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[answered] 1. What is the relationship between customer equity and bra

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1. What is the relationship between customer equity and brand equity?


Brand equity is the monetary equivalence of a brand on th other hand custobrand


equity is the monetary equivalence of a brand on th other hand custo eqity is the life


time value of a customer to a brand 2. What is a different name for Brand Elements?


Brand characteristics 3. What is the test of the brand building ability of a brand element?


The test of the brand building ability is the


4. Why is it important for marketers to choose brand elements?


it is important for them to choose good brand elements as they are the ones to place


them in a good position in the market place. 5. What are the six general criteria to qualify as ?good? brand elements?














Protectable 6. Discuss options and tactics for each of the brand elements. Memorable-the brand element should be memorable in order for it to be easily


remembered by customers.


Likable-The brand element should be appealing to customers


Protectable-The brand owners should be able to claim the brand element legally.


Adaptable-customers should easily adapt to the brand easily.


Meaningful-The brand element should be sensible and make sense at its utterance.


Transferable- at the introduction of a new product in the same category, it is


supposed to fit in the same element.


7. Why is the brand name a fundamentally important choice?


A brand name is important because it is what makes a company to stand out in the


market place and therefore should be chosen carefully. 8. What qualities should a great brand name possess?


Easy to memorize




It should be appropriate


Adaptable to new products 9. Explain the stages in a common naming procedure to produce a successful brand name.


Developing of strategy and messaging.


Doing of a market research.




Crating a short list.


Create a list


Refine the list make a decision. 10. What does a URL stand for?


Universal Resource Locator.


11. What is the difference between logos and symbols?


A symbol is normally a pictogram while a logo is a trademark corporate identity of


a business or an organization


12. What are benefits of logos and symbols?


Logos and symbols are normally unique for each organization, therefore they help


in building the brand of the organization and also making it known to many people


globally. They also help in building product identity.


13. What are characters and their benefits in branding?


A character is something that a customer can relate to. It is important to have a


brand character as it will increase the brand equity and uniqueness in the market. 14. What are slogans?


This is an attractive and memorable phrase that is used for advertising purposes. 15. What is a tag line?


This is a phrase that is normally used in advertising .it is also known as the punch




16. What should marketers consider when changing slogans?


The slogan should be memorable and easily adaptable. 17. What is a jingle? This is a short slogan which is meant to be easily remembered and is id used in




18. What is packaging, and its functions?


Protecting the product from damage


Promoting of the product. Products packaged in an attractive way attracts more




It facilitates the decision to purchase. This is possible if the package indicates special


ingredients and benefits of using the product.


Packaging differentiates one product from the other.


19. What is the important benefit of packaging from the branding perspective? Packaging is important from the branding perspective as it promotes the product to


the consumers.


20. What is shelf impact?


This is the reaction that shoppers have Depending on the branding of a product


when they see an array of products displayed. If the impression is good thy might be


prompted to buy the product.


21. What is color vocabulary? Name brands with strong color association to their packaging.


Color vocabulary is the use of colors to link or relate to a particular product.


Examples include apple, Microsoft, coca cola.


22. What are the reasons that would prompt packaging changes? Presence of product in the same industry with similar packages.


23. Define brand identity


Brand identity is the perception of a company?s product by the consumers.


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