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[answered] 1.) Which of the following is true of Lyndon Johnson's

1.) Which of the following is true of Lyndon Johnson's administration? A. The Vietnam War undermined his commitment to the War on Poverty and his presidency. B. All of the above are true. C. His appointments showed his commitment to the importance of gender and ethnic diversity. D. Despite his efforts, his controversial health-care plan did not pass through Congress. E. His wife Lady Bird influenced him as much as Eleanor Roosevelt had influenced FDR. 2.) Which of the following describes Johnson's War on Poverty? A. Unlike the New Deal, the program greatly altered the distribution of wealth in the United States. B. It permanently reestablished the old New Deal coalition first forged by FDR in the 1930s. C. The program was far more successful than even President Johnson could have expected. D. The program was Johnson's highest political priority, even more than civil rights advances 4.) Select the TWO CORRECT answers: Michael Harrington was the author of the ground-breaking?The Other America, in which he pioneered a variety of new approaches to the analysis of poverty, such as A. the wealth of want B. the transparency of poverty C. the culture of poverty D. the organizational coefficiency E. the invisible poor 6.) In the 1990s, conservatives expressed their belief that multiculturalism would A. confer preferential treatment on minority groups. B. decrease tensions between blacks and Asians in the inner city. C. strengthen the nation by making it more diverse. D. make it easier for immigrants to acculturate to American society. 19.) Muslim fundamentalists began to target Americans in the 1990s because A. Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran directed the attacks. B. Americans threatened civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. C. they objected to the American presence in Saudi Arabia, home tomIslam's most sacred sites. D. they had always hated the United States 20.) Which of the following describes the New Right in 1980? A. The New Right never gained any support at the federal level. B. Its leaders opposed big government and feared declining social morality. C. Its leaders sought a strong government to ameliorate the problem of poverty. D. The New Right was controlled by religious leader Billy Graham. 25.) Which justice led the U.S. Supreme Court as it shifted toward advocacy of civil rights and civil liberties after 1954? A. Warren Burger B. Earl Warren C. Roger Taney D. Thurgood Marshall 26.) The Immigration Act of 1965 A. allowed unrestricted immigration for everyone except Mexicans and Central Americans. B. allowed unrestricted immigration from all regions of the world. C. did none of the above. D. replaced the national quotas system of the 1920s with nondiscriminatory numerical limits. E. raised the quotas allocated to immigrant groups previously viewed as undesirable. 31.) When Patrick Buchanan referred to ?a culture war? in the 1980s, he was talking about A. a struggle over the public funding of the arts and humanities. B. the long-standing debate over the difference between high- and lowbrow culture. C. the confrontation between American Christianity and Middle Eastern Islam. D. a national struggle between rights liberalism and Christian family morality 34.) Nixon and Kissinger believed that even though criticism would come his way from the right, being the first nation to establish a new relationship with Communist China would be worth the trouble, because then the U.S. would be in a better position than any other nation in the world in terms of future decision-making on the part of the Chinese. ?True or False? True False


1.) Which of the following is true of Lyndon Johnson's administration?


A. The Vietnam War undermined his commitment to the War on Poverty and his presidency.


2.) Which of the following...


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