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[answered] 1. List and describe the TCP/IP model's layers. 2. How

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1. List and describe the TCP/IP model?s layers.


2. How are Internet layers organized into groups?


3. What are the basic criteria for selecting peer-to-peer networking?


4.Describe the basic security model of a directory service network.


5.Your network is wired as shown below You plan to use the same topology when you expand the network:


a. What term most accurately describes this topology?


b. How can you determine whether this is a logical ring or logical bus?


c. The wire leading to one node is accidentally cut (not the wire between hubs though). What


should you expect as the effect of this?


d. Users on one hub can?t communicate with users on the other. What would most likely be the


cause of this?


6. From the standpoint of collision zones and network segmentation, how do bridges and routers




7.How are Ethernet switches and Ethernet hubs similar? How are they different? Why do switches


outperform similarly rated hubs (similar, as in both have the same rated speed, e.g. 100 mbps)? 8.You are wiring a new Ethernet network. The network cabling must be installed through several


rooms, all on the same floor. Cable will be placed in raceways to a central patch panel in the


server room. The maximum cable length from the server room to any PC is 50 meters. All PCs


have 1000 Mbps NICs installed.


a. What are your available copper wire cable options (be specific) and what is the maximum


bandwidth for each.


b. While cost is a consideration, you also want to take future needs into account ? that is, each user


tends to use the network more and more over time, and you doubt this will stop any time soon.


Given this, what cable option would you use and why?


c. What would be possible justifications for using fiber-optic instead of copper wire cable?


9. Provide the full name for the following 802 standards: 802.1, 802.3, 802.5 and 802.11, and discuss


their respective functions.


10. The standard configuration for end-user host computers is shown on the left below. a. How will the host on the left get its IP configuration in a great majority of networks with hosts


configured this way?


b. The figure on the right (above) is from a host configured with a static IP address. What network is this host on, what is its subnet number, and what is the host ID of this


computer? Does it appear that this host will be able to send packets to other networks? How do you


know? What is the purpose of having two DNS servers configured? 11. For each of the following, identify the network architecture (or architectures (peer-to-peer,


client/server of directory services) that most closely match the specified requirements. Do not use


hybrid as an option. For your choice, explain why it is the appropriate choice.


a. Users must be able to share resources from their computers and manage resource security




b. You have 50 users, but want to keep network design as simple as possible.


c. You need central control over network resources.


d. You want to be able to differentiate security boundaries


e. You want to use a distributed security model


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