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[answered] Make sure to answer each question completely and thoroughly

Hello Can someone help one with some software requirement questions.?

Make sure to answer each question completely and thoroughly to get full credit!


1. List and discuss the 2 or 3 criteria for a quality user story. Explain the criteria in your own words and


why each is important. Give examples to illustrate your point.


2. Discuss 2 or 3 of the misconceptions about Agile approach and contrast to some of the


misconceptions about Waterfall approach. Give examples to illustrate your points.


3. List and discuss 2 or 3 factors on managing expectations. Make sure to address why each is important


and how it helps in managing expectations throughout the project. Differentiate between self-serving


reasons and reasons that directly help the project.


4. Discuss 3 or 4 of the requirements pitfalls and how each can result in wrong or incorrect product


feature being built. Give examples of a requirement for each pitfall type and discuss how it can be




5. Discuss the steps in eliciting requirements and briefly explain what each step accomplishes and why it


is important. Give examples to illustrate your points.


6. Discuss 3 different nonfunctional requirement types. Explain what each is and why it may be


important to include in a system. Give some examples to illustrate your points and what may be a metric


for each particular requirement type.


7. Discuss 2 or 3 techniques to increase positive participation in planning meetings. Discuss the activities


and how they would help.


8. Discuss one software requirements prioritization technique. What are some advantages of this


technique? What could be some disadvantages or challenges? Which prioritization aspects are used to


determine the prioritization? Give some examples to illustrate your points.


9. Discuss a requirements management tool. Briefly describe it, give its advantages and disadvantages,


and how the tool could help manage requirements.


10. Discuss 3 or 4 attributes of great requirements and in your own words explain what each is and why


each attribute improves the requirement. Give examples to illustrate your answer.


11. Discuss a metric or benchmark related to requirements to include what is the purpose of the metric,


how would you use it, and what are its advantageous and disadvantages.


12. Discuss from your readings 3 or 4 items of what to check for in requirements ambiguity review. In


your own words discuss the items, why each is a problem, and how it can be avoided. Give examples to


illustrate your points.


13. Discuss different types of meeting participants and explain each type to include. What are some of


the issues with dealing with this type of participant? How would you manage that person? 14. Discuss 2 or 3 types of risks that a requirement may have. Discuss each risk, explain why you think it


is important, and give some examples of a requirement that would be evaluated as high for this risk




15. Discuss 2 or 3 Use-Case Writing Guidelines and explain why each is important to follow. Give


examples to illustrate your point.


16. Discuss 2 or 3 strengths and weakness of Agile development and contrast to Waterfall development.


Give examples to illustrate your points.


17. Discuss 2 or 3 inputs for metrics and benchmarking activities from your reading. In your own words


discuss the activities and how they could be used for project management and to make improvements.


18. Discuss 2 or 3 reasons why projects often fail. Give a specific example which may lead to project


failure. Discuss how one could avoid the failure.


19. Give 3 examples of Agile stories as they would appear in a Product Backlog. Please include 3


Acceptance Criteria for each of the stories. I am looking for all the features of the stories and how


completely it defines the feature ? so that I don?t have to contact the Product Owner for further


explanations to implement it.


20. Discuss 2 or 3 techniques for testing requirements. Summarize the techniques; discuss their goals,


advantageous, and disadvantages. Give examples how each technique would help test requirements.


21. Extra credit: Re-evaluate answers given above for questions 2, 16, and 19. How would the answers


change if Spiral were added to the mix?


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