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[answered] Buchbinder and Nancy H. Shanks Q1.

I'm asking for help with these questions or better research resources, I am currently using the Introduction to Health Care Management written by Sharon B. Buchbinder and Nancy H. Shanks
Q1. Which of the following is a typical measure used by senior management to directly assess performance of HR efforts?
???a. Profitability
???b. Patient Satisfaction
???c. Staff Satisfaction
???d. Quality of Care

Q2. An organization model, titled: The Four Layers of Diversity is best described as:
???a. Best model for managing race and gender issues
???b. Consists of: personality, internal, external and organizational dimensions
???c. Consists of internal dimensions such as race, ethnicity, age and physical ability
???d. Consists of income, appearance, seniority and race as measurable benchmarks for employee review
???e. C & D

Q3. In order to address problem solving dynamics in cross-cultural situations, a HCM student would first:

Take a strong initiative in not addressing the problem and be seen as overly assertive in one's own behaviors

???b. Understand his/her own cultural values and the need to expand one's behaviors to meet the groups' cultural orientation
???c. Understand that leadership and guidance is a vertical structure and the power influences the group outcome
???d. Feel that one's life is determined by forces in one's environment and may not be changeable
???e. To monitor market activity for later input into the strategic planning process.

Q4. Hall examined
???a. Time management
???b. Relationship management
???c. Self awareness
???d. Personal space
???e. Interactions between co-workers

Q5. Fraud is an improper act that is unintentional and inconsistent with standard practices.

???a. true
???b. false

Q6. Which of the following is not part of the definition of healthcare malpractice?
???a. Person with a healthcare profession
???b. Carelessness
???c. Overpayment
???d. Recklessness
???e. Negligence

Q7. Goleman described four abilities that underlie emotional intelligence. Which of the following is NOT one of the abilities?
???a. Social awareness
???b. Self reflection

Relationship management

???d. Self management
???e. Self awareness

Q8. Violations of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) include all of the following, except:
???a. Dumping a patient on another hospital because they are very sick
???b. Diverting a patient to another hospital because they are unable to pay for services
???c. Completing a Medical Screening exam and stabilizing the patient
???d. Refusing to treat a patient because their benefits are better at a different hospital.

Q9. In making decisions about beginning and end of life care, which of the following is legally supposed to be least important?
???a. Parental rights
???b. Practitioner responsibilities
???c. Financial considerations
???d. Health and well-being of infants and children
???e. Societal standards, as shown in laws

Q10. Patients have no responsibilities in their relationships with providers.
???a. true
???b. false

Q11. For a health provider's action to be considered negligent, which of the following factors is NOT necessary?
???a. Causation
???b. Breach of duty
???c. Injury or damages
???d. Malice
???e. Duty toward the harmed party

Q12. Which of the following indicates the need for more health care workers in the future?
???a. Greater Medicare payments
???b. Aging baby boomers
???c. High turnover among staff
???d. Projections for an increase in number of hospitals

Q13. There are 23 safe harbor laws to immunize providers from criminal liabilities.

???a. true
???b. false

Q14. Violations of the Criminal Disclosure Provision of the Social security Act include penalties of
???a. No criminal penalties
???b. Up to 10 years in prison and/or $50,000 in fines
???c. Up to 1 year in prison and/or up to $10,000 in fines
???d. Up to 5 years in prison and/or up to $25,000 in fines

Q15. Which of the following is an example of an 'employee retention' function?
???a. Job Analysis
???b. Establishing position descriptions
???c. Managing compensation and benefits
???d. Advertising for employees

Q16. The perspective that HSO employees should be viewed as a strategic asset means:
???a. Organizational performance is based on individuals
???b. Staff salaries and benefits are costly and affect the HSO's competitiveness
???c. Staff should be used in multiple roles to create flexibility
???d. Staff should report to only one manager

Q17. Cultural competency
???a. Can be learned
???b. Is innate
???c. Is critical to healthcare organizations
???d. Is a JCAHO standard
???e. Everything EXCEPT B

Q18. 'Benefits' include all of the following except:
???a. Retirement Plan
???b. Vacation
???c. Health Insurance
???d. Salary

Q19. The Stark Laws were implemented to prohibit physicians from referring patients to providers where they may have a financial interest.

???a. true
???b. false

Q20. Abuse is an intentional act of deception.

