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Marketing C212 Technology new Product for Company G Peter Strack Date10/30/16 Yard Safe Products LLC has been a leader in the home and garden area since 1973. We are now


going to expand our footprint in the US and Ireland with the 2 new innovated products to reduce


the time it takes to maintain a beautiful yard. In the fall of 2017, we will release the automated


lawn trimmer system to trim the customer's lawn in seconds to the desired length with little to


no effort. The trimmer retracts into the lawn of the client when not in use. The second service


that complements this new product is our new motion detection software will maintain a safe


process to use the spinning trimmers while nothing is on the lawn. The customers will get phone


notifications of the location of the object on the lawn if something has stopped the trimmers.


You get both products at one price.


The three different methods you used to determine that there is both need as well


as an existing global market for these products these new products


1. Need


2. Trends


3. Profit Need- almost every person that owns or rents a home has the obligations to maintain their grass


areas with regular servicing. There are multiple reasons a person would not be able to do the


work with conventional means such as physical limitations or the price of hiring people to come


do their job for them. There is also the green movement to not use gas mowers. Since we power


the spinning grass cutters with a low burst of energy driven by our small solar panels, we will


meet the green movement needs as well.


Trends- It is critical to identify the market trends to measure the market possibility.


Understanding the market trends helps us learn customer behaviors and react according to their


needs for long-term sustainability. On the other hand, it also contributes to analyzing our


competition and market potential.


Profit ? We will set up a uniform geographic pricing charging the same rate in all areas with 3 options


based on the upfront cost to make sure the prices are right for multiple groups of people. The prices


need to be lower than it would cost to hire a person to mow the lawn 3-5 times a month. The can be


raised or lowered in small increments as needed to maintain a competitive advantage while maintaining


profits. Research from HomeAdvisor shows a homeowner on average will pay $158 per month for the


maintenance of their lawns, and if they hire out the work it ranges from $214-$322 per month


(HomeAdvisor International & Reserved, 1999). All options will create a sustainable profit with the


leasing option creating the most profit long term.


12-month Leaser $400 install fee per .20 acre to cover installation time


$50 a month per .20-acre safety monitoring charge


Yearly blade refills charge $24 shipped to the customer Rent-to-own $200 installation fee per .20 acre


$100 per month payment to purchase the system it paid in full 36 months


$30 per .20-acre safety monitoring charge which turns into a $20 per .20-acre safety


monitoring charge after system paid off Yearly blade refills charge $24 shipped to the customer Owner Wave installation fee


$2500 system for a .20 acre and $500 for each additional .15 acre


$20 per .20 per acre safety monitoring charge


Yearly blade refills charge $24 shipped to the customer. Lawn Safe LLC Cost on product and customer service Unit cost $250 per brain box of system and solar charging station


Grass cutting Spinners and wires $300 -$500 per .20 acre depending on how much-finetuned trimming is needed (trees, shrubs, and sidewalks)


Average Installation cost- ($200- $500 per .20 acre) Cost varies based on ground slope,


number of trees in yard, and soil type because devices are installed in the ground


Customer service- ($2,000-$3,500 per month) we hire one rep for every 2,000 clients as


question volume maintains a low volume


IT- ($10,000-$15,000 per month) making sure apps and systems are working correctly Breakeven in a lowest price subscription model of $20 monthly would be 950 customers and


would make $21,000 profit in the first 2,000 customers. Profit for each additioanl 2,000


customers would be $36,000 A1b. Competitive Advantage


A strong defined global marketing strategy is essential for any service or product to function in any


market effectively. This new lawn care service will give us a distinct advantage over the other lawn care


organizations around the world because it will remove the time and efforts it takes to maintain a prestine


looking lawn. Our most significant competitive advantage will come from the ability to have your lawn


cut as often as you would like and to keep a consistent height to your grass with just one click of a


button. The biggest competition in this area is the robotic lawnmowers from AutoLawnMow that


allows you outline your yard and it will mow in the pattern you added, but still requires the user to stay


in the area while the mower is going. Because time is relatively small with our new produce, it will


secure our competitive advantage especially HOA?s that want to keep their community?s looking good.


