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I need help in writing a marketing business plan and PowerPoint presentation. The instruction are attached below. I also attached the business plan to help write the Marketing Plan and power point. It's about a coffee drive through called BeanThru. More info can be found on and others related info can be found on Please don't take this assignment if you cant finish it or can't do a great job.
BeanThru Business


Plan Erie PA


The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by Alice Ramsey in


this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the


express written permission of BeanThru associates.


It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in


all respects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the public domain


through other means and that any disclosure or use of same by reader may cause serious


harm or damage to BeanThru.


Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned to Alice Ramsey. ___________________


Signature ___________________


Name (typed or printed)




Date Executive Summary


?If you think coffee culture is cool, you have come to the right place at BeanThru.?


BeanTru is apart specialty coffee drive through phenomenon that is new to beverage and


food service industry; BeanThru provide the finest gourmet coffee, espresso, cold drinks,


and baked items in a convenient and time efficient way.


BeanThru is Limited liability Company in the State of Pennsylvania. It is owned and


managed by Joy and Joe Rostan; they have plans to expand in Erie and Pittsburgh


through licensing or franchising with Alice Ramsey.


BeanTru focus on two markets:


1. Daily Commuter- someone traveling to/from work, out shopping, or just driving




2. Decadent coffee Delivery Services at any get-together such as workplaces, job


fairs, conferences that requires refreshments to associates, staffs and board




BeanTru menu offers the finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in specialty coffees,


blended teas, and other custom drinks to the local coffee addicts. In addition, BeanTru


will provide soft drinks, fresh-baked pastries and other confections. BeanThru pierce the commuter and get-together markets by deploying Drive-thru


facilities in the most logical and accessible locations. BeanThru services are


manufactured to handle two-sided traffic and dispense customers in less time than


required for a visit to the locally owned cafe or one of the national competitors.


Since the initial cost is significantly less than many start-ups these days; BeanThru


financial picture is incredibly promising. The company is expected to grow sales revenue


from $150,000 the first year to $480,000 by the third year. Objectives


BeanThru extensions? objectives for the first year of operations are: Provide customers finer quality gourmet coffee espresso beverage than Starbucks


in the most efficient time and cost effective way. Gross Margin of 45% or more. Start at least three Drive-thru locations and two fully booked Kiosk Cafes by the


end of the third year. Net After-tax Profit above 18% of Sales Mission


BeanThru provide quality coffee, expresso and an extensive menu of delicious items to


the commuter with hectic life styles and the coffee fanatics. Also, BeanThru offers to


deliver specialty coffee, and products to any get-together or meeting. BeanThru plan to


expand throughout the State of Pennsylvania with operation and growth at a profitable


rate through sound economic decisions. Business Description


BeanThru is custom built 10?x18'- 350-450 square feet with two drive-thru windows.


BeanThru offer customers the options to drive up and order a choice of unique freshly


brew custom blended expresso drinks, coffee, other beverage, and at a fraction of time


than any competitors. BeanThru menu include but limited to: Almond Latte,


Mocha, Caffe






Espresso, Cafe


Au Lait, Hot Chocolate,


Chai & Tea,








coffees, Aromaccino,










muffins, cookies,




sandwiches &






oatmeals, biscottis,


granola bars


and more!


Vegan &




options available; we


also carry soy


milk & almond


milk Company Summary


BeanThru is Limited liability Company in the state of Pennsylvania. It is located at 4221


Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202; it is owned and managed by Joy and Joe Rostan


since 2011. Joy Rostan has extensive knowledge and experience of gourmet coffee


business. She has helped others starting numerous coffee shops, before opening her own.


BeanThru is a double-sided drive thru coffee kiosk featuring the most carefully selected


food and drinks. Joe and Joy Rostan are currently offering licensing or franchising


opportunities to Alice Ramsey in Erie and Pittsburgh PA and possibly more locations. Future Goals


BeanThru in Erie anticipates sales of about $100,000 in the first year, $250,000 in the


second year, and $480,000 in the third year of the plan. The company should break even


by the sixth month of operation as it progressively increases its sales. Profits for this time


period are expected to be approximately $30,000 in year one, $56,000 by year two, and


$70,000 by year three. The company does not anticipate any cash flow problems. Start-up Summary


BeanThru estimates that the total Monthly Start-Up Costs to be $30,000. Therefore, the


total Start-Up Costs for the Start-Up Period will be $175,000. BeanThru start-up


expenses are shown in the table below. The majority of these funds will be used to build


the first facility, pay deposits, and provide capital for six months of operating expenses,


initial inventory and other one-time expenses. Company Location BeanThru will open its first extension drive-thru facility in Erie PA; more drive-thru


facilities will be placed throughout the metropolitan area over the next three years.


