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I can do all of the MS Project parts but need help with the rest!

BA 476 Project Management ? Final Project Description See the Final Project folder in the course Web site for submission and technical details about this project. This project is adapted from the Nightingale project in Larson and Gray?s textbook: Project Management: The Managerial Process, Sixth Edition, and may not be distributed beyond this class. Project Introduction You are the assistant project manager to Rassy Brown, who is in charge of a project called the Nightingale project. The goal of this project is to develop a handheld electronic medical reference guide. Nightingale will be designed for emergency medical technicians and paramedics who need a quick reference guide to use in emergency situations. Rassy and her project team developed a project plan aimed at producing 30 working models in time for MedCON, the biggest medical equipment trade show each year. Meeting the MedCON October 25, 2017 deadline is critical to success. They plan to start the project on January 4, 2017. All the major medical equipment manufacturers take orders for new products at MedCON. Rassy has heard rumors that several competitors are considering developing a similar product, and she knows that being first to market would have a significant sales advantage. Besides, top management made funding contingent upon developing a workable plan for meeting the MedCON deadline. They also made it clear that they would not compromise on product features, as the competition would surely be putting out a robust and high quality product. Priority Matrix 1. In your Word document: Create a priority matrix based on what you know about this project from the information above, and then write a paragraph defending your choices. Write your answers in the WordQuestionsTemplate.docx file. Work Breakdown Structure The project team spent the morning working on the schedule for Nightingale. They started with the WBS and developed the information for a network, adding activities when needed. Then the team added their duration estimates for each activity, based on the resources they believe will be available (resources will be added later). Table 1 shows the preliminary information for activities with duration time and predecessors: In your MS Project file: Enter the WBS, durations, and predecessors as shown in Table 1, and THEN go back and add a new row at the beginning with the project name (use Electronic Medical Reference Guide as the project name). All of the items in Table 1 should be subtasks of the entire project (i.e. there will only be two levels in this WBS). Set all tasks (including new tasks) to ?Auto?Schedule? Set the start date for the project to 1/4/17 Show the critical tasks in Red in your Gantt chart Show the coding/outline numbers. 1 Table 1: WBS, Durations, and Predecessors Activity Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Architectural decisions Internal specifications External specifications Feature specifications Voice recognition Case Screen Speaker output jacks Tape mechanism Database Microphone/soundcard Pager Barcode reader Alarm clock Computer I/O Review design Price components Integration Document design Procure prototype components Assemble prototypes Lab test prototypes Field test prototypes Adjust design


Order stock parts Order custom parts Assemble first production unit Duration (days) Predecessor (activity number comes from first column of this table) 10 None 20 1 18 1 15 1 15 2,3 4 2,3 2 2,3 2 2,3 2 3,4 40 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 4 10 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 5 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 15 16,17 35 16 20 18 10 20 20 21 20 19,22 20 23 15 24 2 24 10 25FS + 8 day lag 26FS + 13 day lag 10 27 15 28 10 29 28 Test unit 29 Produce 30 units 30 Train sales representatives In your MS Project file: Enter the following holidays and work time: A. The following holidays are observed (the last item is past the estimated end of the project, but enter it anyway in case the project duration has to increase). Set all of these in the year of the project (2017): Memorial Day (last Monday in May) Independence Day (July 3 and 4) Labor Day (first Monday in September) Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) Christmas (December 22 through 26) B. Each member of the project team works Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day. 2 CHECKPOINT 1: Now is a great time to do a Save As and make a backup copy of your MS Project file so far. At this point the project finish date should be 12/27/17. If it?s not, check all of your work so far. Note that the predecessor numbers should be one larger than those in Table 1, due to the fact that they updated when you added the project name in the first row. Respond to the following questions in your Word document: 2. Obviously, at this pace the project will not be completed by October 25. Which activities are on the critical path? (Use the code numbers to answer this). 