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Cajun Culture


As a nation of immigrants, the United States has various traditions. When people moved


to this country, they will also bring their own culture and tradition, such as music, food,


language, religion etc. This is why we can see almost all the ethnic culture in the United State.


Louisiana is a state which has multiple cultures in the southern United States. One of the most


representative significance is Cajun culture, it was made up by Acadians. Moreover, Cajun


culture is consisted by three things, hospitality, language and food. Without this culture,


Louisiana is just a region. Cajun culture has the long history and it?s own significant food.


Cajun culture has 300 years history, but what does Cajun mean? Where is the Cajuns


coming from. Cajun comes from the French word "Les Acadians". Acadians are the descendants


of the original French settlers who lived in Canada, the settlers named their region as ?Acadia.?


Because French lost the last of the colonial war-the French and Indian War, France was forced to


give up their rights to their colonies. Therefore, at the end of the eighteenth century, after


experiencing seven years of war, the Acadians were expelled by British troop from Canada. After


was, many of them were hiding and returning to Acadia, some of them migrated to Louisiana.


Acadians bring up the Cajun flavor food, which is spice flavor. Additionally, a great crawfish


festival has been created when they arrived to Louisiana, and the smaller lobster has been


renamed as crawfish. Now, Acadians are called Cajuns. They have the huge population in Louisiana. (Spizer) Even Acadians were expelled by British troop, they are still hospitable, this is


why they created Crawfish festival in Louisiana, to bring people together, sharing and tasting


different kind of crawfish cuisine.


In Cajun culture, Cajun food is the main part of Cajun culture, especially boiled


crawfish .Cajuns loves to cook with seafood. Shrimp, crab, and crawfish are the main part of


Cajun food, they can be found across Louisiana or the other states along the gulf. Moreover,


Cajun cooking is recognized as part of the best American regional cuisines. When Acadians


arrived to Louisiana, they quickly integrated into the new environment, fused the food style from


European, African, French, German, Spanish and from Native America. (Rudolphy) Cajun food


is the crystallization of various food culture. For example, crawfish boil and gumbo can be two


of the significance food in Cajun culture. However, the crawfish boil is most closely associated


with Louisiana. In 1933, crawfish is selected as state representative of an animal of Louisiana,


and the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in Louisiana has been named one of the top 10 food


events.(Smith) If we have a chance to go to one of the Louisiana restaurant, we probably will see


a long dish menu which is completely about crawfish, such as crawfish mac & cheese, crawfish


gumbo, crawfish heads stuffed, crawfish sushi roll etc. Comparably, many of us merely seen


boiled crawfish in the northern American. But Cajuns learned to cook with different ingredients,


which is why they have contributed so many delicious dishes to their culture. And this is the


reason why Louisiana is famous for various crawfish cuisine. Now, crawfish boil is a big


tradition in Louisiana when people want to celebrate with family or friend. There always be so


many people, so the Crawfish boil is usually done in a large pot that everyone has chance to taste


and enjoy food more. On the other hand, as main part of cajun culture, crawfish start to be a


kind of symbol in Louisiana. In summary, Cajun culture is one of the most representative significance in the southern


United State because it has the long history and its own significant food, gumbo, and many kind


of crawfish. Without culture, a state is just a region, just like a soulless person. And I think the


main purpose of Cajun culture is bring people together, celebrating and sharing. Hospitality, this


might be the main reason why Cajuns can make many different crawfish cuisine. Work Cited ?Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival." Louisiana Travel. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Dec. 2016.


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