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Review all the critical thinking assignments you have completed in this course. Prepare a critical review


of what you learned about information security and how it will help you in your career. Learning information security


Nowadays, organizations are using Information Technology (IT) in their daily work, by


relying on technology services and the Internet, and this makes the technology an attractive


target for criminals. Therefore, it is vital for IT professionals to be worried about information


security and start with studying and understand this field to improve their experience and careers.


This paper will provide review about information security course and what has been learned


about information security and how it will help in career future.


The Enterprise Cyber Security course


The Enterprise Cyber Security course started with a historical review of information


security, and how it evolved from computer security (which concerned about protected computer


hardware, software and physical location) into the scope of protecting all technology


environments. These processes should be managed and controlled by the professional leaders


with managerial skills and technical skills. Furthermore, this course explains the various threats


and attacks that facing organizations, and presents methods for ranking and prioritizing them,


and how to reduce its impacts. Also, through this course, the student can understand the


relationships among laws, regulations, and professional organizations in information security and


interpret the differences between laws and ethics either in his country or other country. In


addition, the student will recognize the information security role in supporting the organization?s


strategic plans, and how to use education, training, and awareness programs to enhance


information security. Also, how to plan for major incidents and responding to them, addition to


how to create recovery planning, business continuity planning, and risk management process.


Furthermore, this course contains valuable information about access control and how uses it to determine who can access particular resources and places within their computer and network


systems, for example, Firewalls and VPNs tools that can be utilized as part of access control.


Besides, identify the different technologies that the organizations should be implemented in order


to safeguard its information and systems such as intrusion detection and prevention systems and


the cryptographic tools. Addition to, identify the physical security, and the primary threats to


physical security and how these threats attack the organization.


Finally, this course explains the ways to create a project plan for information security and


the roles and characteristics of the project manager, and where and how the information security


staff should be positioned within organizations.


How information security enhancing careers of IT professionals


Learn information security enhances the ability of IT professionals to provide reliable and


high-quality services through the experience which they gained in how to determine threats that


exploit security vulnerabilities and minimize their impacts. The information security specialist


can provide appropriate ways to increase awareness of the risks surrounding the IT, also provide


directives, standards, and methods codified to protect the security and transparency of


information and applications in the digital environment.




This course provides information about the information security issues surrounding an


enterprise. These involve securing organizational data, responding to cyber-based security


attacks, emerging technologies, and guaranteeing a secure technology environment. The course


analyzes the cryptographic techniques and network security that are currently used, and


establishing cyber security strategies and complying with security rules to guarantee governance.


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