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[answered] 1. When responding to discussion questions in the forums, w

1.?When responding to discussion questions in the forums, which of the following describes the BEST kind of answer that a student can provide? (Points : 1)

???????an answer with a clear right or wrong answer
???????an answer that the student can support
???????an answer with one clear perspective
???????an answer that everyone seems to agree on

Question 2.2.?When is it appropriate to address the instructor by his or her first name? (Points : 1)
???????When the instructor directly contacts you and uses your first name.
???????It doesn?t matter how instructors are addressed.
???????When the instructor gives the class permission to use his or her first name.
???????It is always okay to address the instructor by his or her first name.

Question 3.3.?Helena purchased a security software package to protect her new laptop against threats such as spyware and computer viruses. She has the option to automatically install updates and perform full computer system scans. How frequently should she set up the computer to run the full scans? (Points : 1)
???????every 6 months
???????every week
???????every 3 months
???????every month

Question 4.4.?Penny just received her student loan information from Ashford University. When she logs in to the loan website for the first time, she is asked to create a user ID and password. Which of the following is the LEAST important guideline for Penny to consider when she creates her password? (Points : 1)
???????It should include a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters.
???????It should be easy to remember.
???????It should be changed every few months.
???????It should be longer than 3 to 5 letters.
Question 5.5.?When Diana logs in to her credit card account to monitor her purchases, she notices a few charges that she doesn?t remember making, along with a few that she did make at the same store. She calls the bank that issued her credit card, and a representative reviews her account. The representative discovers that Diana?s credit card information has been compromised. In other words, someone has __________ the retailer?s credit card system. (Points : 1)

Question 6.6.?Demarcus and his girlfriend are enrolled in the same Ashford course. Any ?official? classroom communication that Demarcus has with her should be __________. (Points : 1)
???????sent as an instant message
???????posted on her Twitter account
???????sent as a text message
???????posted on the discussion board

Question 7.7.?Andrew enjoys rewarding himself with a few hours of online gaming each week after he completes his course assignments. He typically plays these games in online community sites. Which of the following is most likely a security concern that Andrew should be aware of when using such websites? (Points : 1)
???????He might lose money.
???????He might offend other players.
???????The site might be hosting an unauthorized version of the game.
???????The site might ask him to provide personal information.

Question 8.8.?When posting on discussion boards, it?s okay to have opinions that are different from others, but it is always important to support opinions with further information from __________. (Points : 1)

???????secondhand stories and gossip
???????readings, research, and past experiences
???????someone else?s experiences
9.?Which of the following statements about IP addresses is NOT true? (Points : 1)
???????They will indicate exactly who is using a piece of hardware.
???????Every website is assigned an IP address.
???????The IP address of your computer is sent to every website visited.
???????They are assigned when hardware is manufactured.

Question 10.10.?Tasha works full time and is also taking online classes. She uses a laptop computer at work and wants to access her courses and school e-mails during her breaks. Tasha?s company does not allow her to install an e-mail program on the company computer, so she needs to use a mail program that is accessible from any computer. According to the text, which of the following is a good option for Tasha? (Points : 1)
???????Microsoft Outlook
???????Google Gmail

Question 11.11.?Debby wants to create a signature block in her e-mail program so that she doesn?t have to sign each e-mail. Which of the following is NOT a common inclusion in a signature block? (Points : 1)
???????contact information

Question 12.12.?Angela was really busy yesterday, but she checked her work e-mail on her mobile phone in between appointments. One of the e-mails appeared to ask for some sensitive information in a short period of time, so Angela replied with the information and then continued her day. The next time she checked her e-mail, she had an e-mail from her supervisor reminding her that the response should not have been sent to everyone included on the e-mail. What could Angela most easily have done to prevent this problem from occurring? (Points : 1)

???????read through the e-mail more carefully
???????checked all of the e-mail addresses
???????double-checked the ?To? and ?CC? lines
???????sent an entirely new e-mail
13.?Nadia wants to ask her instructor about the due dates for discussions because she is not clear about when initial or response posts should be made. Nadia should use __________ to contact the instructor. (Points : 1)
???????her mother?s e-mail account
???????the e-mail function in the classroom
???????her company e-mail account
???????her personal e-mail account (

Question 14.14.?Cybercriminals can steal cookies from a person?s computer to acquire all kinds of information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords, etc. Which of the following is the LEAST effective method for clearing cookies from a browser? (Points : 1)
???????changing settings to customize the browser to allow or block certain kinds of cookies
???????going to browser privacy settings to block some or all specific websites from using cookies
???????choosing the ?delete cookies? option from computer settings
???????clearing all browser history

Question 15.15.?Yidenko is browsing through her e-mails and finds one that appears to be from her bank with ?URGENT: ATTENTION REQUIRED? as the subject line. She opens the e-mail and notices that she is asked to reply to the e-mail with her bank account number and password. She does not reply, because she realizes that the e-mail is an example of __________. (Points : 1)
???????security breach


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