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Name ____________________________ ID# _____________________________ Section___________________________ When Was That Picture Taken?


Occasionally astronomers are called on to testify in court cases or solve historical puzzles


involving objects in the sky. These activities are known as ?forensic astronomy,? In this


lab, you?ll examine photographer Ansel Adams? famous photo Moon and Half Dome.


Adams was notoriously haphazard about recording when and where he took his photos.


Using clues in the photo, you will determine when it was taken.


First off, you?ll need to know a little about moon phases. Obtain a Styrofoam sphere and


a bare bulb or lamp. Put your pencil in the hole in the sphere and hold it 50cm or so from


your face, preferably in a dark area (not outside in the sun!). Aim the lamp or bulb


towards you and the sphere ? you want all the light on the sphere to be from the bulb.


Also, stand at least two meters from the bulb. This will ensure that the light rays from the


bulb are nearly parallel, just as rays of sunlight are parallel for the Earth and Moon.


How much of the entire surface of the sphere is illuminated by the light? Does this


depend on the direction you are looking at the sphere? Imagine the lamp as the sun, the sphere as the moon and your head as the Earth. Your


eyes are in Los Angeles. Move the moon sphere around your head and notice how the


illuminated part seems to change shape. Can you make a crescent moon shape?


What orientation is required of the lamp, you and the sphere for you to see a crescent? Using the sphere and lamp as your model, what is the orientation of Earth, Moon and Sun


when there is a full moon? (Sketch the orientation below in top view and indicate which


portion of the Earth and Moon are shaded.) rev. 013007 Is there an orientation where the side of the Moon being illuminated is not visible from


Earth? If so, describe; if not, explain. Find an orientation where half of the side of the Moon facing the Earth is illuminated by


the sun. How many orientations can you find? Sketch them in top view. Recall that your nose is at the longitude (i.e., the east-west position) of L.A. When it is


noon, which way is your nose pointing? Which way is it pointing at midnight? Illustrate


your answer with a top view sketch of the Earth and Sun. The sun sets in L.A. about 6pm on average during the year. Sketch the direction you are


facing relative to the lamp-sun at sunset for your nose. On your sketch, indicate where on


your head-Earth it is 6pm, midnight, 6am and noon. 2 When the Moon is full, can you see it in the daytime? Explain. At what time of day does a full moon rise? (Your sketches should be very helpful!) Consider the following debate between two students about the cause of the phases of the




Student A:


?The phase of the moon depends on how the Moon, Sun and Earth are


aligned with one another. During some alignments only a small part of the


Moon?s surface will receive light from the Sun, in which case we would see


a crescent moon.?


Student B:


?The Moon always gets the same amount of sunlight; it?s just that in some


alignments Earth casts a larger shadow on the Moon. That?s why the


Moon isn?t always a full moon.?


Do you agree or disagree with either or both of the students? Why? 3 The image at right is Ansel Adams?


photo Moon and Half Dome taken in


Yosemite National Park. From the


view of Half Dome in the photo, a


short hike would tell you that Adams


was facing southeast when he took


the photo.


Describe the moon phase in the


photo, and illustrate your answer with


a sketch of the Sun-Earth-Moon


orientation. Using your sketches and the sphere and lamp model, at approximately what hour of day


or night was picture taken? How can you tell? What season is it? There are clues in the photo, especially once you know the time of


day. Support your answer with evidence from the photo. 4


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