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[answered] A statement of requirements lists alternative options for e

please answer the attached questions, the questions are multiple choice?

A statement of requirements lists alternative options for enacting the goals of the strategic facility plan. primarily expresses vision statement goals that are a type of stretch goal. primarily expresses how to optimize and fulfill forecasted system needs. for design is an internally produced space planning and relocation forecast.


In which of the following project phases are a project?s end results identified? Plan Define Do Act


Project models can be applied to individual processes and phases or to the project as a whole. individual process and phases but not the project as a whole. the project as a whole but not to individual processes or phases. the project as a whole or to individual processes, but not phases.


A bid bond provides a penalty to reinforce which of the following? When a contractor claims to have proper insurance or licensure it is verifiable. When an organization signs a contract it commits to paying for deliverables if fulfilled properly. When a contractor begins work on a project it is committing to complete the work properly. When a contractor makes a proposal for a project it is legally binding if accepted.


A tenant improvement allowance is money set aside by a landlord in accordance with a scope/statement of work. a building standard. the actual interior design and construction costs. the estimated interior design and construction costs.


Which of the following can be used to update policies, procedures, and practices such as contract templates or organizational charts or alternately take the form of helpful hints? Balanced scorecard perspectives Lessons learned Post?implementation audit Post?occupancy survey


Which of the following stakeholders determines when a facility management equipment installation project is done and can be closed? Facility manager Project manager General contractor Owner


Which of the following documents typically describes the business need for a project such as legal requirements, customer requirements, market demand, or social needs? Project charter Conceptual project budget Project objectives statement Statement of requirements A subtask can be subdivided into two work packages, but each would be performed by the same person and cost and duration estimates would not be improved. Which of the following is true of this scenario? Divide the subtask because the work packages improve task assignment. Divide the subtask if the work packages are on the critical path. Do not divide the subtask if it increases risk identification rates. Do not divide the subtask if it increases reporting and control requirements.


Which of the following documents refines the tasks outlined in the scope and deliverables documentation? Project schedule Work breakdown structure (WBS) Statement of requirements Project budget


A project is behind schedule. Which of the following is a best practice for adding workers?


Select two. Add skilled workers to teams that require and currently possess effective teamwork. Add workers if their incremental output exceeds added costs for training and communications. Add skilled workers to tasks that can be performed independently. Add workers even if they require difficult additional training and communications.


Which of the following is true of acquiring internal staff for the project team? Project managers generally have no hiring authority. Part?time project team members with line responsibilities generally have no scheduling conflicts. Project managers are typically considered line managers. Project managers generally have no authority to acquire team members from other business units.


Which of the following is a type of acceptance criteria that is used to determine whether all required tasks have been done? Quality metrics Cost of quality (COQ) Quality checklists Quality standards Which of the following is true of controlling the schedule during project execution and control? If work cannot be brought back on schedule, changing the schedule is not an option. Project managers use schedule variance analysis as the primary guide for deciding whether to recommend actions or changes to the schedule. Schedule creep is acceptable if it results in useful new features at an acceptable cost. Small schedule slips are important and require immediate action.


A project is completed and all success criteria are met according to quality control. However the project owners are dissatisfied with the deliverables. Which of the following


could have occurred? Changes that were accepted should have been rejected or vice versa. Analysis of business value did not measure up to what was promised. The project manager failed to communicate a change in priorities effectively. The deliverables failed to meet acceptance criteria.


A facility manager is determining whether he should be the project manager on a project. Which of the following is true of this decision? The facility manager can manage a more complex project if he has frequently managed similar projects. The facility manager is never the project manager for projects. Except for major construction, facility managers are the project manager for all facility projects. If a project is within the facility manager?s capabilities, there is no reason why he could not manage it.


A planning team has completed the project management plan and the full project team is brought on board. In this case, which of the following should new team specialists do?


Select two. Determine the skill levels of responsible parties and change estimates as needed. Revisit work breakdown structure (WBS) tasks and add details as needed. Initiate the first joint project planning (JPP) session to generate consensus. Generate detailed critical path method (CPM) schedules for every team member.


Which of the following is true of a scope/statement of work (SOW) for professional services? Internal schedulers always produce the schedule for the contracted work. A SOW never allows contractors to update portions of the project work breakdown structure (WBS). A SOW lists necessary permits with the expectation that contractors will determine the required lead times. A SOW notes where one contractor needs to work closely with other contractors or subcontractors.


If a project deliverable is rejected, validation of repaired or corrected deliverables is conducted by which of the following? Risk management Quality assurance Change control Quality control


When estimating costs for a feasibility study, which of the following items is the most important item to highlight to prevent its costs from being underestimated? Engineering requirements Customer requirements Design requirements Space requirements


A risk management team member reviews contract details to ensure the amount of risk transfer is appropriate and the cost is acceptable. all contract details are standard boilerplate materials. all fair hiring and employment laws and regulations are followed. all high significance, high impact risks are transferred.


In addition to standard contract closure procedures, which of the following is a good way


of ensuring that all contract terms and conditions are accounted for? Earned value analysis Control charts Issue logs Checklists


Once an owner takes custody of a building that was a deliverable in a facility management project, typically, the next step is that the owner conducts the punch list/snagging list walkthrough. places the facility manager in charge of operating and maintaining the building. formally commissions the building. begins the process of formal deliverable acceptance. Which of the following is true of project models? The Plan, Do, Check, Act model has a finite duration. Traditional waterfall models incorporate planned iteration. Planned iteration allows omission of some details to be added later. Phases in project models should not be altered.


