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[answered] 1st Please I have seen different answers with these particu

Please can you help me with this assignment and project work. Please the assignment is due in about 6hours but the project can take two days.?

1st Please I have seen different answers with these particular question but I still


don?t understand the flow chart. So please like you did the Project 2 assignment


with comments I will like you to do the same again in raptor file.


Thank You. Assignment (due on 2nd Dec, 2016)


Using RAPTOR (installed from the "Start Here!" page), create a flowchart program to solve the


following problem. Attach your Rap file created when you save your flowchart. Use the modular


approach to solving the problem.


Create a program that allows the user to input a list of first names into one array and last names


into a parallel array. Input should be terminated when the user enters a sentinel character. The


output should be a list of email addresses where the address is of the following form: 2nd Assignment is my final project and please if you can?t do it let me know


because I don?t want this to give me a lower score. Also please break it down


properly so I can understand the whole answer because I will re-typed them in my


own understanding but will maintain your key wordings and idea. Final Project. (DUE ON 5TH DEC, 2016)


A network proposal has to be developed for a manufacturing company. The design is an LShaped building approximately 1500 square feet. They will have 1 reception and 5 offices. Each


office employee has a personal printer. They are not using a network to communicate.


Currently: President's Office (4), Accounting (3), and Business and HRM (2)


Future Plans: HR (6), Accounting (5), and Break room (2) They are moving to a larger building 3500 square feet. They are expanding and will add 15 more


offices. They will add network printers and wireless network for employees and guest. They will


need to share files between departments. You will use the highlighted areas as indicators to help address the needs below. Take into


consideration exactly what the project will need and what requirements each bit of information


requests and add to the proposal. The proposal is similar to network plan for an organization. Try


to approach it with the perspective of a company approaching you as a network professional to


construct a design plan for their new network. Design a network for this company to incorporate a network server, printer and wireless network.


Provide a security solution for them.


What type of topology?


What type of cabling will need to be used?


You will need to determine cabling, hardware and software needs. Based on the factors you


select above you will determine what these needs are, this section is simply addressing how


much, how many, and what kind of materials (cabling, hardware and software) you choose.


Include a timeline and cost analysis for the executives.


Here I would estimate a timeline, conducting research on network project timelines will help you


develop a realistic timeline.


As far as cost analysis goes, I would use well branded equipment such as Cisco, Foundry, or


Brocade. You will need to research their equipment options in order to determine the best


product for your network plan, be able to defend your choices; executives should know why you


chose one product over another. Additionally, as far as cabling goes I would use well known


sources for this as well such as black box. SECTION I: Executive Summary for Proposal


Here you will provide an overview of the problem and resolution. SECTION II: Topology


Here you will provide a topology of how the network will designed. Use Figures 1-6, 1-12, 1-13,


and 1-14 as examples. SECTION II: Cabling, Hardware, Software Needs


Here you will provide your selections for cabling, hardware, and software needs.


SECTION IV: Security Solution


Here you will provide your selection for security solution. SECTION V: Timeline and Cost Analysis


Here you will provide an estimated timeline and cost analysis. Your timeline should include start


dates, section completion updates/benchmarks, and estimated dates for final testing/handover


project completion. Use the basic timeline feature in word following the path for


Insert>SmartArt >Process>Basic Timeline. Your Cost analysis should provide the type of equipment/product, quantity or amount needed,


total cost for each item, labor/manpower costs (how many people, for how many hours, for how


many days), and total projected cost completed project proposal. Use a table to complete this


portion of the section. SECTION VI: Proposal


Here you will provide a detailed explanation of how the problem in the executive summary will


be resolved using the equipment and configuration listed in sections II, II, and IV. This portion


should also contain information from the topology, cabling, hardware, software needs, security


solution, and time and cost analysis sections. This is where you will justify your selections and


sell your proposal. SECTION VII: References


Here you will provide your references use APA formatting guidelines and in-text citations if




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