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[answered] 15 Core Web Functionalities Building a website is not only

Scenario: A new owner has purchased Swagger Distribution Company, a company that distributes clothing and apparel. She does not have experience with IT related

problem solving, so she is contracting you, as an IT consultant, to help. For Milestone Three, you will submit a document that suggests web technologies

for the company?s new website and that summarizes recommendations for information security practices for the distribution company and provides an example

of information security assurance failure. Take a moment to read the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric to see how the following information applies to the final

project, and then proceed to do the following for Milestone Three:

Web Technologies: Swagger Distribution is in the process of designing a new website using HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language).

For this area of the assignment:

? Write two to three sentences describing why a new Swagger website is important.

? Using the 15 Core Web Functionalities resource, create a bulleted list of 10 key functioning components of a website. Next to each function, add a

sentence or two about why this function is important. Ensure that you use the terminology discussed during the web technologies module. (Note:

CONTENT such as an ?About Us? page, ?Contact? page, or information on a page is not considered a functioning component.)

? Briefly describe a current real-world website that is using at least two of the components you suggested above.

? Provide a screenshot of this website, pointing out with circles or arrows the two components you are describing. (You can provide two websites if you

cannot find one that has both.)

Information Security: There is no current information security standard at Swagger Distribution. You know that one needs to be implemented.

For this area of the assignment:

? Describe the importance of information security for an organization, supporting with evidence. How could a lack of security affect not only consumers,

but a company as well?

? Summarize two key information security practices you recommend the company implement.

? Provide supporting examples/research/justification using a real-world example (e.g., when a real company was hacked and what the outcomes were).

? Be sure to use appropriate IT terminology for security assurance.

Guidelines for Submission: Written components of the project must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New
Roman font, and one-inch margins. The paper should be 1 to 2 pages in length, not including cover page and resources, and written in paragraph form.

15 Core Web Functionalities


Building a website is not only about placing photos and text in specified areas, but is


also about understanding how the website itself functions. Most visitors of a website


want to find relevant information that is being searched quickly as well as not get


overwhelmed with too much information or stimulation. Some of the following points


can assist a website in being developed successfully. These points include but are not


limited to:


1. Domain Name - Creating a strong domain name is important so visitors will


easily remember the web address. The domain name should include the main


topic of the site and should somehow be memorable to the visitor.


2. Format - Everything should be organized and easy to read - this means short to


the point statements with "read more" leading to more detailed information as


well as organized photos, bullet points, etc.


3. Simple Navigation - Most visitors to a site prefer to not search too much. Site


visitors should be able to find a desired page within 3 clicks or less. If a visitor


feels overwhelmed, there is a possibility of closing it all out and trying another




4. Search Functionality - If a website is going to be continually growing, it is


important that not only there is a search function, but that it works accurately


finding the most relevant information. Filtering can also assist a user in finding


the information in a customized order that is most important to the visitor.


5. Readability - Certain color combinations can possibly make it difficult for a user


to read information. (Example: Blue text on a green background may make it


difficult for the user to read information because the colors could cause a strain


on the eyes) Readability can assist the user in having a pleasurable experience


when getting information. More importantly, it will not irritate the user and


possibly encourage the visitor to go to a different site.


6. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - This allows the making of global changes to a


site. (Example: If the background color should be changed from green to blue,


editing a cascading style sheet would change this color on all pages of the site or


anywhere where the green background color was specified)


7. Browser Continuity - Some users are still using old versions of browsers.


Visitors won?t always care if the web browser is up to date and there is a


possibility that a user could think a website is broken because a browser does


not interpret the information correctly. A website should work correct for all


browsers possible.


8. Speed of load time - This could have an effect because of how a server is


communicating, images being an incorrect size, 3rd party connections bogging it


down, etc. which could all slow down the load time of a website. A user typically


2/22/2016 1 15 Core Web Functionalities


wants a site to load within a few seconds or there is a chance the visitor will


attempt to find another website.


9. Mobility and Responsive Design - Instead of having a mobile site and full


version site, a responsive design adapts to any screen that is any size. This


means the visitor can visit a site from any device and the developer only needs to


make changes to the site one time and the website will naturally adapt to all




10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This can assist the website in being listed


in the top results of search engines. It requires a developer to create alt tags for


images, metatags for search engines to quickly find the correct site, and meta


descriptions for each page so search engines can quickly point the user to the


page that is most likely the site that is desired.


11. Social Media Integration - Depending on the needs of a company, social media


can be embedded directly into a page which will allow for live updates on a


website whenever the social media service is updated. At the very least, if a


company is using social media, easy to find links and icons should be used to


incorporate these services.


12. Organized Forms - Most visitors want to fill out a form quickly. If a website is


going to use them, the forms should ask only the questions necessary so the


user can fill the form out quickly and continue forward. This encourages more


users to fill out a form more often.


13. Form Validation - It is possible that a user can enter the wrong information into


a field. If a user does this, it is possible that communication will not work


correctly between the website and the user. (Example: if a zip code was needed


for a form, the field should only accept numbers as well as only the amount of


numbers that are required (in this case 5). If a user does not enter the correct


amount of numbers or accidentally enters a different character such as a letter,


the form should point out the issue and request the user to correct it before the


form can be submitted.)


14. Security (Secure Socket Layer) - If a website is allowing transactions or wants


to ensure that a user?s information is safe, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) should


be present. This allows for visitors information to be encrypted while being


transferred or being entered into a database.


15. Analytics - To understand which features of a website are being used and which


ones are ignored, analytics is a tool that can display a comprehensive


understanding. This will allow owners to customize information to what the


visitors are looking for and bring more traffic to the site as well as remove


information or products that users do not seem interested in. 2/22/2016 2


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