Which of the following is indicated in an activity?on?node diagram by a circle rather than a box? All events Activities that are milestones only Events that are milestones only All activities


Project managers are responsible for integrating/coordinating which of the following activities during the Do, Check, and Act phases of a capital construction project?


Select three. Forecasting whether the project will stay on schedule. Implementing standards and processes as planned. Completing snagging lists/punch lists. Keeping records on schedule, cost, progress, and quality. Creating project charter and objectives documents.


The project manager?s primary role in regards to permits for a construction project is getting the general contractor to issue a certificate of occupancy. specifying the codes that must be followed. coordination to ensure that they are initiated soon enough to prevent bottlenecks. applying for and obtaining the building permit.


Which of the following is the critical input to ensure design/engineering firms have the necessary information to proceed and are addressing the right organizational needs? Construction documents and drawings Project management plan Work breakdown structure Statement of requirements


Which of the following is true of communications management in the project management plan? When working with project team members, a high degree of formality is needed. Communications should be limited to what each stakeholder needs to know to be effective. Executives generally desire reports only at milestones. All stakeholders should have a consult (two?way) communications relationship with project team members.


Which of the following is true of monitoring or controlling risk? Risk owners look at the detail level of one part of a process when evaluating technical performance. Risk identification meetings are only conducted in the Plan phase; subsequent risks are handled through change control. Project managers assume risk owner responses conform to the project?s risk tolerance levels. Risk owners close risks in the risk register when a project changes and the risks no longer apply.


Which of the following is the glue that holds a project team together and enables stakeholders to feel a sense of participation? Managing communications Integration/coordination Project scheduling technology Quality management


Which of the following is true of contract administration? If arbitration is stipulated in contracts for disputed changes it is legally nonbinding and either party could still litigate. Constructive changes are changes that both parties must feel are needed. The contracted resource shares responsibility for contract administration. The project management plan is kept separate from contract details so changes to the latter do not affect the former.


Which of the following budgets is most directly related to change control? Contingency budgets Quality control budget Risk management budget Administrative budget


Parametric modeling is used to combine most likely, pessimistic, and optimistic estimates. create a standard set of rates for costs. build a cost estimate starting at the lowest levels and summing up the costs. set a hard budget limit and then distribute these funds to different tasks.


Which of the following can compress the overall project duration but may complicate cost auditing? Standard proposal formats Standard bidding documents Competitive bidding Direct negotiation


Items included in the final design documents for a construction project that are included solely for reference and are omitted from the final deliverables are marked as which of the following? Owner furnished, contractor installed (OFCI) Non?typical contractual relationship Not?in?contract (NIC) Owner furnished, owner installed (OFOI)


Facility management projects are typically used to accomplish which of the following?


Select two. Respond to a project sponsor?s mandate for a capital project even if release of capital funds is denied. Respond to a merger/acquisition, rapid growth, or downsizing. Implement changes to existing organizational structure, staffing, or systems. Implement all operations and maintenance activities.


In addition to scope verifications and financial audits, contractor audits typically include initial plan of record/final plan of record audits. technical audits. root cause analysis. pre? and post?occupancy surveys.


Which of the following is a key task in procurement management for project managers that requires both diligence and experience to ensure that the project remains on schedule? ?Inform? level relationship building with Purchasing Root cause analysis Lead time management Purchase order approvals


For which of the following project planning documents would bubble diagrams, stack plans, or rough sketches be developed for review by stakeholders? Final design Project management plan Schematic design Project objectives statement


Project managers recruit and organize the project team to represent key stakeholders. do not delegate their role of task approval even if it causes delays. show humility by avoiding taking ownership of a project. delegate the role of primary liaison between the project and executive teams.


Deliverable acceptance may trigger the start of the final inspection and validation process. as?built review. warranty period. commissioning process.


An organization creates a scope/statement of work before designs are complete and some contract details are vague. Which of the following is a risk if the organization is using fixed price contracts? The contractor may insist on a higher set hourly rate. The contractor may exercise the right to append the contract. The contractor may need to be paid for more overtime. The contractor may pad his/her estimates.


Which of the following is the primary input to the plan team and resources process? Project budget Project schedule Project objectives statement Work breakdown structure (WBS)


Which of the following project management activities unifies independent project components? Use of project scheduling tools Integration or coordination Scoping and communications Use of the Plan, Do, Check, Act model


Which of the following steps in the acquisition and design of a space could be considered Check and Act phase tasks in a project model? Review and approve design Contract with design/engineering firm(s) Generate schematic design Acquire space


Which of the following actions is the final step in defining a project?s purpose after ensuring the purpose is feasible? Define the scope and intended use of the project deliverables. Define the stakeholders in the project and their aims/requirements. Define the parameters, assumptions, risks, and constraints for the project. Define and document the success criteria.


An initial project team is assembled before the full project team needs are known. In this


case, which of the following is true? The project team should only be assembled once the full project team needs are known. The initial project team is the core of the full project team so everyone chosen must be available for the entire project. Project managers select staff/contractors as team members with preference for persons


available for the entire project duration. Project managers only select staff as initial team members and wait to use contractors.


Which of the following is true of the methods and tools used to evaluate contractor proposals? Exception review investigates bid line items that are too high or low in comparison to other bids received. Contractors who have not yet been used can be evaluated using contractor rating systems. After a contract is signed, organizations can negotiate with bidders on cost reductions for specific line items. In a weighting system, each objective criterion is assigned a weight that reflects how expert reviewers feel the contractor satisfies the criterion.


Root cause analysis applied to quality assurance/quality control can indicate whether the budget is forecasted to be met or exceeded. the magnitude of deviations from the budget. whether a variance from a original item price estimate is a factor. the reasons deliverables have defects.


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