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Assingment 1: Reading of the BWTsteering marketing case to be developed during sessions. You have been recently promoted Marketing Director BWT for your respective countries, and, therefore you have been asked to develop a Marketing Plan.

Before going through the marketing plan development, what will take place sequentially during the different classes of this course, please answer the following question: What kind of research tools would you ask, as your country's marketing responsible, to better understand BWT consumer target?

Business Case Marketing Management Case


EBBA 105 1 BWT ? The Company Vision: 2 BWT ? The Company The Internationally Leading Water Technology Group 4 production facilities 500 million turnover 2,800 employees R&D departments in France,


Germany, Switzerland and


Austria Globally leading know-how in


all areas of water treatment


3 3 3 Leading R&D Competence 4 4 Water filtration at the ?Point of Entry?


Filtration Softening Limescale Protection AQA total 5 5 Water filtration for trade & industry


Softening Reverse Osmosis &


Electro-deionisation Reverse Osmosis PERMAQ UV- & Ozone-Disinfection 6 6 Water filtration for Pharma and Biotech Water


BWT Osmotron Pro PW BWT Multitron BWT Ultrastil BWT Combitron 7 7 References BWT- industrial partners


Pharma 8 Beverage


8 Award Winning Products ?KitchenInnovation of the year? 2013? for the BWT table water filter in the categories functionality, innovation, design and ecology No. 1 ?Innovation Award? of the State of Upper Austria for the Magnesium


Mg2+-Technology used in professional and consumer table water filters Winner of the award ?Trend Product of the Year 2012? and Golden Award ?Best of the Best? in the category ?Houshold & Cleaning? for BWT Quick &


Clean limescale protection system Plus X Award ?Best product of the Year 2012?


AQA perla for the domestic softener No. 1 ?Innovation Award? at Technopharm for the BWT OSMOTRON


?product strengths in innovation, quality, efficiency and economic operation? No. 1 ?Design Award? of the Republic of Austria for the


RONDOMAT duo S large softener series 9 Why BWT? BWT is technology leader and continually sets new standards in the


area of water filtration through innovations BWT offers economical and ecological products and methods in all


areas of water filtration BWT invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure with the highest


production standards BWT sustainably invests into the brand development and the


communication towards the end consumer 10 Market situation and potential


table water filter 11 11 Water ? element No.1 Water is the No.1 beverage in Germany Per capita consumption of bottled water rapidly increasing: 1990:


2011: 80 Litre 189 Litre* 4,5 Mio. households already own a table water filter* Further 1,2 Mio. households plan to buy a table water filter in


the next two years** water is element No.1 for healthy lifestyle water consumption is still increasing


*source: VDM, 2012 12 **source: study ?Typologie der W?nsche?, 2011 12 The market needs competition Actual status: Until now: brand monopoly by Brita A monopoly is only positive for the monopolist,


not for the market No innovations and successful breakthrough for years Market entrance of BWT: BWT brings the B-to-B know-how to the consumer Competition is pushing the total category 13 BWT is investing massively in the brand and the sell-out


1313 BWT already grows the market Total Market Development (Germany):


12-month-comparison Sept 10 - Aug 11 vers. Sept 11 ? Aug 12 (Source GfK) Value Volume Cartridges + 19% + 20% Systems + 21 % + 18% Regarding electronic retailers BWT already has


a market share of 43,9% (Source: GfK 10/2012, El.+I Trade/Indep BuyGr) 14 1414 Our target group 15 15 Megatrends


Most important trends over the past years: Convenience








16 Table water filters perfectly fit consumer trends and will


grow in importance.


1616 Target group LOHAS LOHAS


Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability important values:


sustainability, responsibility, quality, environment, indulgence healthy products have to also provide good taste Mostly 2- and/or 3-person households, high income Information seekers, active in social media 17 1717 Our Innovation:


Patented Magnesium-Technology 18 18 Our patented innovation BWT is one step ahead!


Most water filters reduce limescale, heavy metals and taste


inhibiting elements like chlorine.


But also minerals are removed out of the water, the pH-value is


reduced and therefore the water has a sour taste. NEW: thanks to the BWT magnesium technology the filtered water


is enriched with the valuable mineral magnesium.


Magnesium is a flavour carrier and perfectly enhances the aroma


of coffee and tea. Thanks to the magnesium the pH-value of the


water stays neutral and the water is considered as soft, fresh and


pleasant. Result: 19


The BWT Gourmet water sets new standards in terms




taste and performance ? verified convincingly in tests. 1919 Our approved innovation:


Convinced experts and consumers 20 20 BWT is convincing experts Magnesium makes the difference


BWT is No. 1 in the sensoric test from institute Fresenius regarding the


taste of drinking water, tea and coffee. 21 21 BWT is convincing consumers Product test and Word-of-mouth-Activity: Independent online test platform ?Konsumg?ttinnen? 1.000 test persons, only existing Brita-users have tested More than 93% of all testers rate the taste of BWT Magnesium water as


?excellent? or ?good? 96% rated tea and coffee, prepared with BWT water as ?excellent? or ?good? 91% would recommend BWT to other consumers 22 2222 Brand positioning


BWT table water filter 23 23 Strong USP The Magnesium-technology allows a positioning towards branded


mineral water. A clear differentiation towards competition! Tests are underlining that BWT is perceived as an equivalent to


brands like Evian, Vittel and Volvic in the category of taste. We have to convince the consumer of the brilliant smooth taste


of BWT, followed by the rational argument of cost advantage.


(5 Cent per litre for BWT vs. up to 80 Cent for branded mineral water) 24 24 Strong USP


BWT Gourmet water is making bottled water unnecessary! 25 25 Our assortment 26 26 Premier Filter Collection


Gourmet Edition Gourmet Edition Mg2+ Safety Edition Silver free 27 27 Gourmet Edition 28 28 NEW as of May 2013: Black Penguin NEW 2,7l Black Penguin translucent dark grey improved UV-protection smoked frosted funnel lid and grip in black First Layout


29 29 Product features 30 30 Product highlights with electronic indicator with Easy Fill total capacity: 2,7 L filtered capacity: 1,5 L available in white, aubergine, blue, green RRP: 24,95 ? entry level jug electronic or manual indicator total capacity: 2,5 L filtered capacity: 1,3 L 31 RRP: 17,95 ?


31 2,7 Litre Colour Edition 32 3232 Product highlights Easy Control Easy Fill Counts volume and time easy filling without New timer from may 2013 taking off the lid Easy Fit


fitting for most common fridges 33


33 33 34




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