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[answered] At least 250 word APA format 1. In recent years we have bec

Hi please help me with this assignment at least 250 words and APA format. Need write an article two answer these questions.

At least 250 word APA format




2. In recent years we have become increasingly concerned about global


climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore it has


become increasingly important to think about how decisions from the


global to local scale impact greenhouse gas emissions. Use the


distances calculated from the Food Mapping portion of the exercise to


calculate the CO2 emissions for each meal.


3. Calculate the emissions for each food item/ingredient using the


following web resources:


4. In the calculator you have to select your food category, commodity


(your food item/ingredient), distance traveled (your measured


distances), estimated quantity of each item (per meal) and finally


estimated wastage. Summarize your results (product emissions,


transport emissions, and waste emissions), per meal, in a table and


keep these data as you will need them to answer the questions in Part




5. Now lets look at your water footprint. Did you know that about 2,500


gallons of water are required to make one cup of coffee? The amount


of water used from start to finish to produce food products is difficult to


determine and is often less well known than the carbon footprint.


6. Using the website: you can calculate your water


footprint per year. Complete the basic calculator first, and then at the


bottom of that page click on the 'extended calculator' and use this to


get a more detailed estimate. Be as accurate as possible, but realize


that you are estimating your usage. Summarize your result in a


table (Total water footprint, components of total water footprint, and


contribution of individual food category towards total water


footprint) and keep these data, as you will need them in Part C.






Read Ch. 4 The Biosphere and Ch. 14 Resources




Additional reading:,






In a well-written and concise manner (Max 400 words for everything


you enter into the gradient text box) answer the questions below. Clearly


differentiate between opinion and facts. Reference websites, articles, or


the textbook if you are using statistics or results from other studies.


Question 1: Briefly summarize your CO2 and water footprints (based on


what you calculated in Part B). Were the results in Part B what you


expected? Elaborate. Which food items/ingredients traveled the furthest


and why might that be the case? Question 2: Give one specific example of how you could reduce your food


carbon footprint and what specific challenges you might face trying to do


so? Give one specific example of how you could reduce your water


footprint and what specific challenges you might face trying to do so? Note ? when you get to the calibration and peer review part of Gradient, you will be asked to assess whether an answer is ?competent" (it meets all of the expected requirements of the assignment), "not yet competent" (it is poorly done or is missing some of the things listed in the requirements), or "advanced" (it meets all of the expected requirements of the assignment at a high level and explains things with a high level of insight and knowledge). You will also be asked to give each answer a score out of 10 (where 10 is the best). Please use the following numbers: Advanced = 10 or 9. Competent = 8 or 7. Not yet Competent = 6 or 5. Do not use lower numbers than this, and do not give numbers that don't match how you evaluated the work (or you will get an automatic Not yet Competent for the assignment!).


When you are reviewing someone else's work, they will really appreciate it if you give them helpful feedback. So you need to write something in the explanation box when you give someone less than full credit. Tell the person what was missing or what needed to be done better, so that they can make their work better next time!


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