3. How sensitive is the network? Defend your answer. Estimating Duration Respond to the following in your Excel file on the worksheet titled Task A: Use the complexity weighting scheme on page 138 (in Table 5.2) and the function point complexity weighted table shown in Table 2 (below) to estimate the total function point count for this project. For the purpose of this question, assume that this project is expected to follow the U.S. average of one person working one month can generate on average about five function points. Also assume that all of the durations in Table 1 were based on having five people working on the project. Your table should look similar to the screenshot in the Week 5 folder. In cells that contain calculated values, use Excel?s formulas/functions rather than calculating the results in your head or elsewhere. Table 2: Function Point Complexity Weight Table Number of inputs 10 Rated complexity high Number of outputs 5 Rated complexity average Number of inquiries 10 Rated complexity high Number of files 15 Rated complexity average Number of interfaces 10 Rated complexity low Respond to the following questions on the Task A worksheet in the Excel template: a) Given the function points, what is the estimated duration of the project? b) How many people would be needed for the project to get it done in ten months (in time for the conference)? Respond to the following in your Excel file on the worksheet titled Task B: Top management is curious about how long it will take to get to the end of the ?Review Design? activity. Create an AON project network up to and including the ?Review design activity (ignore the activities that follow ?Review design?). Show all task dependencies with arrows, and include values for ES, EF, DUR, SL, LS, and LF for each activity. I?ve created the boxes for you in the Excel template. You are welcome to move the boxes around as you see fit. Set the late finish for the ?Review design? activity equal to its early finish. For the IDs, you may use either the activity numbers shown in Table 1, or those shown in your Project file. Resources So far, these are all broad estimates that don?t take into account the actual number of resources available to the project. Rassy estimates that she?ll need the resources shown in Table 3 for the project. 3 Add these resources to your MS Project file: Table 3: Resources Resource Name $$ Number available Design Engineer 38/hr 2 Development Engineer 48/hr 5 Database Developer 43/hr 1 Purchasing Agent 22/hr 1 Technical Writer 26/hr 1 Assembler 40/hr 1 Trainer 25/hr 1 And then assign them in your MS Project file as follows: Table 4: Resource Assignments Task Name Resource Names Architectural decisions Design Engineer [200%] Internal specifications Design Engineer [100%] External specifications Development Engineer [100%] Feature specifications Design Engineer [100%] Voice recognition Development Engineer [50%] Case Development Engineer [50%] Screen Development Engineer [50%] Speaker output jacks Development Engineer [50%] Tape mechanism Development Engineer [50%] Database Database Developer [100%] Microphone/soundcard Development Engineer [50%] Pager Development Engineer [50%] Barcode reader Development Engineer [50%] Alarm clock Development Engineer [50%] Computer I/O Development Engineer [50%] Review design Design Engineer [200%] Price components Purchasing Agent [100%] Integration Development Engineer [500%] Document design Technical Writer [100%] Procure prototype components Purchasing Agent [100%] Assemble prototypes Assembler [100%] Lab test prototypes Design Engineer [200%] Field test prototypes Design Engineer [200%] Adjust design Design Engineer [200%] Order stock parts Purchasing Agent [100%] Order custom parts Purchasing Agent [100%] Assemble first production unit Assembler [100%], Development Engineer [300%] Test unit Assembler [100%], Development Engineer [300%] Produce 30 units Assembler [100%] Train sales representatives Trainer [100%] 4 Checkpoint 2: Now is another great time to do a Save As and backup your file. The project end date should still be 12/27/17. If not, recheck your work, or go back to your previous backup. Respond to the following questions in your Word document: 4. Which resource(s) is/are overallocated? Describe the overallocation (which activities are causing the problems, on which dates, and by how many hours is/are the resource(s) overallocated)? 5. Describe a feasible way that we could fix the overallocation(s), including the pros and cons of your proposed solution. Tie your answer back to your priority matrix. Before responding, read the next paragraph to see how we are going to solve this overallocation, and don?t use that solution. In your Project File: The Project Manager has looked more closely at the project schedule and realized that the resource that is overallocated will only need to spend half days on the activities that are overallocated. In your Project file, adjust the resource allocations to accommodate for this (if the durations change for these activities, change them back to the durations shown in Table 1 ? the goal here is to decrease the amount of work needed for these tasks). Reducing Duration Next Rassy wants you to help her attempt to finish the project on time (October 25). She and the team spent the afternoon brainstorming alternative ways for shortening the