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[answered] Abstract In this paper I will be reviewing the aspects of s

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In this paper I will be reviewing the aspects of sourcing and recruiting employees globally, specifically


from Europe for the Hilton Hotel chain. I will be going over how to source globally for an organization.


Nowadays, it seems as if though companies compete to source and recruit the best talent not just


domestically, but also globally. It is becoming a race in this globalizing world. However, more than ever,


recruiting executives are having a hard time doing more with less. It is as important to be able to source


and recruit via professional social networks as well as via outside recruiting firms in order to attract and


obtain the top talent in the world. Approach


I will be using the DeVry online library to seek my primary sources for my strategic staffing research


paper. I will also be using respected sources such as SHRM, and other professional sources such as


company websites. I expect to learn more about the intricate process sourcing, recruiting and hiring






I am going to be focusing specifically on how to source and recruit employees from Europe for


the hotel chain Hilton. Hilton was named one of the Top Employers of Young People in the UK in 2012


and also named by the Sunday Times, the ?Best Companies to Work For? for three consecutive years


since 2010 (2015). Therefore, Hilton is well known in Europe, thus making it easier to recruit Europe?s


top talent. First, I would begin to source and recruit candidates by advertising the job opportunity on the company


website. In addition to that, I would encourage the company?s current employees to take advantage of


the referral program and refer their friends over. Word of mouth is the cheapest way to source


employees. I would search for potential candidates by searching for LinkedIn connections that can lead


to those potential candidates in Europe. In the 4th Annual Report of 2015 Global Recruiting Trends


written by Batty, Cruz, Bowley, and Gager (2015, p. 12), they state that professional social networks have


proven to be the top source for recruiting top talent globally, which has increased a staggering 75% over


the four years.


Additionally, I would source and attempt to recruit candidates by advertising the job opportunity on a


site such as StepStone. StepStone is a job board that advertises job opportunities for many different


countries. StepStone?s job board receives about 50 million visits per month and has been successful in


matching the best candidates with the best companies (2015). An organization wants the best of the


best; therefore I will also hire a recruiting firm to assist in the sourcing and recruiting process. These


recruiting firms are more familiar as to how to recruit the best of the best in the part of the country that


the organization is attempting to recruit in. Professional social networks along with outside recruiting


firms seem to be the best way to hire top talent.


Literature Review


According to an article written by Shachar and Hirschl written in the Indiana Journal of Global Studies


(2013, p. 73). Olympic citizenship is on the rise. Olympic citizenship is a citizenship-for-talent exchange.


Governments are continuously ?picking winners.? These winners are those that can obtain citizenship


based on their talents, skills, and abilities and as such can contribute to a country?s economy, growth,


and overall international reputation. Countries are promoting citizenship grants to find the cr?me de la


cr?me. Of course a return is expected for the citizenship grants. This is all done in attempts to obtain a


competitive edge over competitors. The global race for the best and brightest talent is slowing becoming


the frontier of a new era (Shachar & Hirschl, 2013, P. 73).


In terms of the recruiting and hiring process, Volpe and Tucker (2014, p. 1), talk about the importance of


having an outside firm to recruit the best of the best. Most of the time, the best talent is already


employed, and that is where the recruiting agency comes in. Those employees that organizations are


looking for are called passive candidates. Lets remember that a good recruiting firms stays in contact


with all of their potential candidates and because of the information they are privy to when it comes to


job opportunities, they have the ability to turn passive candidates into active candidates. Active


candidates are those that are actively seeking jobs according to Phillips and Gully (2014, p. 144). Top


talent is already happily employed somewhere else and thus not searching job boards. It is important to


be able to afford an outside recruiting firm because the results from utilizing job boards have proved to


be extremely unpredictable. Author of "Trends 2003: The Human Capital Marketplace," John Sumser,


stated that, ", more than ever, effective recruiting will focus on the 20 percent of hires that


produce 80 percent of the results. These critical hires are not best handled with automated sourcing


methods, but depend on successful mastery of time-honored search techniques? (Volpe & Tucker, 2004,


p. 2). According to the 4th Annual Report of 2015 Global Recruiting Trends written by Batty, Cruz, Bowley, and


