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[answered] Magazines Readership by Genre Business magazines: 1960s (8.

Magazines Readership by Genre
???? Business magazines:
?1960s (8.4% of the readership) | 1980s (8.3%) | 2010s? (4.8%)
???? Newsmagazines:?
1960s (10.8%) | 1980s (11.3%) | 2010s (5.6%)
???? Entertainment/Celebs magazine:
?1960s (9%) | 1980s (17.7%) | 2010s (19.3%)?

Entertainment magazines capture a high percentage of magazine readership. said, "The uptick in entertainment readership is too sharp to be the result of falling business readership alone. It also follows logically another basic theory about media. If more of the media agenda is focused on lifestyle and entertainment, it increases interest in those areas. The media is both reflecting and reinforcing a broader?cultural shift?toward celebrity, entertainment and infotainment."

  • What magazines do you read?
  • Why are Entertainment magazines so popular???
  • What people, topics, trends do you see on the cover of current Entertainment/Pop Culture magazines??
  • What are the implications of this "cultural shift"?? Explain.

Cite TWO current sources?(other than Wikipedia and?2013-present)?in your response. Also, at the end of your response leave an APA style Reference List of your sources.?Review the?APA Style?guidelines under?Course Home.

(450 minimum word count)
place your word count in parenthesis at the end of your response

Top 10 consumer magazines: to an external site.) to an external site.)

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As a young adult, I do not read magazines anymore. However when I was a kid, I would gaze over the latest Sports Illustrated and read it cover to cover. Since then, the Internet has provided more accessible and simpler ways to retrieve the latest and hottest information at the tip of your fingertips. I do not see myself as someone who will read magazines in the future due to its oversaturation of advertisements and unfaithful journalism. These days entertainment magazines such as People and Cosmopolitan have been booming because of the products that they are selling and the millions of young girls and women that they are tricking into believing what is the norm. An entertainment magazine typically slathers the words ?scandal?, ?secret? or even ?must-have? to the front covers in order to bait the uninformed consumer of getting into something they don?t need to. Celebrities, movie stars, and even social affairs storm the tabloids and unfortunately it has become an epidemic. Personally, I do not know anyone that still reads magazines, and I always thought that the business was fading. Micheal Keever is the vice president of NTVB Media, a publisher of television entertainment content and listings magazines. When asked about why television entertainment crosses over with newspapers, Michael Keever said that ? Everything we do relates back to newspapers,? Keever said. ?Let?s make people come to newspapers like they used to. (We want to) allow (newspapers) to be a one stop shop for everything? (A.Y. 9) He makes a great point, and from a business stand point I completely understand his message. People are tricked into thinking that they are missing out on boring gossip that is really just disguised as juicy information that is crucial. This cultural shift can be attributed to the Internet and new media that has risen in recent years. I always though that the audience had always shifted, however I was sorely mistaken. In a new study, it was revealed ?When comparing platforms one realizes that news still commands a large market; in the US there is one Netflix subscriber for every two newspaper buyers? (Corredoira 141). I was appalled when I learned this because I always figured that everyone has Netflix and is one of the most commonly visited websites on the Internet, and is a main medium as to how people develop entertainment interests. Celebrity is complete and utter trash that brings no enlightening discussions to the media, and is a deadly disease to real journalism. Unfortunately, there is not much that I can do other than to be aware and avoid giving in to entertainment news, which I am proud to say that I do not follow. However, I pray for a future where celebrity and entertainment gossip is abolished from the streets and our magazines.

Word Count: 467


A., Y. (2015). Celebrity Scoop. Editor & Publisher, 148(12), 9.

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INDUSTRY. El Profesional De La Informaci?n, 24(2), 138-148. doi:10.3145/epi.2015.mar.07


Nowadays, I didn?t read about any magazines for a while. But I was a big fan of soccer magazines when I was in high school. So I bought some soccer magazines about Euro 2012 and English Premiere League. Because I didn?t have a smartphone until 2013 so to me it was entertaining to see a magazine in that time before had a smartphone. But after I got a smartphone I didn?t see a magazine these days because I can keep updating information from the Internet. I was thought an entertainment magazines are popular because many young people especially girls are interested to find out celebrities? rumor and affairs when they have free time. Author Grace Nolan writes ?Why are Gossip Magazines so Popular??(2015), in the Online Ventures Group article, the author reports that people are interested how other people?s lives are going. And if they don?t keep updating new information then they are fall behind in conversations what their friends talking about celebrities? issues. The author also mentioned the magazines can able to continue or extend the conversations. When I searched the cover of current Entertainment magazines I could see that they were mostly covering celebrities who get most attention to the public nowadays and some letters that can talk about the celebrities? picture cover or telling other famous trend T.V shows or movies. There are some implications of this cultural shift. Author Sheri Faye?s Hub pages article, ?Why DO WE Worship Famous People Celebrities??(April 28, 2014) details People Magazine has 4.6million readers in every week and has the largest audience of any American magazine. The author mentioned that many people are following celebrity?s life, which called the O Effect. The O effect word is short meaning of ?Oprah Effect? It came these word because Oprah Winfrey have a power to make people rich by just saying their products. For example, Taylor swift, Justin Bieber and Madonna they all have their own perfume. So when the people know which products that celebrities are using then the people will following to use the same products. After knowing about O effect I realized that celebrities have actual power that can control cultural shifts. Because when the celebrities wear their clothes, accessories, or perfumes many of their fans will follow their trends and lifestyle by reading magazines. The Sheri Faye author criticize the people that why do they keep interesting to celebrities like they are Gods which they are not their friends. I think the author wanted to say that celebrities are just business people who want to sell their movies or songs so it is better to have their individuality rather than following celebrity?s trends or fashion. I also agreed what a author said because so many people want to be same as celebrities even to children. Few weeks ago, I saw a article that primary school in Korea, more than 40% said they want to be an entertainers only because they look cool than other people?s jobs. I think this cultural shift gets happened after the media such as magazines or Internet spread out about the gorgeous life of celebrities. So I hope the people should have their own individuality rather than following celebrities? trends in near future. (537words)


Grace Nolan (2015), Why are Gossip Magazine so Popular? The Online Ventures Group article, Retrieved from

Sheri Faye (April 28, 2014), Why Do We Worship Famous People and Celebrities? Hub Pages article, Retrieved from

As an adult that lives in the 21st century of 2016 I don?t read magazines anymore and I do not


feel that I am interested in it anymore. But I can remember those days that I used to read every...


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