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[answered] 1. (TCOs 1, 2, 3, 7) In support of TCO #7 and in the Week 7

1. (TCOs 1, 2, 3, 7) In support of TCO #7 and in the Week 7 discussions, you developed and placed into the threaded discussions your personalized ethics statement of what has become important to you in the practice of ethics as you have practiced ethics during the course. Your first task in this question is to briefly present that personalized statement in just a few sentences before continuing with the question. Much of the rest of the exam will involve your working with that personalized statement through brief applications and cases.

Use your ethical philosophy to solve the following ethical situation. Explain how your philosophy helped you make your decision.

Given the continuing threat that nuclear weapons pose for humanity and the global environment, is it ever ethically acceptable for scientists to engage in research and development work on such weapons??

Discuss the conditions, if any, under which it would be acceptable. ?

Explain and defend your position, and then explain how your ethical philosophy helped you or affected how you answered this question.

2.Analyze your answer above using the Front Page of the Newspaper ethical dilemma resolution model. Show your steps. ?

I need help with the second question, see below for my answer

I answered question one as?Personal ethics refers to a moral value, belief and principle that governs individual or that an individual exhibits in his/her interaction with others or conducting an activity. Thus ethics of a person states about what is right or wrong, acceptable and unacceptable behavior .moreover it controls an individual action.

An individual can write its personal ethics statement enlisting its core beliefs on which he/she base its opinions and action, their thoughts and opinions about what is correct behavior according to them and should focus on its view and philosophies.

Thus, the personal ethics of a person can consist of qualities that help him/her to make a wise decision in sticky honest person for whom truth always matter, use fair means to achieve goals, to stand up and support for what is right, hardworking and sincere nature and so on.

These ethics can help an individual to make a wise and fair decision in every situation. Person following ethics since childhood, incorporate these values in their daily life and it becomes as their behavior. Thus they exhibit these ethics in their day to day life and act and decision which are not against their ethics.

A scientist working on nuclear weapon can?t be claimed as being involved in unethical behavior. They are making those weapons for future contingencies so that it can be used to tackle a worst situation if arise. Unless and until that nuclear weapon will not be used against anyone, it will not pose any threat to humanity and global environment. These weapons are made with due care and scientist keep in mind there is no case of leakage of nuclear energy. Thus, it is ethical till it is not misused and harm humanity and global environment.


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