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[answered] Basic Conditioning Factors Table 1. Basic Conditioning Fact

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Create a Word document.?Identify at least four Basic Conditioning Factors?and the?Effects on Self-Care?Requisites (SCR)?based on the situation below. Submit it here.

Directions:? From the client situation below.?identify four Basic Conditioning Factors and Effects on Self Care Requisites.

Situation: William Morris is a 75 year-old widower who lives alone. He has three adult children who live nearby. His children visit weekly with their spouses and his grandchildren. Mr. Morris is dependent on Social Security and Medicare to meet his living and health expenses. He no longer drives due to declining vision and inadequate finances for the maintenance of a car. This has altered his ability to attend church on Sundays and visit his family. Gradually over the past six months he has felt increasingly fatigued and finds it difficult to meet daily activities of living. He is not able to prepare meals for himself. He rarely gets out of the house due to difficulty managing the six steps from his porch to his yard. He has recently been diagnosed with chronic heart failure. You are the home health nurse assigned to teach him about his medications and diet.

Basic Conditioning Factors & ?Effect on Self-Care Requisites:

List 4 out of 10 Basic Conditioning Factors related to Mr. Morris view longer description?
Full Marks: Must have at least 4 Basic Conditioning Factors5.0?pts? No APA format3.0?pts?
Identify at least 4 related Self Care Requisites for Mr. Morris view longer description?
Full Marks: Must list 4 related Self Care Requisites5.0?pts? No APA format3.0?pts?

Total Points:?10.0

Basic Conditioning Factors


Table 1. Basic Conditioning Factors and Relevant Assessment Data






Assessment of Relevant Data




1. Age


Current chronological age Ascertain age-related modifications of


self-care requisites, and age at onset of


health deviation(s).


2. Gender


As either male or female


Determine if gender related modifications of self-care requisites exist,


and if actions vary because of gender.


3. Developmental


The physical, functional,


Determine if physical growth and




cognitive, and


developmental task work are




appropriate for age (chronological)


developmental level.


and for condition (health state).


Address developmental growth


parameters, thought processes,


reasoning, problem-solving, reading,


thinking, and comprehending. 4. Health state The current and past


health states of the


person, and the person?s


perception of his or her


health Determine the ability to engage in and


maintain social/spiritual relationships.


Determine the health state before


and during the current time via


the process of health and medical


history (personal and family), general


health state (as from a review of


systems), diagnostic (medical and


nursing) and treatment response data.


Judge what is perceived as necessary


to recover from illness or injury, and


the response to current or changed


status. 5. Health care


system The system in which


health care is both


accessible and available


to the person Detect the meaning and type of impact


that health state has on lifestyle.


Determine what measures are instituted in what medical/health care


institutions. Identify the roles,


actions, and practices of various


health care team members, and how


these are coordinated.


Detect what is the resultant form of


care. Basic Conditioning Factors Table 1. Basic Conditioning Factors and Relevant Assessment Data - continued






Assessment of Data Relevant to Self




Care Response


6. - 7.


The multiple, complex,


Determine the living context, including




and interrelated system of language, education, occupation,


spiritual orientation the person?s social


ethnic-cultural background and


and/or family


environment, spiritual


practices, health beliefs, religion and


system *


belief system, social rela- practices pertaining to spirituality, place


tionships, and function of in family constellation,


the family unit


roles/relationships of family members


and significant others, impact of health


state on family unit, family members,


and economics of the family. 8. Patterns of


living The person?s usual selfcare actions 9. Environment


(conditions of


living) The environmental setting


in which the person


normally engages in selfcare actions


Resource availability,


accessibility, and


resource utilization 10. Available


resources Determine what is culturally acceptable


and what is culturally prescribed.


Determine when self-care actions are


performed, the amount of time


devoted to self-care, the person?s


priority ratings of self-care actions,


individual perceptions of adjustments/changes in self-care actions


caused by health state, health care


system, or actions not related to selfcare.


Determine the person?s usual place of


residence and conditions under which


daily self-care is provided. include


(space, location).


Determine resources available,


utilized, and needed within and


without the person?s living




Resources include economic, personnel, agencies, and time. Detect perceptions about resource




* Because of the close association of sociocultural spiritual orientation and family system


as part of the learning and living context of persons, these factors are considered together.


Adapted by Cavillo & Williams from: Dennis, (1997). Self Care Deficit Theory, St. Louis: MO,




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