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Prepare an outline of the events in and around China from the "May 4 Movement" of 1919 to Mao Zedong's ultimate victory in 1949.

Follow the outline with a 1,000-1,250 word essay describing Mao's movement and how it was able to emerge from a bloody and complicated three-way struggle among Japan, Chiang Kai Shek's Kuomintang, and Mao's own Communist party. Be sure to note how Mao's powerful communist movement affected its "junior" partners in Vietnam and North Korea.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant peer-reviewed sources in support of your content. Use only peer-reviewed sources.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the Turabian Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.







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65.00% 4




85.00% 5




100.00% 70.0 %Content 10.0 %Prepare No outline of An outline of The outline of The outline of The outline of an outline of the events in the events in the events in the events in the events in and around and around and around and around the events in and around China from the


China from the


China from China from the


China from the and around May 4 May 4 the May 4 May 4 May 4 China from the


Movement of Movement of Movement of Movement of Movement of May 4 1919 to Mao 1919 to Mao 1919 to Mao 1919 to Mao 1919 to Mao Movement of Zedong's Zedong's Zedong's Zedong's Zedong's 1919 to Mao ultimate ultimate ultimate ultimate ultimate victory


Zedong's victory in 1949 victory in 1949 victory in victory in 1949 in 1949 ultimate is present.


is present. The 1949 contains contains contains quality


victory in 1949.


topic is some level of accurate details details and skimmed over depth; and evidence; factual and is lacking explanation is explanation evidence; depth of any limited and digs deep into explanation is kind. lacks some the topic and comprehensive Demonstrates evidence to provides good and insightful poor support analysis with with relevant understanding claims. some evidence evidence to of topic.


Demonstrates to support support claims. a minimal claims.


Demonstrates understanding


an exceptional of the topic.


understanding of topic.


Essay does not Essay Essay Essay Essay describes


25.0 describes describes Mao's %Compose a describe Mao's describes movement and Mao's Mao's Mao's movement and 1,000?1,250 how it was able


movement and movement movement and how it was able


word essay to emerge from


how it was and how it how it was to emerge from


describing a bloody and able to emerge was able to able to emerge a bloody and Mao's complicated from a bloody emerge from from a bloody complicated movement and three?way and a bloody and and three?way how it was able struggle among complicated complicated complicated struggle among


to emerge from Japan, Chiang three?way three?way three?way Japan, Chiang a bloody and Kai Shek's struggle struggle struggle among Kai Shek's complicated Kuomintang, among Japan, among Japan, Japan, Chiang Kuomintang, three?way and Mao's own Chiang Kai Chiang Kai Kai Shek's and Mao's own struggle among Communist Shek's Shek's Kuomintang, Communist Kuomintang, Kuomintang, and Mao's own party with Japan, Chiang party.


and Mao's own and Mao's Communist quality details Kai Shek's Communist own party with and factual Kuomintang, party. The Communist accurate details


evidence; and Mao's own


topic is party with and evidence; explanation is Communist skimmed over some level of explanation comprehensive party.


and is lacking depth; digs deep into and insightful depth of any explanation is the topic and with relevant kind. limited and provides good evidence to Demonstrates lacks some analysis with support claims. poor evidence to some evidence Demonstrates understanding support to support an exceptional of topic. claims. claims.


understanding Demonstrates


of topic.


a minimal understanding


of the topic.


Essay Essay Essay discusses


20.0 %Be sure Essay does not Essay discuss how discusses how discusses how discusses how how Mao's to note how Mao's Mao's powerful Mao's powerful Mao's powerful Mao's communist powerful powerful powerful communist communist movement communist communist communist movement movement affected its movement movement movement affected its affected its junior partners affected its affected its affected its junior partners junior partners


in Vietnam and junior partners junior junior partners in Vietnam and


in Vietnam and North Korea. in Vietnam andpartners in in Vietnam and North Korea North Korea.


North Korea. Vietnam and North Korea with quality The topic is North Korea with accurate details and skimmed over with some details and factual and is lacking level of evidence; evidence; depth of any depth; explanation explanation is kind. explanation is digs deep into comprehensive Demonstrates limited and the topic and and insightful poor lacks some provides good with relevant understanding evidence to analysis with evidence to of topic.


support some evidence support claims. claims. to support Demonstrates Demonstrates claims.


an exceptional a minimal understanding understanding


of topic.


of the topic.


Some sources At least three At least three At least three 15.0 %Utilize No outside sources are may be cited relevant, relevant, peer? relevant, peer?


the GCU cited.


but they are peer?reviewed


reviewed reviewed Library to not peer?


sources are sources are sources are locate three to reviewed cited in a cited in a well?


cited and are five relevant, and/or loosely connected way flawlessly peer?reviewed relevant.


connected, and elaborated integrated into sources in vague way. on.


the essay to support of the support the content.


claims made therein.


20.0 %Organization and Effectiveness


8.0 %Thesis Paper lacks anyThesis and/or Thesis and/or Thesis and/or Thesis and/or main claim are main claim main claim are main claim are Development discernible comprehensive;


and Purpose overall purpose insufficiently are apparent clear and or organizing developed and forecast the contained claim.


and/or vague; appropriate to development within the purpose is not purpose.


of the paper. It thesis is the clear.


is descriptive essence of the and reflective paper. Thesis of the statement arguments and makes the appropriate to purpose of the the purpose. paper clear.


Paragraphs and Some Paragraphs A logical There is a 7.0 paragraphs and are generally progression of sophisticated %Paragraph transitions Development consistently transitions may competent, ideas between construction of lack unity and lack logical but ideas may paragraphs is paragraphs and and coherence. No progression of show some apparent. transitions. Transitions


apparent ideas, unity, inconsistency Paragraphs Ideas progress connections coherence, in exhibit a unity, and relate to between and/or organization coherence, and each other. paragraphs are cohesiveness. and/or in their cohesiveness. Paragraph and established. Some degree relationships Topic transition Transitions are of organization to each other. sentences and construction inappropriate is evident.


concluding guide the to purpose and remarks are reader. scope. appropriate to Paragraph Organization is




structure is disjointed.




Surface errors Frequent and Some Prose is largely Writer is 5.0 mechanical free of clearly in %Mechanics of are pervasive repetitive enough that mechanical errors or mechanical command of Writing they impede errors distract typos are errors, standard, (includes communication


the reader. present, but although a few


written, spelling, of meaning. Inconsistencies are not overly may be academic punctuation, Inappropriate in language distracting to present. The English.


grammar, word choice choice the reader. writer uses a language use)


and/or sentence (register) Correct and variety of construction and/or word varied effective are used.


choice are sentence sentence present. structure and structures and Sentence audience?


figures of structure is appropriate speech.


correct but not language are varied.




10.0 %Format 5.0 %Paper Appropriate Appropriate Appropriate Appropriate All format template is template is elements are Format (Use of template is not template is used, but some used, and fully used; correct.


appropriate used or documentation elements are formatting is There are style for the format is rarely missing or correct, virtually no major and followed mistaken; lack although errors in assignment)




of control with some minor formatting formatting is errors may be style.






Reference Reference page In?text citations


5.0 %Research No reference Reference page is page is is present and and a reference Citations (In? page is included. No present. included and fully inclusive page are text citations citations are Citations are lists sources of all cited complete. The for used.


inconsistently used in the sources. documentation paraphrasing used.


paper. Documentation of cited sources


and direct Sources are is appropriate is free of error.


quotes, and appropriately and style is reference page documented, usually correct.


listing and although formatting, as some errors appropriate to may be assignment)


100 %Total Weightage present.


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