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[answered] Bonds 1 Kennon Bonds Professor Jeremy Cook ENG 112 December

Hi!? Attached is my 1800 word proposal paper speaking on Animal Pet Waste Disposal.? I wanted to get a second set of eyes to make show the paper flow as it should.? Please feel free to edit as needed.? Will need review NLT noon today EST, 14 Dec 2016.? Thanks!

Bonds 1 Kennon Bonds


Professor Jeremy Cook


ENG 112


December 14, 2016 Pet and Animal Waste Disposal Proposal


Pet waste always seems to be a problem when it comes to residential neighborhoods or


public areas. Pet waste on the sidewalk leads to an unhealthy environment and unhappy


neighbors or visitors. The problem is the pet waste tends to stay around for a while, if the initial


owner doesn?t pick it up it will stay there until nature takes care of it. A couple of neighbors and myself did an observation to try and get an idea of the amount


of dogs being walked. We witnessed twelve different people walking dogs. Five of these dogs


created a mess and all five of the walkers picked it up. Some of the dog walkers used their own


bags These observations support the need for more pet waste stations. We feel there is a direct


correlation between the picking up of their dog?s waste and the proximity of dog waste stations. Per the revised HOA guidelines, states ?The owner of an animal shall be responsible for


the removal of any waste or feces deposited by such owner's animal on public and private


property.? We are suggesting a total of six dog waste stations be added in front of current in each


cul-de-sac or circle. These locations would be good because it is near the neighborhood prime


dog walking areas. Bonds 2 These waste stations would effectively get rid of the current dog waste problem in the


area. The stations currently in place are being used effectively so we recommend getting the


same model, as the current stations. Using the same distributor we used for the first three we


could have them ordered and delivered in less than three weeks. We could pay extra to have them


installed, but it would be more cost effective if we use the current maintenance crew that the


HOA uses for our neighborhood. Given that maintenance does the installation we will need a


posthole digger, shovel and quick dry cement. Before too long it will be the middle of winter and


the ground will be frozen solid, therefore the sooner we do it the easier it will be. It would be


very doable to have all of this done and ready before the beginning of the spring. We understand


that there will be variations and won?t be able to stick to the exact timeline, but following this is


our proposed timeline. December 5th get the approval from the city December 10th order the six dog waste stations January 11th in preparation for the installment acquire a shovel a posthole digger and six


bags of quick dry cement January 24th the six dog waste stations should be delivered January 24th- 26th doing each station individually dig each hole two feet deep and place


the station in facing the adjacent sidewalk Fill the hole with the quick dry cement and it should take less than a day for the cement


to solidify. During the solidification process you should rope of the area to prevent any


vandalism. We recommend doing two stations a day. We are going to put out fliers around the Bonds 3 single family home area and townhome area to inform people about the addition of pet waste


stations. This will raise the moral of the community and will show your customers you care


about their concerns. We will include on the fliers, that it could not be possible without their


support. This proposal is cost friendly compared to the benefit the community will receive. We


can get six dog waste stations with bags and a disposal can for only $1,650.00, which are 275.00


each. Installing the stations would involve digging a hole two feet deep; which will require a


posthole digger and a shovel. The possibility that you currently possess those tools is high, but


we included them to be sure. At Wal-Mart we could get a posthole digger for $34.99 and the


shovel for $10.50. Once the hole has been dug and the station has been erected we would need to


fill it with cement to keep it sturdy and strong. We estimate that it would take one 60 pound bag


per station. Six 60lb cement bags from Lowes cost $17.94, or $2.99 each. This whole project


would total only $1,713.43. Our proposal like most proposals has some inherent strengths and weakness. The stations


are very durable and weather proof so they will last for many years. The amount of utility you


will get from them far outweighs their cheap cost. They are very simple to install; in our


proposed timeline we recommend doing two per day, but it would be very feasible to install them


all in a couple of hours. The neighborhood already have a very capable maintenance crew that


would have no problem with the installation. We recognize that it is hard to measure the benefits


of having them installed; also vandalism is a very possible problem. The stations in place do the Bonds 4 job well, but often they are used as trash cans. There is no way to stop this from happening and it


isn?t exactly a problem unless it becomes too full to be used for its primary purpose. If this proposal is accepted it will benefit the community in many ways. Through