Gager, there is a lot of organizational pressure to do more with less (2015). The gap between budgets for


2015 and the recruiting volume keeps widening. There is a lot of competition amongst organizations for


top talent, and the biggest obstacles to attracting these candidates are compensations and the


competitors themselves. Even with that in mind, organizations will still have to do more with less. This


report states that it is important to have an active and passive candidate strategy to be able to attract


and employ top talent. The majority of professionals globally consider themselves passive candidates,


yet only roughly 61% of organizations recruit passive candidates (2015, p. 15). The chart below, also


taken from the 4th Annual Report of 2015 Global Recruiting Trends shows a breakdown in percentages of


the companies that are recruiting passively. According to SHRM (2013), there are a few practical steps that can be taken into consideration


when recruiting employees globally. First, just like when recruiting domestically, the talent recruiters


have to be able to discern those job competencies that they are looking for. However, one other big


aspect of these competencies is being able to recognize those that can adjust to American culture and


adapt easily. An organization wants employees who can assimilate, maybe someone who has worked in


other countries. Understanding U.S. visa and work authorizations regulations and laws is also important


to consider. Organizations tend to hire the services or immigration attorneys to assist in this process


(2013). It is also important to know professional networks? use and limitations. Know the terms and


conditions of these sites is very important when it comes to searching for data and using or transferring


this information. There very well may be privacy issues involved when using or sharing information from these professional sites. Lastly, it is important to be able to help domestic employees adapt to the


cultural change that international employees bring. An organization should offering employees diversity


and cultural sensitivity can be a good way to assist in adapting to the cultural change (2013).




Through my research I learned that sourcing and recruiting globally could be a little more


complicated and time consuming than sourcing and recruiting domestically. While most everything is


pretty similar in terms of sourcing and recruiting, there are U.S. and the respective country?s laws and


regulations that need to be taken into account when sourcing and recruiting globally. Therefore my first


suggestion to the organization would be to become informed on expatriation laws as well as hire an


attorney to assist and consult in the entire sourcing and recruiting process.


A recruiting executive?s job while sourcing for potential candidates is to also ensure that the top talent


candidates are those that can easily adapt and assimilate to American ways. Therefore, one of my


suggestions to Hilton Hotel would be to ensure that the employees that they plan to recruit to work in


the U.S. can speak English, and have either had prior experience working in other countries or in the U.S.


For example, in my experience most hotels in Europe have English-speaking employees, therefore it may


be an option to transfer a current employee to a position in the U.S. When it comes to sourcing and


recruiting those employees, I would also suggest that they use multiple avenues to recruit. Examples are


those such as job boards like Monster. Monster has its own page set up for at least 20 different countries


in Europe and can be a good sourcing and recruiting tool.


Additionally, I would advise the organization to focus heavily on recruiting passive candidates. More


professional executives than one would imagine, consider themselves to be passive candidates, meaning


that they are open to better opportunities. It is important to have a sourcing and recruiting strategy for


both passive and active candidates in order to be truly successful in recruiting top talent globally that can


assimilate to a new environment and culture.




All in all, throughout my research I was able to conclude that sourcing and recruiting globally is a more


complex and time consuming process than sourcing and recruiting domestically for an organization. My


research will help the organization better prepare themselves in order to create and implement a


strategy to source and recruit employees in Europe. It will allow them to make the decision as to


whether or not they want to source for passive and active applicants equally to be able to recruit the top


talent in the world. My research will also allow them to source and recruit more efficiently by potentially


using more than one tool for the process. Additionally, the organization should be able to ensure that


the candidates that are selected are able to adapt essentially to a whole new world; to ensure that the


top talent that is being recruited can actually function in the new environment. With employees that


cannot assimilate, only strife may ensue. Overall, my research will benefit the organization because they


now know that sourcing and recruiting globally can be a complicated process, which they will now be


able to better prepare for.


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