The demographic and physical requirements for a Drive-thru location are:




Traffic of 40,000+ on store side.




High visibility road.




Easy entry with light if less than 30,000 cars.




Established retail shops in area. Market Analysis Sales of coffee dominate sales of hot beverages, making up 83.3% of the total hot


beverage market in the U.S. Coffee consumption is expected to increase through


2015 at an average annual rate of 2.7%, while tea consumption is expected to


increase through 2015 at an average annual rate of 3.1%. Positive expectations for


continued growth in coffee sales, despite its ?mature? product position in the


market, are due to the innovations in premium coffee products.


According to the latest National Coffee Drinking Study from the National Coffee


Association, 40% of 18-24 year olds are drinking coffee each day ? this is a


sharp rise from the 31% of this age group who said they enjoyed a daily dose of


java during 2010. This increase brought the consumption of coffee among this age


group back to its 2009 level.


Despite the economic woes, 37% of total coffee consumed was classified as


?Gourmet.? National Coffee Drinking Study This suggests consumers were set on


drinking good coffee and visiting their local coffee shop even in the face of an


uncertain economy.


Coffee Shop owners are also having some success selling the instant serving pack,


and there seems to be considerable upside potential: only 2% surveyed reporting


using the packs regularly, while 10% said they buy it infrequently.


Packaged Facts also notes an increase in the average price of coffee by 25% since


2007, owing largely to operators having to pass on commodity price increases to


consumers. This trend has eased after peaking in early 2011.


Coffee drinkers still outnumber tea drinkers in the U.S.: 183 million coffee


drinkers to 173.5 million tea drinkers. In 2012, combined sales of coffee and tea at


restaurant and drinking places is estimated to total $18.7 billion, according to


David Sprinkle, publisher of Packaged Facts. This February 2012 report also


notes strong increases in demand for specialty coffee drinks (cappuccinos, lattes,


Americanos and Macchiatos), with Macchiatos surging in popularity (as measured


by market penetration) by 50% since 2007 (from Data essential Menu Trends


Direct data). Competitions


Starbucks, Tim Horton, Brickhouse Coffee, and Panera bread constitute the competitors


in BeanThru market. However, BeanThru is entirely different from its competitors; not


only it will be the first double-sided, drive-thru coffee stand in Erie PA; but also offers


consumers a quick, convenient, fairly priced, quality refreshment, gourmet coffee that


will allow them to purchase the product and return to work, class, or other activity.


Therefore, BeanThru permits consumers to have new, better, and fast options than the


crowded slow moving competitors. BeanThru Marketing Strategy


BeanThru is already established and very profitable in Pittsburgh PA; there is no doubt it


will be succefully in Erie, and other locations. This will be achieved by using highquality ingredients and by strictly following preparation guidelines of Joy Rostan.


BeanThru in Erie PA will focus the following marketing activities: Use signs to help advertise customer favorites, current specials and seasonal


treats, such as pumpkin latte. Located in in high traffic/high visibility areas Target the traveler who has more money than time, and excellent taste in a choice


of beverage, but no time to linger in a cafe. Reward customers with spread positive word-of-mouth by rewarding your loyal


customers with perks, such as a free cup of coffee or complimentary travel mug


after a set amount of purchase. Create a social networking following by setting up a Facebook and Twitter page. Affordability- the premium decadent coffee or tea beverages, and baked goods in


the area at lower cost than any competition. Promotion campaign at the local Radio Station. Management and Operation


BeanThru in Erie PA will be managed and operated by Alice Ramsey under guidance of


Joy Rostan. Alice Ramsey has excellent management experience in starting and


expanding businesses. Also Joy Rostan will provide extensive training to all Baristas


including me on how to make BeanThru coffee decadences.


BeanThru extensions intend to hire two full-time and three part-time baristas to handle


day to day operations. BeanThru extensions will open 365days a year; from 0530am to


0700pm with half day of operation during on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finance and Fund Requirement BeanThru extensions will capitalize on the strong demand for high-quality coffee, tea,


and baked items. With successful management aimed at establishing and growing a loyal


customer base, the business will see its net worth doubling in two years.


BeanThru in Erie will rely on business loans, minority grants and any kind of support for


woman entrepreneur.


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