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[answered] ASSIGNMENT 8 Instructions 1. I need 500 words of justificat

Hello i am stuck at this quiz and i am unable to solve the tricky questions which the file contains please help me to solve this quiz.





1. I need 500 words of justifications.


2. I need the solution in an hour.


3. Don?t just copy and paste do write in your words.


Questions 1-3 are based on the following information about an economy:


Consumer price index (2002) = 132


Consumer price index (2001) = 110


Nominal GDP (2002) = $60bn


Nominal GDP (2001) = $50bn


Population (2002) = 7mn


Population (2001) = 6mn


Net factor income from abroad (2002) = +$3bn


Net factor income from abroad (2001) = -$2bn


1. By how much has real GDP grown from 2001 to 2002?


A. -10%


B. 12.5%


C. 20%


D. 0%


2. By how much has per capita nominal GNP changed from 2001 to 2002?


A. -10%


B. 12.5%


C. 20%


D. 0%


3. Based on the above information, we can say that:


A. Poverty has fallen in the country


B. Per capita real GDP is falling


C. Income inequality has worsened


D. Real growth in the informal sector is 0%


4. In the circular flow of income, Keynesian equilibrium obtains when


A. All the individual sectors are in equilibrium: S=I, T=G, M=X


B. The aggregate injections equal aggregate withdrawals S+T+M = I+G+X


C. There is no inflation or unemployment


D. The interest rate and exchange rate are at their market clearing levels








C. Under conditions of Keynesian equilibrium:


aggregate demand equals aggregate supply


aggregate demand equals national income


both A and B D. none of the above


6. Which of the following is a determinant of consumption


A. expectations about future prices


B. level of indebtedness of consumers


C. the price level


D. all of the above 7.








D. Which is the most volatile component of aggregate demand


Net exports






government spending 8.








D. Which of the following is not an obvious or direct determinant of a country?s imports


real exchange rate




tariff rates


interest rate


9. When consumption is 650, income is 750; when consumption is 620, income is 700. Assuming there is


no government, I=100, net exports are 10, what is the level of equilibrium income?


A. 500


B. 625


C. 775


D. 850 10. Which of the following is not true?


A. Starting from no growth, a positive output growth rate would be associated with even higher


rates of investment (the accelerator effect)


B. Higher investment causes a multiplied increase in income


C. Such increases in income would continue to induce higher investment, which in turn would


continue to cause multiplied increases in output.


D. All of the above.


11. In the equation C = a + bY, which describes the aggregate consumption function, 'a' stands for


A. the amount of consumption when income is zero.


B. the marginal propensity to consume.


C. the amount of consumption when income is Maximum.


D. the average consumption level.


12. Total consumption divided by total income gives us:


A. the average propensity to consume.


B. the marginal propensity to save.


C. the marginal propensity of expenditure.


D. the marginal propensity to consume.


13 Disposable income is the part of households' income left after the deduction of


A. pension contributions.


B. income tax and social security payments. C. income tax.


D. savings.


14. As the MPS increases, the multiplier will








D. increase.


either increase or decrease depending on the size of the change in investment.


remain constant.


decrease. 15. In macroeconomics, equilibrium is defined as that point at which


A. planned aggregate expenditure equals aggregate output.


B. planned aggregate expenditure equals consumption.


C. aggregate output equals consumption minus investment.


D. saving equals consumption.


16. The ratio of the change in the equilibrium level of output to a change in some autonomous


component of aggregate demand is the


A. elasticity coefficient.


B. multiplier.


C. marginal propensity of the autonomous variable.


D. automatic stabiliser.


17. Assuming there are no taxes (and no foreign sector), if the MPC is .8, the multiplier is


A. 2.5.


B. 8.


C. 5.


D. 2.


18. Assuming the net income tax rate is 25% (and there is no foreign sector), if the MPC is 0.8, the


multiplier is


A. 2.5.


B. 8.


C. 5.


D. 2.


19. Assuming there is no foreign sector, if the multiplier is 3, and the net income tax rate is 20%, the


MPC is


A. 3/4


B. 4/5


C. 5/6


D. 6/7


20. Assume there is no government or foreign sector. If the MPC is .75, a Rs.20 billion decrease in


planned investment will cause aggregate output to decrease by


A. Rs. 80 billion.


B. Rs. 20 billion.


C. Rs. 26.67 billion.


D. Rs. 15 billion.


21. According to the 'paradox of thrift,' increased efforts to save will cause A.






D. an increase in income and an increase in overall saving.


a decrease in income and an overall decrease in saving.


a decrease in income but an increase in saving.


an increase in income but no overall change in saving. 22. If injections are less than withdrawals at the full-employment level of national income, there is


A. an inflationary gap.


B. equilibrium.


C. a deflationary gap.


D. hyperinflation.


23. The accelerator theory of investment says that induced investment is determined by


A. the rate of change of national income.


B. expectations.


C. the level of national income.


D. the level of aggregate demand.


24. The diagram that shows the money received and paid out by each sector of the


economy is the


A. income-price diagram.


B. income-expenditures diagram.


C. circular flow diagram.


D. aggregate demand-aggregate supply diagram.


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