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[answered] Assignment: Literature Review Purpose To assess your abilit

The topic is: importance of succession planning in tourism in Oman

Write in free word, not copying from others

Write 10 pages

Answer all questions

Write the question before you write the answer

The answer will be in paragraphs not in build

Write at least 5 references and put the link to the website that you take information from

Read Assignment: Literature Review docs

Write the abstract, Introduction, Objectives, conclusion

The questions are:

1.Quality and depth of resources

a.Very thorough depth of research and exemplary choice of scholarly, reliable resources; All resources are from primary sources

2.Rough draft ? organize your resources under headings so that you are able to see points of agreement and disagreement or divergence of findings; Begin drawing conclusions and adding your own thoughts, ideas, and interpretations based on your knowledge of human resources management theories

a.Outstanding organization of resources; Strong evidence of critical thought and logic; Clear and insightful articulation of points of agreement and disagreement or divergence of findings; Correct conclusions and in-depth and insightful interpretations

you can write about bahwan group

Assignment: Literature Review




To assess your ability to research scholarly and professional sources as you complete a literature review. Overview


What is a Literature Review?


Think of a literature review as a helpful guide to the topic of your research. It is a document that will inform a


person, with little or no knowledge of your research topic, of ways to investigate that topic.


"A literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources (e.g. dissertations,


conference proceedings) relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing a


description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work. The purpose is to offer an overview of


significant literature published on a topic."


(University of California Santa Cruz, 2005, para.1).


Now that you have an approved briefing document and have established your benchmarks, assessment


criteria, and communication schedule, you are ready to begin your research.


Refer to the Key Points in Overview of A Conference Paper for additional information.


The Franklin University Library Guide Academic Writing Guide may be helpful to get you started. Action Items


1. Review the Grading Rubric (below) for this assignment. 2. Begin your research. 3. Review the following information regarding literature reviews: 1. Franklin Library Literature Review guide 2. Literature Review sample 3. Literature Review sample 4. 5. Access the databases on the Franklin University Nationwide Library Web site. Determine which


databases are most appropriate for your research. If you have a question about the databases, contact a




Locate and read scholarly books that are appropriate for your research. Avoid trade books. 6. Be organized. Create a system for recording/documenting the information you are researching about


your topic. Consider using software specifically created for this purpose. There are multiple methods for


keeping your information organized. Discuss this with your professor. 7. Complete your research. When you feel that you have exhausted all avenues to access information


about your topic, your research is complete. 8. Organize your literature according to your subtopics. Consider creating an outline to organize your


thoughts. Discuss your organization of subtopics with your professor and mentor. 9. Write a first draft of your literature review. Keep in mind that your literature review will be


approximately half of your 20-page paper. 10. Edit your draft. Keep in mind that your goal is to submit your paper to a conference committee of a


professional organization. Remember to cite all sources in APA format. You may find the following resources


helpful: 1. APA Style 2. APA Sample Paper by Jeffery Kahn 3. UWF Library APA Examples 11. Submit your Literature Review to (Review About in Student Toolkit.) 12. Make any changes needed after receiving your originality report from 13. Email a copy of the originality report received from to your professor. Submission Instructions


Upload your literature review using the Submit tool.


Email a copy of the originality report received from to your professor. Grading Criteria


Points will be allocated based on the Grading Rubric for this assignment: 0 - 100 points


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