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[answered] BA 276 Fall 2016 Due Friday 12/2/16 Tyler Extra Credit Assi

i need help with this project thank you in advance?

BA 276 Fall 2016 Due Friday 12/2/16 Tyler Extra Credit Assignment: Using Excel


The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to use a spreadsheet effectively to


implement the statistical tools we have learned in BA 276. It is probably possible to find a


similar tool online. I strongly urge you to write this tool yourself, not only because that is


the requirement for credit on this assignment, but also because I believe doing this yourself


will help you solidify your grasp of this class. Plus knowing how to do this could be handy


later in life.




1) A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (if you use an open source alternative you must


?save as? excel)


2) The sheet must automatically calculate the values requested, meaning you must use


excel functions rather than typing in hand-calculated answers.


3) The sheet should output the correct values in the yellow-colored spaces.


4) Please do not change the position of the yellow spaces or the grey data cells. My


grading process will be much easier if they are in place.


5) Although you have an ?Excel Template for Confidence Intervals? spreadsheet to help


you, your final project, ?Turn this in- NAME? should be saved with your own name in


place of NAME and emailed to your instructor by 12/2.


Grading (20 points total)


1) 4 points: Excel Spreadsheet with labeled spaces for data and results.


2) 6 points each:


a. Confidence interval using s


i. 1 point if it?s correct for your data


ii. 1 point if it responds correctly when the data values are changed


iii. 1 point if it responds correctly when the confidence level is changed


b. Confidence interval using sigma


i. 1 point if it?s correct for your data


ii. 1 point if it responds correctly when the data values are changed


iii. 1 point if it responds correctly when the confidence level is changed


3) 4 points: 1-5 sentences clearly summarizing what you learned, or what previous


learning you reinforced, or how you believe this assignment could be changed to


make it more helpful to your learning.




1) Remember to use the Excel ?help? function and/or advice on the internet. You do


not need to reinvent the wheel here.


2) Use the Excel Template for Confidence Intervals to get some quick hints for how to


run the calculations you need in Excel.


3) Email your instructor if you get stuck!


The back story: You are an intern at a cable company! Congrats, your dreams have come


true. At a recent company meeting, the higher ups were commenting that they were


unaware of whether or not customers were satisfied with their cable service. You pipe up


and say, ?No worries! Let?s conduct a survey. I?ll do all the data analysis and I?ll even let


you pay me for it.? You hand out the following survey to 75 randomly selected customers: Please tell us how satisfied you are with your CABLE TELEVISION SERVICE:


Q1. My cable TV service is priced reasonably.


Strongly Disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Strongly Agree 3 4 5 6 7 Strongly Agree 3 4 5 6 7 Strongly Agree Q2. My service has been reliable.


Strongly Disagree 1 2 Q3. The cable?s always working.


Strongly Disagree 1 2 Q4. Overall, I?m satisfied with my cable TV service:


Strongly Disagree 1 2 3 Q5. Gender:


Q6. Zip code:


Q7. Age group: 4 5 6 7 Strongly Agree Male




18 ? 24 Female


97219 25 ? 34 35 ? 49 97221


50 ? 60 61 and


over It is with this survey that you hope to answer the question: Does the cable company have a


reason to believe that its customers are generally satisfied with the service? To help answer


this question, you need to compute the 95% CI of average customer satisfaction. The


response to Q4 is listed in your Excel spreadsheet template and it is with this data that you


will use the built-in functions in Excel to come up with the 95% CI.


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