observations and interviews it is evident that with more dog waste stations, less dog waste on the


ground will follow. Many of our neighbors as well as visitors/passersby have dogs that they


enjoy taking on walks. More pet waste stations would make the neighbors in the community


happier. This could possibly lead to more pet owners wanting to get their pets out and about in


the community. Another benefit is the pet waste stations possibly would increase the curb appeal of your


houses and increase the value of our homes. A clean front yard and side walk is vital to anyone


who enjoys some outdoor activities. It will make finding new renters easier, few things would


turn possible renters off of place more than dog waste in the front yard. This opportunity is just


another possible selling point for your houses. Following this proposal the responsible thing to do, if all follows by plan, by the


beginning of the spring is to add more dog waste stations in place. This will create a cleaner and


friendlier community in the Wellington area. It will save numerous shoes from falling victim to


stepping in dog waste. This will also lead to less work for the maintenance crew, with dog waste


stations always nearby there will rarely if not never be any excreta on the sidewalk. After the dog waste stations have successively been installed we (along with the HOA


committee) will perform the same observations as we did before. We will compare the results to Bonds 5 see if there was a measurable difference. We will ask the owners when walking your pet, just


make sure to take a provided bag, clean up the waste, and then dispose of it in a trash receptacle


provided. Some neighborhoods do not provide pet waste stations which contain bags and a place


to dispose of the bagged waste.


We will also ask the owners at their own homes to please make sure to clean up after your


pet. Owners can set a schedule ? such as once a day or once every other day. The committee,


along with the HOA, will make sure the neighborhood definitely clean up before a big rain! Pet


waste is one of the many contributors of stormwater pollution that can degrade water quality.


During rainfall, pet waste left on lawns, beaches, trails, and sidewalks washes into storm drains


or into water bodies.


The waste and the pathogens it contains (nutrients, bacteria, parasites, and viruses) end up


flowing directly into streams, lakes and the Chesapeake Bay where they can harm human health


and the environment. It has been estimated that a single gram of dog waste can contain 23


million fecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and


serious kidney disorders in humans. When pet waste is disposed of improperly, not only water


quality suffers ? your health may be at risk, too. Pets, children who play outside, and adults who


garden are most at risk for infection from some of the bacteria and parasites found in pet waste.


Flies may also spread diseases from animal waste. Pet waste may not be the largest or most toxic pollutant in urban waterways, but it is one


of the many little sources of pollution that add up to a big problem. Fortunately, there are some


simple things we can all do to help keep our water clean. We will ask the HOA to remind the


neighbors to often check their shoes and clothing before entering their home not to spread any Bonds 6 diseases into their homes and lastly wash his or her hands. A clean neighborhood and clean


water is vital to maintaining to upkeep of our beloved Wellington neighborhood. We will also survey the neighbors to see how the feel about the new dog waste stations.


Through surveys we will try and get an idea of how efficient they are, if there is less dog waste


on the side walk and yards, and if they are in convenient locations. We will also actively check


the disposal stations to see that the bins are being filled. If the bins have waste in them it proves


that they are doing their job. In conclusion, the neighbors and I believe that this proposition, along with the time and


money associated with it, will not just sustain, but even improve the image and organization of


the Wellington neighborhood. We are confident the upkeep of the community yards and


sidewalks will become easier to manage by the residents. They will be encouraged to comply


with the ordinances. Even this small change can drastically change ones first in person


impression of the house, which ultimately can mean a sale and money for all. We greatly appreciate the HOA board member?s time and consideration spent on our


proposal. We hope that you agree with our presented plan being worthwhile, and decide to


continue it into production. The five of us believe that this being possibly implemented now, or


in the near future, will benefit you and the Wellington neighborhood.


If any additional information or questioning is desired, we would be more than happy to


discuss the proposal with you. During the writing of this proposal, my family and I recently


moved to another town however still owning our Wellington townhome. The others owners can Bonds 7 be contacted through our email addresses and phone numbers listed on the neighborhood


webpage, and would encourage another face to face meeting if your schedule permits and your


interest is sparked. Works Cited


Cox, Gregory R. Wellington Community Association website, ?Pet Policy?, 15 April. 1989 Bonds 8 Cohn, Leslie. Wellington Community Association website, ?Policy Resolution?, 7 September. 2012


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