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[answered] Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Student Name: ALVIN BOAR

Hey my name is Alvin I need help completing my Anatomy & Physiology II Lab through

You have helped me?before! But I am having trouble with A &P Labs II I ?received a 0% still on my labs and it's not the work submitted correctly.?? I hope you can help me as I am willing to do anything to get it done as soon as possible.? Is itunprofessional to get on my account but if I willing to pay I feel you won't be able to help me out fully without seeing the errors and why they won't grade my labs.? Maybe this can help you help me if you go to my straighterline account you can see exactly what's the problem.? When I go to submit my labs it goes directly to turnitin and it is base off of similarity.? I hope this can help if not please log on and my username is : and password: Boa0628! go to A&P II labs and go to ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II LAB click on course topics and you will see the labs, from there click on the lab scroll down to upload lab 10 blood and the heart and it will show the lab and with the errors.

I had a tutor on aceyourstudies who tried to help me and did for the most part but the labs attached is giving me serious issues.

Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Student Name: ALVIN BOARD


Kit Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): KIT5219 Pre-Lab Questions:


?1. Research the process of erythropoiesis, and explain the role erythropoietin plays. Why is this


a popular ?doping? drug for athletes? ?


Erythropoietin is a hormone useful for the regulation of production of red blood cells. It is a


popular doping drug for athletes because when red blood cells are increased in the blood, the


oxygen supplied also increases. The red blood cells have haemoglobin which is the carrier of




?2. How would the hemoglobin content differ in a person living in Philadelphia (Elevation: 39


feet) compared to someone living in Denver (Elevation: 5280 feet)? Why? ?


More hemoglobin content is important for people living at elevated areas like Denver because


of the lower levels of oxygen as compared to areas such as Philadelphia. Experiment 1: Heart Valves and Pumps


Table 2: Experimental Observations


Observations (with valve) and mL H2O Displaced? Observations (without valve) and mL H2O


Displaced? There was no water flowing back from the


waste beaker due to the presence of the valve.


The total volume displaced was 49ml. A lot of the displaced water was able to


flow back from the waste beaker. The


displaced water volume was 21ml. Post-Lab Questions


?1. What happened when you pressed on the balloon stretched over the jar? What does this


result represent? ?


There was a pressure increase which led to the water moving up the straw. It was displaced to


the waste beaker.


?2. What structure in this experiment mimics a heart valve? ?


The heart valve is mimicked by the neck of the balloon.


?3. How did the valve influence the experimental results? If possible, indicate the difference (in


mL) in water displaced with the valve versus without the valve. Does the valve enhance the


water flow, and why? ?


A difference of about 28ml of water was recorded in the experiment with the valve and that


without. This shows that the valves are helpful in maintaining good flow without flow back.


?4. What other organs or body systems incorporate valves? How are they used? ?


Veins also have valves which prevents regurgitation or blood flowing backwards. Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Experiment 2: Effect of Chelation Therapy on Arterial Plaque Levels


Table 3: Egg Shell Observations


Day Beaker 1 Observations


(4% EDTA Solution) Beaker 2 Observations


(8% EDTA Solution) Beaker 3 Observations


(Pure H2O) 1 No change Slightly dissolved No change 2 No change Slightly dissolved No change 3 No change Slightly dissolved No change 4 The shell is slightly


dissolved Almost a quarter of the


shell had dissolved No change 5 Slightly dissolved About a quarter of the


shell had dissolved No change 6 Slightly dissolved More than a quarter had


dissolved No change 7 Slightly dissolved More than a quarter of


the shell had dissolved No change 8 Almost a quarter of the


shell was dissolved Almost half of the shell


had dissolved No change 9 About a quarter of the


shell is dissolved Almost half of the shell


was dissolved No change 10 About a quarter of the


shell is dissolved About half of the shell was


dissolved No change 11 More than a quarter of


the shell is dissolved More than half of the shell


had dissolved No change 12 More than a quarter of


the shell is dissolved More than half of the


shell had dissolved No change 13 About a half of the shell is


dissolved. The shell was almost


completely dissolved No change 14 About half of the shell is


dissolved. Completely dissolved No change Post-Lab Questions


?1. Describe the differences you observed between Beaker 1, Beaker 2, and Beaker 3. ?