HOA?s can build the fee into the HOA fees their residence pay. This will also dominate in the areas of


elderly or physical restraint individual that physically can?t mow their own lawn that is living on a small


monthly budget.


A1c. Inherent Risks


Just like any product, there will be a few inherent risks of our new services in the global market.


Development the software so it can be successfully downloaded on numerous smartphone devices


around the world will take a lot of time, research, and trial testing. Bringing on technical experts to develop our phone application would be the swifter way to ensure our products work as designed.


Having experts will have a bigger upfront salary price but the most successful solution to overcome this


obstacle long term. There is also the risk of injury to the customer if they are in the grass trimmers and


not all the features do not work at 100%. To combat this issue, we will use the minimum amount of


speed to cut grass while not seriously injure anything in the yard. We will also have 2 revolutions on the


spinners at low speed to ensure no objects are on the lawn before the 1-second power burst needed to


cut the grass. If anything impedes to the 2 revolutions, the system will skip that area and send a


notification to the customer?s smartphone. A2. Customer Relationship Management Software


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the mixture of technologies, policies, and applications used


by businesses to manage client interactions and expand customer relationship. The goal of any good


CRM is to improve professional relationships with clients by retaining customer preservation and


increasing sales growth. The CRM tool we will use for our company is a CRM system.


Salesforce can be a cost saving tool in our IT department as there is no need to purchase hardware


because it is a cloud base system that has their own IT team. The biggest pull to use Salesforce as our


CRM tool is their ability to track the history of customer interactions and alerts of issues in the


customer?s lawn care system. We would be able to use salesforce to track emails, calls, installations,


lifetime profit value of the client, and who from our company is interacting with the member. The system


can also build in automated reporting on our competitors to make sure we keep our competitive


advantage. Salesforce ?deliver accurate quotes, proposals, and contracts. Plus, automate billing,


subscriptions, and revenue recognition? (salesforce). Upselling opportunities can be found through a


clear understanding of consumers needs and satisfaction to increase loyalty and referrals. One other


benefit Salesforce can bring to our customers is automated email updates on upcoming events, discount


coupons alerts, and referrals. Overall, the Salesforce system will be valuable in monitoring and


management of the inquiries and sale.


Discuss the promotional strategy you will use to promote your products and/or services in a global




Identify two mass media and two social media channels you would use to promote your new products


and/or services in a global market.


To get this product moving, we will use social platforms Facebook and YouTube. Facebook to help the word of mouth and public sharing. Seeing others use the product makes


you feel more comfortable to purchase the same devices


YouTube will be biggest social play. Seeing the product in action will get people passed how it


will work and the benefits of 10-second yard mowing We will also be using mass media in local markets TV placement commercials/ infomercials. This will help get our name into the public, and we can


choose witch local markets to attack


Printed adds in local newspapers. This will also assist in the ability to attack desired market areas


and help with the older audience that might not be online seeing our social marketing Discuss two sales promotion activities (e.g., coupons, games, contests, sweepstakes) you would use to


promote your new products and/or services in a global market.


Promotions will be a key to user base expansion. Since we want clients to share links and videos on their


social sites, we will open a referral coupon. The referral coupon will give a discount on the installation of


the new customer?s home and give one free month to the referrer. Another promotion we will run is if


the customers use the hashtag #lawncareforlife in their social media spots we will pull one at random


intervals and give discounts on monthly subscriptions. Reference


AutoLawnMow. Robot lawn mower genie 500s. Retrieved December 4, 2016, from


( AutoLawnMow, n.d.)


HomeAdvisor International, & Reserved, A. R. (1999). Learn how much it costs to mow and maintain a


lawn. Retrieved December 4, 2016, from


In-text citations: (HomeAdvisor International & Reserved, 1999)


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