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[answered] Baer Belly Bikinis Inc. (BBB ) is a small business located


Baer Belly Bikinis Inc. (BBB ) is a small business located in Santa Monica, California. It

sells swimwear and related products to specialty stores throughout the United States. It

also sells its products to individuals over a company website. Paige Baer founded BBB

almost 10 years ago after she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

She recognized the need for swimsuits sold as separates. Her business has grown

rapidly, and now BBB has a large following of customers who want to be able to mix and

match to find their ideal swimsuit. Currently, BBB products are carried in more than 1,000

specialty swimwear boutiques and online retailers.

During an initial interview with Paige Baer, she outlined BBB's business processes.

She acknowledged that she doesn't know much about accounting and information technology.

As the business grew, her accounting suffered and information systems were added

piecemeal. So, she is looking forward to an assessment of her requirements and recommendations

that would position BBB for substantial further growth.

This case examines BBB sales to independent boutique retailers. BBB uses a group

of independent sales representatives to sell its products to boutique retailers around the

country. These sales representatives are not BBB employees. They are paid commissions

based on the dollar volume of sales. After working with the sales representatives,

individual retailers call BBB to place their order for the upcoming season. BBB will

then ship the products when they become available. The retailers are expected to pay for

shipments within 30 days. BBB offers a prompt payment discount for payment within

10 days.

The following material summarizes BBB's activities to prepare for and conduct the

sales process:

? Summer

? BBB finalizes designs for next year's products and prepares catalog materials with

information on its future products.

? Fall to Spring

? BBB sales representatives (independent agents working on commissions) visit

retailers to develop sales. BBB's payment of commissions to sales representawtives

is outside the scope of this case, although you should include the Sales Reps in your

model and database.

BBB's retailer customers place orders for one of two deliveries in season: (1) early

spring (April) and (2) early summer (May/June). BBB records information on its

retailers before they place any orders.

? Upon receipt of finished goods from their manufacturer in April and May, BBB ships

products to retailers.

? Retailers' payments are due 30 days after shipment and include shipping costs. Some

retailers pay late. Some take advantage of the prompt payment discounts.

BBB Finished Goods Inventory

BBB tracks its inventory by catalog number (catalog#). Each product is identified by color

code, use (e.g., tops or bottoms), and type (e.g., the specific design of the piece). The color

codes reflect the color and fabric design options, and they can change each year. At the

beginning of the season, the quantity on hand of each item is zero. The quantity on hand

increases when BBB gets deliveries from its manufacturer (outside the scope of this case)

and decreases as it ships the products to the retailers to fill orders.

BBB Shipments

BBB makes one shipment for each retailer order and records revenue when the products

are shipped. Warehouse employees prepare the shipments. All shipments are made under

BBB's contract with a shipping company. BBB charges customers for the cost of the shipment,

so the amount due from the retailers depends on the wholesale price of each item,

the quantity shipped, and the shipping cost for the shipment. Payments to the shipping

company are outside the scope of this case.

BBB Cash Receipts

Retailer customers send payment by check according to the payment terms (BBB standard

payment terms are 2% 10 days net 30). The payment from the retailer customer always

applies to only one order, but sometimes the retailers send multiple checks for that order.

A BBB employee (accounts receivable) logs cash receipts from retailers. At the end of the

day, the cash receipts are deposited intact into one bank account (BBB's main account).

Each cash receipt is tracked by unique sequential cash receipt number.

Exercise Requirements

1. Based on the preceding information and the following attributes list, prepare a UML

class model and corresponding table listing describing BBB's sales to retailers. List

the tables in following order: resources, events, agents, type images, and linking

tables. Identify the primary keys and foreign keys in each table.

2. [optional] Based on the preceding information, prepare a BPMN activity model

that describes BBB's Sales to Retailers process. The model should begin with

retailers placing orders and end when BBB collects payments for the sales to

the retailers.

3. Your instructor will provide an Excel spreadsheet with the BBB information. Create a

new Access database, and import each worksheet in the spreadsheet into the database.

Set appropriate primary keys.

4. After importing all the data, create relationships among tables to implement your data



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