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I'm not sure If I summited this correctly but this is my second email, the difference is that on my first email I did?not choose a subject. I?need an Advanced assistance.

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I was hoping you can help me to turn in this assignment, but I also will like to get some tutoring to understand the assignment. Unfortunately I have not been able to understand this class and perhaps you could spend an hour ant explain how to read a 10K. For this particular assignment I have to go to and select the IBM (International Business Machines) Company as the CEO, and I have to compare it with 2 more competitors to that company. I have selected Apple and Microsoft (for Microsoft I?m also open to suggesting). Please let me know if you can help me? ASP. I need to turn this project by Friday. I also will like to know if I can speak with someone after 5pm U.S. eastern time hours.? Please see attachment

A big part of the project is to put the company that you select financial statements into Microsoft Excel. In the module four of the text book there is information about how to format that spreadsheet. See the section on vertical and horizontal analysis. You will notice that there is "common?sized" balance sheet and income statement. There are three years of financial numbers presented and then the related percentages. The percentages will allow you to compare different years to see trends. For instance is the company's cost of sales as a percentage of sales going up or down. Is net earnings as a percentage of sales going up or down. For the income statement each line is divided by the Sales to come up with the percentages. For the balance sheet each line is divided by the total assets to develop those percentages (the cash balance/total assets for example).


MBA Class Case assignment


Go to and click the filings menu. There is an instruction guide about using the filing database.


Select a public company, such as IBM or Apple and review their latest 10K filing. After you?ve picked that


company, select 2 competitors to that company as well.


As a result of your success after completing your MBA at UML, you are now CEO of a publically traded


company looking to acquire another company in your industry. Answer the following questions. Use


Word and embed Excel items into your Word file to complete your project. 1. Which company are you CEO for and who are the 2 acquisition targets?


My Company:


Target 1:


Target 2: 2. Although you are competitors, how does your target companies differ from your company? Do


they offer products you do NOT offer? Are they in geographies you are NOT in? 3. Who are the external auditors for each company? What opinions do the auditors give in these


financials? What year-ends do these companies use (yours and the acquisition targets)? 4. Create a spreadsheet in a common size income statement format for the most recent year and


the year before. Create a % of sales for each item next to the amounts that are given on the 10k


income statement. Do this for your company and the targets. 5. Create a spreadsheet in a common size Balance sheet format for the most recent year and the


year before. Create a % of total assets for each item next to the amounts that are given on the


10k balance sheet statement. Do this for your company and the targets. 6. Does your company have any intangible assets? If yes what are they? Do this for your company


and the targets. 7. What % of financing comes from non-owners and owners? Did the percentages change much


between the two years? Do this for your company and the targets. 8. Did sales (revenue) and profitability (net income) grow in your company from year to year? By


what percentage did sales and profitability increase or decrease? What contributed to the sales


and profit change year over year? 9. Calculate for both years the following ratios: Return on assets, Return on equity, Current ratio


10. Which company should you acquire and WHY?


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