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[answered] 1. HTML: Which of the following should NOT go in the &a

Please help me to answer these mutilple choices questions

1. HTML: Which of the following should NOT go in the <head> of your html.


a. <title> TITLE </title>


b. <!DOCTYPE html>


c. <script src="jquery/jquery.js"></script>


d. <link href="css/styles.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />


2. CSS: What is the difference between class and id?


a. Class targets multiple elements while id targets one specific piece of code


b. Id targets multiple elements while class targets one specific piece of code


c. They are the same thing and can be used indistinguishably


d. Class refers to a large group of people while id is a Freudian psychological term


3. Photoshop: What are layers used for?


a. To stack images and text on top of each other


b. Cropping tool


c. Layers aren?t a tool in Photoshop


d. Layers are only used in animation


4. Animation: What is ?tweening??


a. The process of placing intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that


the first image evolves smoothly into the second image.


b. When a 12 year old tries to do animation.


c. The process of placing an effect onto animation.


d. The process of placing text onto an animation.


5. Wireframing: When creating a wireframe for a design at what stage should you sketch out your




a. Once you have completed all the code for mobile, desktop and tablet.


b. Once you have completed the code for mobile but before desktop.


c. Before beginning to code your design.


d. It is not a good idea to sketch your design at all.


6. Responsive Design: In responsive design, which of these are not a possible layout that can be




a. Desktop


b. Tablet


c. Mobile


d. MP3


7. Bootstrap: Which of these elements cannot be created on a Bootstrap Navigation Bar?


a. Dropdown Menu


b. Carousels


c. Buttons


d. Search Bar


8. jQuery: Which of the following is a jQuery selector to access all elements with the class ?exam??


a. $("exam")


b. $(".exam")


c. $("#exam")


d. $("[exam])


9. UNIX: What does the Unix command ?pwd? do?


a. Creates a new directory


b. Lists a directory of your files


c. See the current directory and path


d. Modifies the permissions on a directory


10. Random: Who invented the worldwide web?


a. Steve Jobs


b. God


c. Tim Berners Lee


d. Bill Gates 1. What does OS stand for?


a. Operating System


b. Override System


c. Operating Server


d. Operating Source


2. What does HTML stand for?


a. High Tech Markup Language


b. Hyperactive Text Making Language


c. Hyper Text Markup Language


d. High Tech Making Language


3. How do you target an id and a class?


a. .class #id


b. #class .id


c. (class) "id"


d. "class" (id)


4. Which of the following could be a layer?


a. text


b. image


c. background


d. all of the above


5. GIF is the only format that supports transparence.


a. True


b. False


6. A _____ is a hand-written outline of a website.


a. Responsive design


b. Wireframing


c. Animation


d. Javascript


7. What is the purpose of Responsive Design?


a. To enable user interaction


b. To activate hyperlinks


c. To allow users to send emails


d. To make your website compatible on any screen


8. Which of the following is not a component of Bootstrap?


a. Dropdown


b. Columns


c. Navbar


d. Carousel


e. all of the above


9. Which symbol is the selector in jquery?


a. $ b. #


c. &


d. {


10. <style> is to css as _____ is to jquery


a. <stylesheet>


b. <script>


c. <function>


d. <document> 1. What is the basic syntax for jQuery?


a. $(selector).action()


b. $selector.action()


c. $(action).selector()


d. $(selector.action())


2. How to insert .js file in HTML?


a. <script src= ?name_of_file.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


b. <script src= ?name_of_file" type="text/javascript"></script>


c. <link href="name_of_file" type="text/javascript">


d. <link href="name_of_file.js" type="text/javascript">


3. In Bootstrap, what number must your columns add up to?


a. 6


b. 9


c. 12


d. 15


4.How do you make a responsive site?


a. Make one big css file and name it ?responsive.css?


b. Link css files that adjust to different screens


c. My site is already responsive, I don?t have to do anything!


d. Make a Christmas wish...


5. What should be the first step in designing a new website?


a. Coding the HTML


b. Deciding on the color scheme


c. Choosing a CMS


d. Wireframing 6.How do you save Animated files in Photoshop?


a.Save as ?file.gif?


b.Save as ?gif.file?


c.Save as png, gif, or jpg


d.Photoshop has its own magic to save it 7. Why do people tend to use PNG over JPG images on websites?


a. PNG files allow for higher quality


b. PNG files allow for transparency


c. PNG files are faster to load


d. PNG files are highly compressable 8. Which of the following things can you not do with CSS?


a. Make sites responsive


b. Make header and footer


c. Customize bootstrap components


d. Replace jQuery?s ready function as $(css).ready


9. How do you link to something in HTML?


a. <url=?url?>text</url>


b. <a=?url?>text</a>


c. <a href=?url?>text</a>


d. <a href=url>text</a>


10. What is SSH?


a. Super student health center


b. Secure Shell


C. Secure Shell Hyper language


D. Secure Shell hardware 1. How do you make a new directory in Terminal?


A. cd


B. mkdir






E. Both B&C


2. A word between <h2> and </h2> forms what feature of a website:


A. Opening tag


B. hyperlink






E. None of the Above


3. What is kerning?


A. Line Spacing


B. Margin Spacing


C. Letter Spacing


D. A font family


4. Photoshop just had its how many years? anniversary? A.125




C.25 in 2015




5. What is tweening?


A.being under twelve year old


B.process of generating intermediate frames between two images to give the


appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image


C.Wanting to be a teenager


D.process of growing old


6. What are the different types of position properties?


A. absolute, permanent, respective, static


B. absolute, fixed, respective, responsive


C. absolute, fixed, relative, static


D. constant, fixed, uniform, responsive


7. What does <meta name=?viewport" content=?initial-scale=1"> do?


A. prevent smartphones from scaling pages down


B. Maintains the image scale as normal in all screen sizes


C.prevent desktops from scaling pages up


D.Both A&B


8. Where would you link the Bootstrap style sheet in HTML?


A. Before Title, in the head


B. after title, in the head




D. After Body


E. A and B both work


9. Which one of these is correct jQuery syntax?














alert("You entered p1!");




