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[answered] 1. The technical component of a CT of the thorax was perfor

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1. The technical component of a CT of the thorax was performed without contrast material. What code would be assigned? A. 71250 B. 71270 C. 71550 D. 71275 2. A 32?year?old patient comes to the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain. The patient undergoes a complete abdominal ultrasound, in real time, with image documentation. The physician's final diagnosis is cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III. What codes are reported? A. D04.9, BW20ZZZ B. D02.9, BW30ZZZ C. D06.9, BW40ZZZ D. D04.9, BW40ZZZ 3. Mr. Carson comes to the emergency room complaining of leg pain after falling out of bed in his home. A technician at the hospital obtains an x?ray of the tibia and the fibula using the hospital's radiology equipment. The physician reviews his x?ray, and determines that he has sprained his leg. Mr. Carson also has a history of prostate cancer, cigarette smoking, Crohn's disease, and hyperbilirubinemia. The emergency department visit included an expanded problem focused history and examination. The medical decision making was of moderate complexity. Code this scenario. A. 99283?25, 73590 B. 99285?25, 73592 C. 99281?25, 73591 D. 99284?25, 73592 4. Blood lipoprotein with electrophoretic separation and quantitation with high resolution fractionation and quantitation of lipoproteins including lipoprotein subclasses would be assigned to code A. 83698. B. 83704. C. 83705. D. 83701.


5. A physician performs an autopsy on a deceased patient. The procedure performed is a microscopic necropsy of the brain and spinal cord. What code should be assigned? A. 88027 B. 87880 C. 88012 D. 87901 6. A 23?year?old patient comes in complaining of shortness of breath, fatigue, and an abnormally fast heartbeat. She also has GERD, acute exacerbation of asthma, and cachecticorum acne. The physician obtains a complete blood cell count, and renders a diagnosis of Rietti?Greppi?Micheli anemia. What diagnosis codes are assigned? A. D56.3, K24.9, J45.941, L70.8 B. D58.3, K23.9, J45.906, L70.8 C. D56.9, K21.9, J45.901, L70.8 D. D59.3, K21.9, J45.921, L70.8


7. A 33?year?old patient is seen for a bilateral screening mammography with computer?aided detection, interpreted by the physician, with digitization of the radiographic images. What CPT codes should be assigned? A. 77059, 77051 B. 77057, 77052 C. 78053, 77054 D. 77097, 77056


8. A lumbosacral myelography performed with radiological supervision and interpretation is assigned to code A. 72270. B. 72275. C. 72285. D. 72265. 9. What code is assigned for a Western blot? A. 86617 B. 86602 C. 86629 D. 86634 10. A 26?year?old patient undergoes a carotene test to check her vitamin A level. What CPT code should be assigned? A. 82384 B. 82380 C. 82381 D. 82382 11. A 40?year?old patient undergoes a caffeine halothane contracture test (CHCT). The physician interprets the final report. What CPT code should be assigned? A. 89055 B. 89087 C. 89049 D. 89051


12. What code is assigned for a hepatic function panel? A. 83662 B. 82251 C. 80076 D. 80061 13. A patient has three aliquots for thawing and expansion of frozen cells. What code would be assigned? A. 88241 B. 88245


?3 C. 88246 D. 88241




14. A new patient comes in to the doctor's office for her annual gynecological exam. During the course of the exam, she undergoes a screening cervical cytopathology smear, which is performed by an automated system under the supervision of a physician. What HCPCS code is assigned? A. G0147 B. G0256 C. G0417 D. G0856 15. A patient has a temporomandibular joint arthrography. If the procedure is performed under radiological supervision and interpretation, what code should be reported? A. 70350 B. 70551 C. 70553 D. 70332


16. An insulin tolerance panel for ACTH insufficiency includes A. glucose. B. cortisol, glucose, and adrenalin. C. cortisol and glucose. D. cortisol. 17. Which of the following codes indicates a test that would be included in a comprehensive metabolic panel but not in a basic metabolic panel? A. 84132 B. 82947 C. 82565 D. 82040 18. A 38?year?old patient receives a patient care survey, but does not complete the survey. What HCPCS code is assigned? A. G6015 B. G7452 C. G7869 D. G0914 19. What is the code for an arthropod macroscopic examination? A. 87168 B. 87209 C. 87181 D. 87177


20. Code 89230 indicates A. sweat collection by iontophoresis. B. bilirubin, total, transcutaneous. C. sperm antibodies. D. nasal smear for eosinophils. 21. A 34?year?old male is admitted to the hospital due to malignancy of the left breast. The patient undergoes modified radical mastectomy of the left breast. The physician used an open approach. What codes are reported? A. C50.929, 0HTZ0ZZ B. C50.922, 0HTU0ZZ C. C65.949, 0HTP0ZZ D. C52.974, 0HTQ0ZZ


22. A patient undergoes a 50 sq. cm split?thickness autograft of the right leg. What code should be assigned? A. 15271 B. 15260 C. 15155 D. 15100


23. A physician performs a biopsy of the cornea. What code should be assigned? A. 65415 B. 65410 C. 65420 D. 65419


24. A patient comes to the emergency room complaining of lightheadedness and difficulty hearing. The physician examines her and determines that she has M?ni?re's disease. The physician performs an endolymphatic sac decompression (excision of the right inner ear using an open approach). What ICD?10 diagnosis and procedure codes are assigned? A. H81.03, 09BF0ZZ B. H81.03, 09BD0ZZ C. H82.03, 09BG0ZZ D. H83.03, 09BK0ZZ