Dissolving the shell was very slow in beaker 1. However, in beaker 2, the process of dissolving


was faster and it was completely dissolved. In beaker 3, there was no observable changes.


?2. Does Beaker 3 serve as a positive or negative control? How do you know? ? Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Beaker 3 served as negative control because there was no change in the shell.


?3. Research and determine the composition of eggshell. State your findings below, and,


indicate why this composition makes eggshell a good material for EDTA to chelate. ?


The egg shell is composed of calcium carbonate. It is the reason why it is a good material for


EDTA to chelate.


?4. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid, which the body perceives as a foreign substance. EDTA is


therefore delivered to the kidneys and removed from the body in urine. Explain how this


process also leads to the removal of heavy metals. ?


Heavy metals are bounf by EDTA for it is a weak acid. On binding, a compound is formed and


this is how the heavy metals are removed from blood.


?5. Based on your results, do you believe chelation therapy would be an effective treatment for


atherosclerosis? Support your argument with experimental evidence. ?


Yes. Chelation will be able to dissolve the plaque inside the vessel. Through the experiment,


dissolving calcium acted as an example of how the the heavy metals will be dissolved during the


therapy. Experiment 3: Microscopic Anatomy of Blood


Post-Lab Questions


?1. What makes red blood cells unique, compared to other cells in the body? ?


One of the most important things making the red blood cells unique is their biconvave shape.


Also they do not have a nucleus. They have hemoglobin and are elastic.


?2. How is new blood made? ?


New blood is made through the creation of new red blood cells in the bone marrow. Also in the


bone marrow, about 70 percent of the granulocytes and platelets are made. There are sme


other organs which are involved in the making of blood cells. Lymphocytes which constitute 20


to 30 percent of the white blood cells are produced in the thymus, spleen and lymph nodes.


Liver, lymph nodes and the spleen produces the monocytes.


?3. What is the main function of platelets? ?


Platelets are useful in blood clotting which is essential I preventing bleeding.


?4. Describe how the body stops bleeding. ?


When a minor injury occurs, a natural means of preventing bleeding sets in. First, there is the


exposing of the collagen fiber which sends a signal for clotting to start. This will lead to the


platelets adhering to the cut through a chemical which attracts the platelets to the cut area. A


platelet plug is created and this leads to the bleading stopping shortly due to the sticking


together of fibrin which protects the internal wound. The clot is dissolved in a few days after the


healing of the blood vessels.


?5. Sickle cells are named so because of their characteristic shape. What problems can this


shape cause? ?


This shape leads to the red blood cells having difficulties going through the small blood vessels.


Because of this difficulty, organs will lack oxygen.


?6. Explain how the absence of a nucleus affects a red blood cell?s life span. ?


The lifespan of red blood cells is shorter because of the lack of the nucleus. They do not need


to divide and this makes the frequency of their production in the bone marrow faster. Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Experiment 4: Blood Typing Experiment


Table 4: Blood Typing Results


A (Blood Sample A) B (Blood Sample B) Blood cells stick


Blood cells do not stick






2 (Anti-B Serum) Blood cells do not stick


Blood cells clog




3 (Anti-Rh Serum)


Blood cells clog


Blood cells do not clog






1 (Anti-A Serum) Blood Type: A, Rh- negative B, Rh-positive C (Blood Sample C) Blood cells clog




Blood cells clog




Blood cells clog




AB, Rh-negative Post-Lab Questions


?1. What determines blood type? ?


Blood type is partly determined by the ABO blood group antigens and partly by the rhesus




?2. What type of blood antigens are expressed if a person is blood type AB negative? ?


A and B


?3. Why doesn?t a transfusion reaction occur the first time an Rh negative patient is exposed to


Rh positive blood? ?


In the first transfusion, the immune system responds in a very mild manner. This is because the


antibody rate in the body is low. Experiment 5: Virtual Model ? The Heart Coloring Activity


?Insert Heart Image Here: ? Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L Experiment 6: Sheep Heart Dissection


?Insert photo of dissected sheep heart showing at least one atrioventricular valve with your name


clearly visible in the background: ? Lab 10 Blood and the Heart BIO202L


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