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[answered] Management Plan Created By Bashar Mattar Aromatic Coffee 1.

As to your final paper, much more detail, of course, is required. For example, is the partnership a general partnership or a limited one? Where will the business be located? How much start up capital do you have? Monthly expenses? Anticipated monthly income for the first year? Salaries? Rent and other expenses? Advertising costs? Heath and other permits and/or licenses? Start up costs? How will you distinguish your business from the competition? Management? Attach copies of (make-up) leases, and other exhibits. Use charts or other diagrams to illustrate growth or revenue.

Management Plan


Created By


Bashar Mattar Aromatic Coffee 1.0 Introduction


1.1 Company Name


The name of the company is ?Aromatic Coffee? 1.2 Company History


The Aromatic Coffee is a partnership business located in Midtown Manhattan, New


York. With New York City being most densely-populated county in U.S it offers a great


market for our specialty coffee products. Aromatic coffee is owned by Patrick and


Collins. We started this business 5 years ago immediately after completing our college


studies. Our mission is to provide great value to our esteemed customers, through quality


products and services that exceed our customer?s expectations. 1.3 Product(s) and/or Service(s)


The Aromatic Coffee makes and sells the following Drip-brewed, percolated, French


press, flavored, Espresso with milk, Turkish coffee, Cold brew, vacuum coffee, combinations,


Coffee with milk, Espresso and variations, iced coffee, coffee with alcohol, Coffee or


espresso with whipped cream and others.


We also offer a variety of snacks such as banana breads and muffins.


At Aromatic Coffee we emphasis on high quality products and great service to our


customers. 1.4 Number of Employees


The Aromatic coffee operates three shifts of 8 hours each, from 6.A.M to then and 10pm to 6 pm. We have 40 permanent employees who are


managed by Patrick and Collins. We have 15 employees who during the to


and another 15 during who works during to During the late night shift


from we operate with 10 employees as demand is not as high as during other


shifts. We pay our employees depending on their experience and training. 1.5 Management Philosophy


Management is both an art and a science. As a science management requires


quantitative analysis in planning and controlling functions such as budgeting,


performance measurement and cost control.


Management is an art in that, such functions as leading and organizing requires


qualitative attributes. 2.0 Planning


2.1 SWOT Analysis (a) Strengths Unrivaled coffee quality and great customer service.


Highly trained and motivated employees.


Wide variety of flavors offered 24 hours a day. (b) Weaknesses Lack of enough capital to finance business expansion


Limited sitting space especially during peak hours.


Difficulties in obtaining capital. (c) Opportunities Possibly opening another Aromatic Coffee in Manhattan.


Start supplying our specialty aromatic branded Coffee beans.


Offering more variety of coffee. (d) Threats Competition


Fluctuation of coffee beans prices


High operating costs especially rent 2.2 Three Greatest Challenges


The three greatest challenges we face and how we will overcome them are as




1. Constant supply of high quality coffee beans- we ensure that we got constant


supply of beans and maintaining long-term contracts with our suppliers who


understands our needs of highest quality beans.


2. Skyrocketing rent charges ? as with all properties within Manhattan rents are


very high but we overcome this by charging our customers a little bit higher so


that we can break even.


3. Limited space to let-we have limited sitting space in the peak hours as we got


many customers. We have trained our employees to respond fast our customers


to reduce the waiting time as we also look for more space to open another shop. 2.3 Long-Term Strategic Goals


Our Long-Term Strategic Goals are as follows:


1) Revenue Growth ? We want to increase sales revenues by a minimum of 15% per


year for the next three to five years.


2) Expansion to other cities ? We would like to all major cities in addition to another


shop in New York within five years.


3)Start supplying our own branded Coffee beans? We want to supplying Aromatic coffee beans to supermarkets and other shops within three to five years. 3.0 Organizing


3.1 Company Organization


The Aromatic Coffee being a small business is organized in a simple organizational


structure. Patrick and Collins serve as the managers of the coffee shop assisted by


Nick who acts the night shift manager and the employees are all supervised by


Patrick, Collins or John. 3.2 Explanation of Corporate Organization Form


The strength of a simple organizational structure is that there is clear understanding


between the management and employees as it offers unity and direction of


command. The final decision are made by management after consultation with all


the stakeholders and then communicated down to the employees. Employees


understand the authority of management and their role in implementing the


decisions as communicated to them. 4.0 Leading


4.1 Leadership Style


Patrick and Collins have a democratic leadership style where everyone participation


is highly valued. For example, every month we hold meetings to discuss area that


needs improvements be it on management sides or employees, we also discuss


employee concerns, customers complaints, our goals and our progress. We highly


value our employees and we believe that their contribution and participation in


some of management decision is of great importance to the success of our business.


We also maintain an open door policy whereby if any employee has a concern can


always come and discuss it with us.


As the managers of Aromatic Coffee Patrick and Collins occasionally engages our


customers in discussions about our products and services to get their views on how


we can improve their experience. We also have a suggestions box and email where


our Customers can always send their suggestions, concerns, compliments and


complaints. 4.2 Source of Power


Patrick and Collins source of power is socialized. They help associates to increase


their learning by providing ongoing training during monthly team meetings they


also offer continuous training to their employees to ensure they are up to date with


the latest trends in coffee roasting. They believe communication is key to the


business success therefore they communicate clearly to their employees about any


decision they have made and how they expect the decision to be implemented and also seek feedback from the employees on what they think about those decisions.


They also keep in touch with the employees through the monthly meetings where


they discuss anything. 4.3 Motivation


Patrick and Collins are both motivated by success in achieving their goals and


mission. Their greatest satisfaction is having a happy satisfied customer and a


contented employee. Great customer experience is their motivation. 4.4 Reward Programs


In aromatic Coffee we have several reward programs which includes; recognizing


our employee of the month based on performance in our monthly meetings and


award with gift vouchers.


We also appraise our employees on performance and their loyalty.


Every year with award our employees with paid vacation on a variety of




We offer scholarship to our employee?s children who perform well in their studies. 4.5 Ethics


Ethics are important to Aromatic Coffee as that is what every member is expected to


behave. Every new employee must be inducted to our code of ethics so that they can


understand how they are expected to behave. In Aromatic Coffee we expect our


employees to be Respectful, self-driven, honest and trustworthy. 5.0 Controlling


5.1 Reason for Controls


We use control to measure our performance and compare it to our set standards,


this important as it indicates our current position in relation to where we want to




We set targets and goals and use control to measure achievement of these targets


and goals. We use budgets to plan in advance and ensure that product costs are


maintained at an acceptable level. We carry out variance analyses to establish any


deviation from the planned budget and the cause of the variance. After establishing


the cause the necessary action is taken to correct the deviation.


We use budgets to ensure that our product costs are maintained at an acceptable


level. We train our employees to ensure that product portions are consistent and


product costs are controlled. Strategic control is needed to ensure a plan is in place,


is implemented, and corrective action is taken when needed. We also need to


manage employees? pay and scheduled work hours to maintain staff coverage


needed to optimize sales by providing quality service. Mary and John Smith, the


owners/managers have tactical control and handle the daily operations of the


business. 5.2 Practices that will be Controlled


Patrick and Collins, as the owners and managers of the Aromatic Coffee, control the


daily operations of the business. They use budgets to plan in advance and ensure


that product costs are maintained at an acceptable level. They carry out variance


analyses to establish any deviation from the planned budget and the cause of the


variance. After establishing the cause the necessary action is taken to correct the




They train the employees to ensure that product portions are consistent and product


costs are controlled. They also manage employees? pay and scheduled work hours to


maintain staff coverage needed to optimize sales and provide quality service to our




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