D. All of the above


E. A&C


10. What is Moore?s Law?


A. the cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubles every four years


B. number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (processing speed) doubles


approximately every two years


C. giving added economy only as the square root of the increase in speed -- that is,


to do a calculation 10 times as cheaply you must do it 100 times as fast. D. the number of computations per joule of energy dissipated has been doubling


approximately every 1.57 years Colin, Andie, Thanos, Sam


? 1. UNIX


? What is pico in Terminal?


? A. File transfer system


? B. A type of Mexican salsa


? C. Create new directory


? D. The built-in text editor ? 2. HTML


? What file transfer process is the protocol for this class?


? A. FTP








3. CSS


? Which of the following is not a selector for styling links?


? A. Active


? B. Hover


? C. Focus


? D. Passive


4. Photoshop


? Vector images are?


? A. Created by placing points on a grid and creating lines between those




? B. Creating lines that can be filled in


? C. Are useful because you can increase dimensions of the image, without


affecting its quality


? D. All of the above


5. Animation


? Illustrations or logos that use flat colors are better saved as?






? Html file




6. Wireframing


? Which is not a position in CSS?


? A. Absolute


? B. Float


? C. Relative


? D. Static ? ? ? ? ? 7. Responsive Design


? Where do you put the ?viewport? function in your document to prevent mobile


devices from scaling your page down? ? ? ? ? A. Footer


B. CSS stylesheet


? C. External js


? D. In the head


8. Bootstrap


? Which class is used to create a badge?


? A. .label


? B. .badge


? C. .tag


? D. .flag


9. Jquery


? Which sign does jquery use as a shortcut for jquery?


? A. %


? B. ?


? C. $


? D. @


10. Where is the biggest telecommunications building in NYC?


? A. Times Square


? B. 7th Ave


? C. 60 Hudson St.


? D. 120 East 12th Street ? Unit 1 (Unix)


? What is SSH?


? Save Secure HTML


? Secure System Hack


? Safe System Helper


? Secure Shell ? Unit 2 (HTML)


? What is the purpose of <!DOCTYPE html>?


? It has no significance whatsoever.


? it is an instruction to the web browser about what version of HTML the


page is written in, though your code may still work in most browsers


without it


? It tells your browser that you have a CSS stylesheet.


? Without it, there is no way your browser can tell that your file is html. ? Unit 3 (CSS)


? How do you add an image called ?lights.jpg? as your background?


? Background-image: url (?image/lights.jpg?);


? Background-image: l (?image/lights.jpg?);


? Background-color: url (?images/lights.jpg?);


? Background-color: url images/lights.jpg; ? Unit 4 (Photoshop)


? What is the file extension for Photoshop


? .PSD


? .PNG ?


? .JPG


.PTS ? Unit 5 (Animation)


? We can use several softwares to create an animation, except:


? Photoshop


? Adobe Animation


? Adobe Flash


? MS Pain ? Unit 6 (Wireframing)


? Why do we use wireframing?


? It makes coding your design easier and faster.


? It can help make the end product look better.


? It connects the front end and back end of your code.


? A and B ? Unit 7 (Responsive)


? What is responsive design?


? It forces your web browser to respond to changes in your html


? using multiple css files for different browser sizes, allowing you to have


different styles for each


? allows a browser to respond to the user?s mouse movements/clicks


? allows you to implement a chat bot into your website ? Unit 8 (Bootstrap)


? What is a CDN?


? Content delivery network


? Connect delivery number


? Collective delivery networks


? Connect data network ?


? Unit 9 (jQuery)


(view-source: this is Professor Huang?s jQuery


website sample)


? In what ways can you add javascript to your HTML?


? Add <script> ~your javascript~ </script> within the <head> tag.


? Add <script> ~your javascript~ </script> within the <body> tag.


? Add <script> ~your javascript~ </script> below the <body> tag.


? Add <script> ~your javascript~ </script> before the <head> tag. ? Unit 10 (???)


? Who invented the worldwide web?


? Steve Jobs


? God


? Tim Berners Lee


? Bill Gates What is UNIX?


a. A family of multitasking, multi-user computer operating systems


b. A programming language


c. A kind of server


d. A type of computer


What is the difference between a class and an ID in CSS?


a. Efhafdhadh


b. An ID refers to one element, whereas a class refers to a group of elements


c. Dfhafh


d. Adfhadf


e. All of the above except b


How do you make a bulleted list


a. <bl>


b. <ul>


c. <ql>


d. <ol>


What photo file format allows for transparency?


a. .png


b. .jpeg


c. .gif


d. .mov


e. A and C


What is tweening?


a. An awkward phase


b. The process of generating intermediate frames between two images


c. Repeating a .gif


d. The space between letters


What is wireframing?


a. Creating a visual outline before coding


b. The directory of a website


c. Structural format of your website


d. A fully functioning website


What typical formats should you include for a responsive design?


a. Projector, Mobile, Tablet


b. TV, Stereo, Phone c. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop


d. Desktop, Tv, Projector


What is Bootstrap?


a. Front end web framework


b. Back end web framework


c. A programing language


d. A css style sheet


In jQuery, what is the function of ?$??


a. Means nothing


b. Triggers CSS in jQuery


c. An alias for the jQuery object


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