???a. true
???b. false

Q21. A wrongful act against a person or organization is considered what type of violation?
???a. Contract
???b. Tort

Q22. Diversity training and cultural competency workshops for the staff are effective when:
???a. A selected member of the minority population is seen as an expert for employee training and workshops.
???b. The primary focus is on religious and spiritual differences.
???c. A selected cultural consultant, a trained professional who can provide factual cultural knowledge to the team
???d. A conflict resolution mediator is conducting the training who can deal with misunderstandings and conflict in client, family and staff relationships
???e. Competitive Rivalry

Q23. Which of these elements is NOT necessary for a contract to be binding?
???a. An agreement between two or more parties
???b. Must be for something of value
???c. Must be lawful
???d. Must be written
???e. Both must be competent to consent

Q24. What are some of the ways in which healthcare organizations protect the rights of their patients?
???a. Utilization review processes
???b. Institutional Review Boards
???c. Patient advocacy or ombudsman offices
???d. Institutional Ethics Committees
???e. All of the above

Q25. Contract violations are generally considered to be part of which type of law?
???a. Criminal
???b. Civil
???c. Administrative

Q26. By 2050, what percentage of the US population will be comprised of racial and ethnic 'minorities?'
???a. 35
???b. 15
???c. 25
???d. 10
???e. 50

Q27. A culturally competent health care organization is dependent upon:
???a. Standards, policies and procedure that support clients' cultural needs.
???b. Respecting religious differences through effective communication
???c. Evaluation of employee compliance to culture competency through observation by supervisor
???d. Effective use of interpreter services and an in-house Chaplin

Q28. Seven Essential Elements of An Effective Compliance Program include:
???a. Establishing Compliance Standards of Conduct and Procedures
???b. Overall Compliance Program Oversight
???c. Due Care in Delegation of Authority
???d. Monitoring and Auditing Systems
???e. All of the Above

Q29. An example of a Stark Law violation is:
???a. A hospital offering a physician office space at fair market value
???b. Paying a physician for a referral
???c. Hiring a doctor who is an excluded party as a Medicare Provider
???d. Upcoding a claim to receive higher reimbursement.

Q30. The Balance Budget Act of 1997 added which enforcement tools for federal authorities?
???a. Mandates permanent exclusions from Medicare program
???b. Requires the Explanation of Benefits to include a Fraud and Abuse Reporting phone number
???c. Requires DME suppliers to disclose ownership of DME company
???d. Requires documentation of referrals to see if their maybe a financial interest
???e. All of the above

Q31. The investigative and enforcement authority to deal with fraud and abuse violations was granted to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) through?
???a. The False Claims Act
???b. Stark Laws
???c. Operation Restore Trust
???d. Anti-Kickback Act

Q32. The Sherman Anti Trust Act prohibits mergers and acquisition that lessen competition.
???a. true
???b. false

Q33. Which of the following is not a required part of the definition of 'informed consent'?
???a. Having the patient/surrogate read and sign a document
???b. Making sure that the patient/surrogate is mentally competent to decide
???c. Ensuring the patient/surrogate understands what is being asked
???d. Using a surrogate decision-maker only when legally allowed
???e. None of the above

Q34. The Office of Inspector General of the DHHS (OIG-DHHS) reported $20 billion in overpayments to healthcare providers in 1997.
???a. true
???b. false

Q35. The Anti-Kickback Statutes
???a. Only apply civil penalties willful payment or receipt of money for referring patients
???b. imposes a civil monetary penalty of $10,000 per violation
???c. are not restricted by the Safe Harbor Laws
???d. Imposes criminal liability for the knowing and willful payment of any kind or receipt of payment of any kind for a patient or service referral.

Q36. Under qui tam rules, the whistleblower can be awarded a percentage of the monies recovered.

???a. true
???b. false

Q37. The primary goal of the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was which of the following?
???a. Stop states from regulating insurance
???b. Protect private sector employee pensions and benefits nationwide
???c. Increase the power of state laws in the health field
???d. Encourage universal health insurance programs in the states
???e. All of the above

Q38. Malpractice is a charge which can be found under either civil or criminal law.
???a. true
???b. false

Q39. EMTALA applies to all hospital admissions.
???a. true
???b. false

Q40. Activities under Operation Restore Trust (ORT) does not include both civil sanctions and criminal investigations.
???a. true
???b. false


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