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[answered] 1. A patient is seen for a right arm fracture. The physicia

i need some hep with medical coding question.i am attaching the questions.thanks

1. A patient is seen for a right arm fracture. The physician applies a short arm splint to stabilize the fracture. What code should be assigned? A. 29015?RT B. 29130?


LT C. 29125?RT D. 29058?FA 2. Dislocation indicates that the bone has A. been relocated to a new anatomic site for stabilization. B. been displaced and realigned by the physician. C. been displaced from its normal location. D. split into two separate pieces. 3. Turbinates are the bones inside the A. larynx. B. the zygomatic arches. C. nose. D. pharynx. 4. A patient undergoes a combined arterial?venous coronary bypass graft, which included eight venous grafts and eight arterial grafts. What codes should be assigned? A. 33542, 33615 B. 33536, 33523 C. 33523, 33536 D. 33612, 33522


5. Splints are used to A. stabilize and immobilize a body part to allow for healing. B. realign the tibia and the fibula. C. stabilize dislocations. D. provide traction for closed fractures.


6. A nasal endoscopy with a maxillary antrostomy with removal of maxillary sinus tissue performed on one sinus would be reported with A. 31254?51. B. 31235?


25. C. 31240. D. 31267.


7. A maxillectomy with an orbital exenteration should be coded as A. 31230. B. 31225. C. 31200. D. 31084.


8. A patient undergoes a closed treatment for a bimalleolar right ankle fracture. The physician manipulates the fracture during the treatment. What code should be assigned? A. 27810?RT B. 27829?


LT C. 27884?RT D. 27823?LT


9. With manipulation, without manipulation, or with or without traction are the three methods used to describe which fracture treatment procedure? A. Percutaneous treatment B. Open treatment C. Closed treatment D. Natural treatment


10. A Z?plasty is a type of A. lesion removal. B. surgical wound repair. C. adjacent tissue transfer. D. wound adaptation.


11. A patient undergoes a bronchoscopy with three transbronchial lung biopsies performed on one lobe. The coder reports code 31628 ? 3. Based on the CPT coding guidelines, this code assignment is A. incorrect. Code 31628 should be assigned in conjunction with code 31627. B. incorrect. Code 31628 should be reported only once with modifier ?51. C. correct. Code 31628 should be reported three times. D. incorrect. Code 31628 should be reported only once per lobe. 12. Lesion excision codes are arranged in the CPT according to A. donor site classification. B. surgical approach. C. anatomic site and classification, such as simple, intermediate, or complex. D. anatomic location and size of the lesion in centimeters. 13. The physician performs a dermal auto graft on the left arm of a seven?year?old child. The recipient site measured 200 sq. cm. What codes should be assigned? A. 15130, 15131 B. 15121, 15120 C. 15000, 15120, 15121 D. 15040, 15100, 15222


14. A patient undergoes an epicardial electrode replacement of his pacemaker. Both the atrial and the ventricular leads are replaced. What's the correct code? A. 33217 B. 33211 C. 33208 D. 33216 15. . A patient undergoes a combined right and left heart catheterization with left ventriculography. What code should be assigned? A. 93453 B. 93454 C. 93451 D. 93564 16. A nonlayered skin closure is called a/an _______ closure. A. simple B. intermediate C. advanced D. complex


17. A physician inserts a balloon inside an artery to push a blockage against the sides of the arterial walls. The procedure is performed on a single major coronary artery. What is this procedure called and how is it coded? A. Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty; code 92920 B. Percutaneous transport circular artery; code 92924 C. Percutaneous transverse circulation angiography; code 92929 D. Percutaneous transmittal circulation angiogram; 92937


18. First order, second order, and third order refer to a/an A. code sequence. B. vascular family. C. add?on code arrangement. D. modifier listing.


19. When coding wound repairs, coders should remember A. to code according to resource and time consumption. B. to code each wound separately. C. length, complexity, and site of the wound repair. D. to code based on wound severity.


20. The most common procedure performed in the incision category of the Respiratory Section is the A. bronchoplasty. B. tracheoplasty. C. thoracotomy. D. tracheostomy.


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