project duration. They rejected outsourcing activities because most of the work is developmental in nature and could only be done in?house. They considered altering the scope of the project by eliminating some of the proposed product features. After much debate, they felt they could not compromise any of the core features and still be successful in the marketplace. After a lengthy discussion, her team concluded that the durations of the activities below could be reduced as follows (DO NOT make these changes until you?ve read the important note below): Development of voice recognition system can be reduced from 15 days to 10 days Creation of database can be reduced from 40 days to 35 days Document design can be reduced from 35 days to 30 days External specifications can be reduced from 18 days to 12 days Procure prototype components can be reduced from 20 days to 15 days Order stock parts can be reduced from 15 days to 10 days Add the above duration changes to your Project file. IMPORTANT NOTE: as you change each duration, a small green icon will appear in the corner of the cell. Our goal here is to increase the hours resources work per day on the task (we will adjust the number of available resources to accommodate for this soon). Follow these steps closely after you change each duration: Hover over that little green icon until a drop down appears to its left. Click the drop down menu?s arrow Select the option that says ?Resources will work more hours per day?? (if you are using Project 2013, select the option that says ?Increase the hours resources work per day??). You must do this after changing each duration, as the arrow will no longer be available if you move on to another activity. Note that Project will adjust the resource allocations to accommodate for the increase in hours. Let it do this. 5 CHECKPOINT 3: This is another great time to use Save As to make a backup copy of your file. The project completion date at this point should be 12/1/2017. Incorporating Lags Ken Clark, a development engineer, pointed out that the network contained only finish?to?start relationships and that it might be possible to further reduce project duration by creating start?to?start lags. For example, he said that his people would not have to wait for all of the field tests to be completed to begin making final adjustments in the design. They could start making adjustments after the first 5 days of testing. The project team spent the remainder of the day analyzing how they could introduce lags into the network to hopefully shorten the project. They concluded that several finish?to?start relationships could be converted into start?to?


start relationships. Make the following changes in your Project file. Note the project finish date before making these changes, and then note it after making each of the following changes in your Project file (you?ll need this information for question 6): a) Document design can begin 2 days after the start of the Review design activity. b) Adjust design can begin 4 days after the start of Field test prototypes. c) Order stock parts can begin 2 days after the start of Adjust design. d) Train sales representatives can begin 4 days after the start of Produce 30 units. In your Word document, respond to the following questions: 6. Of steps a ? d above, which did not cause any changes to the project finish date, and why? 7. Several resources are now overallocated. Which resources are overallocated, which activities are causing the problems, when do these problems occur, and by how many hours per day are they overallocated? Use the table provided in the Word template to respond to the question. CHECKPOINT 4: This is another great time to use Save As to make a backup copy of your file. The project completion date at this point should be 10/20/2017. Resolve the overallocations in your Project file as follows: Bring in two new Design Engineers (for a total of 4 units) Bring in a part time Database Developer and Tech Writer (change the units for these resources to 120%) Bring in a part time Purchasing Agent for a total of 140% Estimating and Tracking Costs Run the cash flow report (in Project). In MS Project version 2013, after generating the report, you will only see one row, representing the entire project. To see details for each task, click inside that row, and a ?Field List? panel will appear on the right. Click in the ?Outline Level? drop down list and select ?All Subtasks? to view the rest of the rows. In your Word document, respond to the following questions: 8. What is the overall cost of the project according to the Cash Flow report and what are the most and least expensive tasks (provide exact figures). 9. What typical project costs are not represented in this report? Give a few specific examples to illustrate your point. 6 10. Once the project starts, what benefits would the earned value system add to this project. Include a description of the earned value system, along with a brief discussion of the significance of schedule variance and cost variance in your response. Submit your Word document, your Excel file, and your Project file to the Final Project link in Blackboard. 7


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