25. Biopsy of the lacrimal gland is assigned to code A. 68815. B. 68811. C. 68520. D. 68510.


26. A patient has a breast localization device placed through the skin using stereotactic guidance in order to treat two lesions. What codes would be assigned? A. 19296, 19297 B. 19287, 19288 C. 19283, 19284 D. 19285, 19286


27. A 92?year?old patient is diagnosed with senile cataracts and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. The physician performs a bilateral cataract extraction. What ICD?10 codes are reported? A. H21.9, H90.3, 08PJ3ZZ, 08NK3ZZ B. H27.9, H90.3, 08KJ3ZZ, 08MK3ZZ C. H25.9, H90.3, 08DJ3ZZ, 08DK3ZZ D. H26.9, H90.3, 08EJ3ZZ, 08LK3ZZ


28. What code is assigned for evacuation of a subungual hematoma? A. 11751 B. 11740 C. 11742 D. 11750 29. A 65?year?old patient comes to the office for a hearing test to determine the degree of hearing loss that


she is suffering. What HCPCS code is assigned? A. S0708 B. S0952 C. S0851 D. S0618


30. A 53?year?old patient is admitted to the hospital for cardiac surgery. During the surgery, an incision is made in the thorax. The wound is packed with 14 square inches of hydrocolloid dressing with a large adhesive border. The patient receives two hydrocolloid dressings. What HCPCS code is assigned? A. A5147


?3 B. A6718


?4 C. A6237


?2 D. A4851


?3 31. Mr. Oliver is an elderly gentleman who has been having problems with his vision for the previous three weeks. He is diagnosed with keratoconus, as well as hypertension with stage III chronic kidney disease, and diabetes mellitus, for which he takes long?term insulin. The anesthesiologist provided general anesthesia for this patient with severe systemic disease. After the administration of anesthesia, the surgeon performs an endothelial keratoplasty. Prior to performing the endothelial keratoplasty, the surgeon performs backbench preparation of the allograft. Code this scenario (including the anesthesiology service). A. 65754, 65727, 00134?P1; H18.609, E11.40, I12.9, N18.4, Z79.899 B. 65756, 65757, 00144?P3; H18.609, E11.9, I12.9, N18.3, Z79.4 C. 65756, 65757, 00144?P3; H18.609, E11.65, R46.89, Z79.4 D. 65757, 65787, 00142?P2; H18.229, E11.51, I12.0, N18.9 32. A patient falls and sustains a wound to the conjunctiva of the eye. The physician repairs the wound, which is a nonperforating laceration of the sclera. The procedure is performed via direct closure. What code


should be assigned? A. 65155 B. 65272 C. 65273 D. 65270


33. A 57?year?old patient is admitted to the hospital for a hip arthroscopy procedure. The patient is a normal healthy patient with no systemic disease. What CPT code should be assigned? A. 01202?P1 B. 01402?P1 C. 01612?P1 D. 01312?P1


34. An 80?year?old patient is admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. What ICD?10?CM code should be assigned? A. K15.0 B. L50.5 C. K52.9 D. I50.9


35. Ms. Nelson comes to the emergency room due to sustaining multiple lacerations after being pushed into a glass door during a physical altercation with her husband at a hotel. She sustained a 5 cm laceration on her right hand and a 7 cm cut on her neck. She also has a 5.0 benign lesion removed from her left arm. The physician performs a simple repair on the lacerations on her hand and neck. Code this scenario. A. 11443, 12008?59; S61.209A, S31.652A, Y04.0XXA, W45.8XXA, V97.29XA B. 11409, 12005?59; S58.119A, S11.22XA, X19.XXXA, V95.13XA C. 11422, 12007?59; S51.809A, S61.351A, W86.8XXA, Y04.0XXA D. 11406, 12004?59; S61.409A, S11.90XA, Y04.0XXA, W45.8XXA, Y92.29


36. The third stage of a Mohs micrographic tissue evaluation would be coded using a/an A. HCPCS Q code. B. surgical code with modifier ?59. C. add?on code. D. anesthesia code with P status modifier. 37. The symbol adjacent to code 35471 indicates that the procedure A. is a new code. B. includes moderate sedation. C. is a resequenced code. D. is modifier 51 exempt. 38. A 12?year?old patient is brought into Children's Hospital. The patient has had difficulty hearing in the classroom, and was brought to the hospital for a hearing test. He is diagnosed with right ear otosclerosis. He is also nearsighted. The physician performs a stapedectomy (excision of the right auditory ossicle using an open approach). What ICD?10 codes are reported? A. H80.94, H62.13, 09B92ZZ B. H81.95, H92.13, 09B96ZZ C. H80.91, H52.13, 09B90ZZ D. H82.93, H72.13, 09B94ZZ


39. A 40?year?old patient is seen in the office for an excision of a 3.2 cm malignant lesion on her right foot. The patient returns to the office two weeks later for a re?excision of the lesion to obtain a clear margin


of tissue. What CPT code should be assigned? A. 11624?58 B. 11528?52 C. 19152?51 D. 11725?47 40. A 45?year?old is admitted for repair of a retinal detachment in the right eye, with drainage of the subretinal fluid. What CPT code is assigned? A. 67301?RT B. 67201?


RT C. 69101?RT D. 67101?RT


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