which a manufacturer pays a certain am

1) An arrangement in which a manufacturer pays a certain amount of a retailer's media costs for advertising that manufacture's product is? a) a buy-stock allowance b) a merchandise allowance c) premium money d) push money e) supply-based pricing

2) When marketers emphasize ?price as an issue and match or beat the prices of to other companies , they are using a)price competition b) non-price competition c) competitive pricing strategies d) demand-based pricing e) supply-based pricing

3)A measure of sensitivity of demand in relation to changes in price is? a) a demand curve b) a prestige graph c) marginal analysis d) price elasticity of demand e) quantity elasticity

4) Which of the following is most likely to have an inelastic demand curve?a) automobile b) vacation c) non-elective surgery d) recreational vehicle e) computer

5) If a company increased its price from $100 to $120 and the percentage change in quantity demanded was 40%, the price elasticity of demand for this product is a) 2 b) 1/2 c) -1/2 d) -2 e) 4

6) Robert Inc., calculates that if is produces 15 radar detectors, its costs are $1500, and if it produces 16 radar detectors, its costs are $1590. in this instance, $90 is the firm's _____________ cost. a) average b) fixed c) variable d) marginal e) average variables

7)Mike industries determines that for its air compressors the following results are achieved at a price of $250, total costs = $250,000; variable cost per unit = $100; fixed costs = $175,000. Given this figures, Mike would break even at ________________ units a)1167 b) 1000 c) 1750 d) 2500 e) 700

8) Lucy buys a new dress at T. J. Maxx that has a price tag with " Compare at $50.00 our price $29.99. This is an example of the use of a) internal referencing b) cumulative discounts c) seasonal discounts d) base- point pricing e)an external reference price?

9) Mike gets the invoice for a load of gravel he purchased last week. The price of the gravel was $55 and the terms are 2/10, n/45. If Tim pays the invoice in 5 weeks, he will owe a ) a penalty b) $53.90 c) $56.10 d) $58.30 e)$55.00

10) If the terms of a business exchange are 2/10 net 30 , this means that the transaction a) involves a cumulative discount if paid in 30 days. b) involves a non-cumulative discount c) offer a discount if the buyer lives within a 10 mile radius d) price does not include the cost of freight e) involves a cash discount if paid within 10 days

11) If a retailer orders a quantity of merchandise to be delivered to his store in Phoenix and is quoted a price that does not include shipping charges, the retailer is paying a(n) _____________________ price a) F. O. B destination b) F. O. B factory c) transfer d) postage-stamp e) base-point

12) When Buick ?buys headlights from Delco ( both of which are divisions of General Motors, ________________ pricing occurs. a ) base-point b) zone c) transfer d) uniform geographic

13) Markup is measured either as a percentage of ___________________ or a percentage of _______________________ a) selling price; cost b) cost; profit c) revenue; contribution margin d) resources used; cost e) demand; competition

14) Mike pays $16.50 for a 6-ounce bottle of Anais cologne and sells it for $25.95. Its markup as a percentage of cost is approximately ________________ percent for this product. a) 64 b) 36 c) 18 d) 57 e) 45

15) When business charge the highest possible price that customers who really want the new product will pay, they are using a) premium pricing b) prestige lining c) ?captive pricing d) price skimming e) penetration pricing



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