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hello again, I need help to revise my assignment letter. only the part III. Complete. I paste my instructor comment and the scenario below the letter for your reference. I need it ASAP or before Friday.

Leandro Capalla


ENG227 ? Week 5 I. Plan


A. Analyze the Situation


1. What is your general purpose?


To write a message to Ms. Maribel Rivera.


2. What is your specific purpose?


To send message to Ms. Maribel Rivera that politely explain our decision that we


already have chosen a speaker for the convention.


3. Exactly what do you want your audience to think, feel, or believe after receiving


your message?


I want my audience to realize that we have her best interest at heart, and it was


difficult to decide of turning down her offer.


4. Who is your primary audience?


My primary audience is Ms. Maribel Rivera.


5. What is the audience?s background?


Ms. Maribel Rivera is one of the company?s most supporters and has attended its


convention. She has been there for the company in our neediest times and also


when we were most successful. She has been there through it all. In a way, she is a


significant part of the company.


6. What are the audience?s reactions likely to be to your message?


Ms. Maribel Rivera may be disappointed when she reads my message because


considering her history with the company, it is possible she expected us to


consider her as the speaker for the convention. Receiving a message indicating the opposite of her anticipation will be disappointing.


B. Gather Information


1. What information does your audience need to receive?


That we will not accept her offer as the keynote speaker for the convention.


2. What facts must you gather in order to create an effective message?


The history of Rivera and Dr. Binter are the most important facts.


C. Organize the Information


1. What is your main idea?


To inform Ms. Maribel Rivera that we already have chosen a speaker for the


convention. Explain our decision we made that it is for the best of the company.


2. Will you use the direct or indirect approach?


I will use indirect approach


3. Why are you using the approach you chose?


The indirect approach is the suitable method for conveying negative messages. II. Write


A. Adapt to Your Audience


1. How will you show sensitivity to your audience's needs?


By acknowledging her significance to the company, and then politely explain the


decision we made is for the best of the company.


2. How much credibility do you already have with your audience?


Much credibility because she has been with the company for long, and she


understands the situation we are in.


3. How will you establish the additional credibility you need?


By letting her know that when we require a speaker for such a significant event, in


the future, we will make our highest priority to consider her.


4. Will your tone be informal or more formal?


Tone should be more formal. III. Complete To: Ms. Maribel Rivera


We are aware and take noted of your request to be the keynote speaker at this year?s


convention. We acknowledge and appreciate your association with our company for nearly ten years


now. It is a challenge for us to think of any other person who is not immediately one of us, and has been


so involved with the conventions like you have. You have observed our convention?s development from


when we were just in a small group, to the bigger group we have become. You have been there for us


when no one else could help, and you have invariably come to our aid so much that we consider you as


one of us.


At this particular point in events, we have to point out that we recognize the honor it would be


for you, and the opportunity that being the main speaker at the convention will mean to you and your


company. However, we wanted to focus this year on robotics and medical technology and Dr. Robert


Binter had reached us that he?s going to be the keynote speaker, and he has his presentation ready. We


have consider that Dr. Binter is an expert in that field, so therefore, we have made decision to present Dr.


Robert Binter to be another keynote speaker for the next convention after much negotiation, research,


and consideration, our company had selected Dr. Robert Binter, and he has already accepted and


confirmed the role. It would be unfair to him if we were to cancel it suddenly owing to the fact that he is


considerably influential in the industry. The company also believes that Dr. Binter is going to bring this


year?s convention with good international attention and He has a good reputation in the medical


technology community, and we think that he?s suggestions is best for the company.


You are such a fundamental person to our company, and we highly value your offer. However, we


are troubled to notify you that you will not be the main speaker at this approaching convention. We


realize that this is disappointing, but we anticipate that it will not adversely influence your bond with our


company, or the conventions which you have been a big part of. Kindly understand our position.


Nonetheless, your presence will be immensely appreciated at the convention. Considering your offer, in


the next convention after this coming one, we may consider you as our keynote speaker. We hope that


our relationship will not be shaken by this situation because you are invariably valued by our company.


We hope to see you in the convention because you still are a very fundamental part of it. Instructor Comment to improve The general purpose is "to inform," and you want Ms. Rivera to feel appreciated. Also, Ms. Rivera


was our keynote speaker in most of our conventions, not just an attendee. You should have their ideas separated: 1) Buffer, 2) Justification/reasons and at the end of it the


message, and 3) Good-will closing statement. Scenario:


Our company E227 Global Solutions has hosted an annual tech think tank convention for the past 10


years. Over the past 3 years the company has been expanding the conference to include robotics


and a section in medical technology. After much effort, planning, and negotiation, the company has


secured a high-profile keynote speaker for the next convention. The planning committee couldn?t be


more pleased with the potential for the next convention to gain national and possible international




A few days ago, one of the convention planners received a letter from Maribel Rivera, one of our


convention?s long-time attendees, requesting to be the keynote speaker at this year?s convention.


Her small company has recently made in-roads in developing technology that may change the way


we interact with our electronic devices. Ms. Rivera explains that she wants the keynote speaker role


for the visibility it will provide as she seeks to promote this new technology and recruit the right talent


to take the technology?s development to the next step.


Maribel Rivera has supported and promoted our convention since its inception and has presented ?


but not in a keynote capacity ? in 8 of the past 10 years. One of those years, she stepped in at a


moment?s notice to present when one of the scheduled presenters cancelled a day before his


scheduled presentation. Rivera?s company has also utilized our manufacturing facility to produce


electronic components and collaborates regularly with our research and design team. Our company


values the relationship we have developed with Ms. Rivera, and we wish to maintain a strong


working relationship with her.


SCENE: Three people from the planning committee are meeting to discuss plans. The committee


leader, Ariel McCarthy, shares the news of the letter with the other two committee members.


Ariel McCarthy: Thanks for attending the meeting, team. Our first order of business has changed


from the itinerary I sent earlier today. We have an e-mail that we have to discuss. Maribel Rivera


wants to be a keynote speaker. Jakob Watson: That?s a problem. We wanted to focus this year on robotics and medical technology.


Shavonne Reedy: I received an e-mail from Dr. Robert Binter today, too. He affirmed that he?s going


to be the keynote speaker, and he has his presentation ready.


Ariel McCarthy: Dr. Binter is going to bring this year?s convention a lot of good attention?


international attention. He has a stellar reputation in the medical technology community, and


anything he says makes the news in exactly the places where we want to be seen.


Shavonne Reedy: I think we all agree that we?re going to stick with our plan and keep Dr. Binter.


Jakob Watson: Dr. Binter is the best choice to take our convention to the next level, but we don?t


want to sever ties with Maribel Rivera.


Ariel McCarthy: We?ve done a lot of business with her over the years.


Shavonne Reedy: How many times has she stepped in and filled a presentation slot for us when


someone else had to cancel?


Jakob Watson: Several times. Our convention?s been going for 10 years, and I think she?s been to


almost all of them, even when it was a small group of people in a hotel conference room.


Ariel McCarthy: Right, our event has really grown, but we don?t want to leave our familiar faces


behind. Maribel?s company has been a good customer, too, for our manufacturing facility.


Shavonne Reedy: We don?t want to leave dollars behind, either, just to promote the convention. Let?s


not forget her involvement with our research and development team. Her company does a lot to


support our efforts there.


Ariel McCarthy: Yet we want to expand our horizons beyond the past and go with Dr. Binter and his


medical technology presentation. What should we say to Maribel Rivera


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