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[answered] 1. The chi-square test for _________ is appropriate when sq

1. The chi-square test for _________ is appropriate when square test for ___ is appropriate when there is a ?

2. for two nominal variables, the appropriate statistical test to use is a chi-square test for?

3. the distribution that is always greater than 0 and positively skewed is the distiribution for?

4. The nonparametric equivalent of the independent ?sample t test is the?

5. the values in the cells of a chi-square test for goodness of-fit-are?

6. a director of a childcare center is interested in whether there is a tendancy for fathers and mothers to be differentialy involved int eh care fo their child depenign on the gender of that child she?.

7. a spearman?s? correlation coefficient can range form ______ to ______?

8. When you have one nominal variable, the appropriate statistical test to use is a chi-square test for?

9. A very strong Spearman correlation coefficient, such as 0.89, indicates hat the two variable are?

10. Degrees of freedom for the chi-square test of goodness of-fit-is determined by?

11. A correlation of 0.56 is found between class rank and student likability. What can we conclude based on this correlation?

12. Degrees of freedom for the chi-square test of independence is determined by?

13. ?Give an example of a non parametric test? (give an example)

14. in a 3 X 4 contigency table, there are:-?

15. Which of the following statements does not state an assumption of the chi-square test?

16. ?The nonparametric equivalent of the Pearson correlation coefficient is the?

17. We reject the null hypothesis using the Mann Whitney U test when the smallest test statistic is?

18. Identify the formula for calculation expected frequencies in the chi-square test for independence?

19. one of the primary limitation of nonparametric tests is that?

20. A chi-square test for goodness of fit for which there are 4 categories and 20 participants would have?

21. ?(N Columns-1) (N Rows-1)? is the formula for the degrees of freedom for?

22. The values in a chi-square distribution are always greater than?.?

23. A researcher wants to examine the relation between class rank and popularity among peers. Class rank is provided by the school and includes each students rank in order. The researcher assesses??

24. One of the assumptions of the Mann-Whitney U test is that there are no ties. If you have ties in your data set what do you do??

25. in a chi-square test, the variables are?

26. give an example of a correct way to state the results of a chi-square test reported in APA format

27. The non parametric equivalent of the dependent ?samples t test is the?

28. What is the strongest Spearman correlation coefficient? (an example)

29. The expected frequencies across all cells of the chi square should?

30. You find a Spearman correlation coefficient of -0.58 between cleanliness ranking (High rank= very clean) and risk of infection ranking / high risk) from the SNFNIC data set. What can you..

31. What is the formula of the ch-square statistic?

32. the statistic for reporting the effect size of a chi-square is?

33. in a study of simulated juror decision making, Braden-Maguirre, Siga, and Perrino (2005) investigated the? type of verdict assigned by study participants after they read a 12 page

34. For a chi-square test, it is typically recommended that the minimum number of participant is?

35. The table constructed to a chi-square test of independence is a?

36. A company wants information on whether the number of hours worked by employees is significantly related to productivity reviews by there superiors. What is the best type of analysis to answer this?

37. In a two way ANOVA examining the effects of occupation and practice on the memory y of large numbers with alpha set at .05 a portion of the SPSS result are as follows..?

38. If an experimenter obtains a correlation coefficient of .43 that is significant at the .01 significance level with 19 degrees of freedom these results would be presented in a research article as ?

39. A psychologist want to determine whether a certain training program improves concentration for children with ADHD. She uses an observational scale to measure children?s concentration before..

40. If a psychologists interested in the relation between number of years working for a particular company and loneliness at work surveyed 40 workers at this company and figured a correlation between these two variables of -.90, the correlation is considered a?

a) weak positive linear correlation

b) strong positive linear correlation

c) strong negative linear correlation

d) weak negative linear correlation


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