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[answered] Business Communication - Mngt 254 - Mid-Term Exam Part 1 -

Business Communication ? Mngt 254 ? Mid-Term Exam Part 1 ? Oct/Dec 2016

Chapter 5???? All-Weather Case: Composing, Revising, Editing, and Proofreading an

Environmental Accountability Statement

Doug has asked Caleb to draft All-Weather?s environmental accountability statement. After the statement is approved by Doug, it will be vetted by both marketing and manufacturing before being signed by the company?s president. Caleb has been typing notes that will go into the drafting of the statement. Right now, his notes read as follows:

All-Weather is commited to protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations in all its activities. We use re-cycled raw materials in our manufacturing processes and operations, 30% in case of wood fiber windows and doors and 20% in vinyl windows and doors. We?ve limited our green-house gas emisions by locating our plants closer to markets where our products are sold so we don?t have to transport our finished products to far-off markets which means lower costs and fuel consumtion for transportation and lower greenhouse gases for the environment. Our doors and windows have received ?Energy Star? certification. Some of the ways in which our doors and windows save energy consumtion include, but are not limited to: using low-E glass (energy efficient glazing) for window and door panes, using multiple panes in windows and doors, using gases like argon and krypton between window panes for better insulation, improved weatherstripping in doors. Our products can help builders and architects score points in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process. Our products have also received better ratings for energy savings by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). We have reduced energy consumption in our plants and offices by 30% in the last five years. This has been achieved due to both lean manufacturing processes as well as use of energy-efficient products, including light bulbs for example, throughout the company. We bye more than 90% of our wood from forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We also adhere to ISO 14001 in our manufacturing with its requirement of regular environmental audits (once every month).

???? Tomorrow, Doug wants to see the first complete draft of the statement. Tanner cannot draft the statement because he is busy coordinating Kaizen workshops. So Caleb looks for Kioni instead, who is with her favorite HR Manager, Erin.

???? ?Can you loan Kioni to me for a day?? Caleb asks, smiling.

???? ?Sure, Caleb,? Erin says. ?Kioni is glad to help.?

???? ?Thanks, Erin, for your generosity, as always,? Caleb says, bowing his head a little. ?Kioni, how?re you doing today??

???? ?I?m fine, sir,? Kioni says, smiling politely.

???? Once inside his office, Caleb prints the notes on the accountability statement that he has typed. He gives the printout to Kioni, asking her to give it a quick reading.

???? ?Awful, isn?t it?? Caleb says, referring to the notes. ?I need this drafted as a statement on environmental accountability.?

???? ?Does it have to be in any particular format?? Kioni asks, remembering her business communication class from Columbia College, with the best instructor she ever had!

???? ?Oh, a memo will be fine,? Caleb says, naming his favorite correspondence medium.

???? ?Any particular writing style?? Kioni asks, knowing by now that there probably were a dozen writing styles in the HR Department alone.

???? ?Um, make it clear and concise. See that it flows well and is logically organized. And, for heaven?s sake, don?t leave any typos uncorrected,? Caleb says, suddenly realizing the minefield of typos his notes are.

???? ?Okay,? Kioni says, getting up. ?I?ll have the draft ready by evening.?

???? ?That will be great, Kioni,? Caleb says. ?You?re truly a godsend.?

???? Based on your reading of Chapter 5 and Caleb?s notes, help Kioni compose, revise, edit, and proofread the environmental accountability statement in memo format.

The memo will go to the vice presidents of marketing and manufacturing; it will be from the vice president of human resources.


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