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[answered] 1. What is the yield to maturity for an 8 percent bond, pay

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1. What is the yield to maturity for an 8 percent bond, paying coupon semi-annually that


has 15 years until maturity and sells for $975? 2. There are regulations that prohibit "insider trading," which is the use of nonpublic


information about a security to earn abnormal profits from trading that security.


Which form of market efficiency would make these laws unnecessary? Explain why. 3. Bayboro Sails is expected to pay dividends of $3.50, $4.00, and $5.00 in the next


three years?D1, D2, and D3, respectively. After three years, the dividend is expected


to grow at a constant rate equal to 5 percent per year indefinitely. Stockholders


require a return of 15 percent to invest in the common stock of Bayboro Sails.


Compute the value of Bayboro?s common stock today, P0. 4. Suppose that an investor is considering the purchase of a bond due to mature in 30


years, carrying an 8 percent coupon rate (coupons are paid semi-annually). This


security is available for purchase at a current market price of $975. The bond has a par


value of $1000. If this investor redeems the bond 16 years later at a price of $990,


what is his holding period yield, h? 5. Over the past year you earned a nominal rate of interest of 9 percent on your money.


The inflation rate was 2.5 percent over the same period. Find he exact actual growth


rate of your purchasing power. 6. Unlike common stocks, preferred stocks pay a fixed dividend. Suppose a share of


preferred stock pays a fixed dividend of $4 a year forever. If it sells for $80, what


must be the discount rate? 7. Consider a firm that pays no dividends. Next year?s earnings are projected to be


$1,500,000. The present value of growth opportunities is estimated to be


$13,500,000. Suppose that there are 250,000 shares outstanding. If investors require


a return of 12 percent, what is the fair value of the company?s stock (Find the price


per share)? 8. A 30-year maturity, 8% coupon bond paying coupons semiannually is callable in


five years at a call premium of 9%. The bond currently sells at a yield to maturity of


5%. What is the yield to call? 9. You find a certain stock that had returns of 14 percent, -27 percent, 19 percent, and


21 percent for four of the last five years, respectively. What is the average return of


the stock over this period? What is the standard deviation of the stock's returns? 10. Explain the difference between computing the value of a zero growth dividendpaying stock and computing the value of a constant growth dividend-paying stock. 11. Phoenix Industries has pulled off a miraculous recovery. Four years ago it was near


bankruptcy. Today, it announced a $1 per share dividend to be paid a year from now,


the first dividend since the crisis. Analysts expect dividends to increase by 50 percent


a year for another 2 years. Then they expect dividends to increase by 20 percent a


year for another 2 years. After the fifth year, dividend growth is expected to settle


down to a more moderate long-term growth rate of 6 percent. If the firm?s investors


expect to earn a return of 14 percent on this stock, what must be its price? 12. Over the period of 1926-2011, U. S. Treasury bills had an average return of 3.8


percent while inflation averaged 3.1 percent. Based on this historical record, is it safe


to assume that an investor in U.S. Treasury bills will enjoy a positive real rate of


return each year? Why or why not? 13. Sarro Shipping, Inc., expects to earn $1.3 million. There are 100,000 shares of stock


outstanding, so earnings per share equal $13 ($1,300, 000/100,000). The firm will


have an opportunity at date 1 to spend $1,300,000 on a new marketing campaign. The


new campaign will increase earnings in every subsequent period by $260,000 (or $


2.6 per share). The firm?s discount rate is 10 percent. What is the tangible value per


share? What is franchise value per share? What is the intrinsic value per share? 14. Bond X is a 5 percent coupon bond. Bond Y is a 10 percent coupon bond. Both


bonds have 8 years to maturity, make semiannual payments, and have a yield to


maturity of 10 percent. If the interest rate suddenly falls by 1 percent, what is the


percentage price change of these bonds? What about if the interest rate rises by 1


percent? What does this problem tell you about interest rate risk of lower-coupon


bonds? 15. A stock has had returns of 11 percent, -8 percent, 6 percent, 21 percent, 24 percent,


and 16 percent over the last six years, respectively. Compare the arithmetic and


geometric returns for this stock? 16. Consider a bond paying a coupon rate of 8% per year semiannually when the market


interest rate is only 5%. The bond has twenty years until maturity.


a. Find the bond?s price today.


b. Find the bond?s price six months from now after the next coupon is paid if the interest


rate rises to 7%.


c. What is the total rate of return on the bond? 2


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