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[answered] Mary Kent Illges Professor Atkins Writing 101 Section 93 3

Hey! I really need help with this paper getting revised considering it counts for a major part of my grade. I would really appreciate your help with this! Thank you

Mary Kent Illges


Professor Atkins


Writing 101 Section 93


3 December 2016


The Termination of a Class


A couple of months ago I was just arriving to Oxford, Mississippi to be an Ole


Miss student. I knew this was going to be a big change for me. After going from


Columbus, Georgia to a small college town far away, I knew my life would be


different. I was leaving what I knew as normal. Walking to my first classes of college


I was nervous yet excited. Overall I have enjoyed my first semester at Ole Miss and


the classes I have taken. Luckily I was enrolled in a writing course with a class where


all the students and teacher got along well and really mixed together. Professor


Atkins taught her Writing 101 Section 93 class five different learning outcomes


which were developed through lectures and the different papers and projects




Throughout the course all the students were able to learn all different


learning outcomes that were listed in the syllabus; Writing Process, Exploration and


Argumentation, Purposes and Audience, Research, and Conventions and Mechanics.


The learning outcomes were used throughout the year. They were taught for


students to become more familiar with other people?s writing skills and how to form


a paper with credible sources. Professor Atkins gave her students hands on


experience with working on the writing process of others papers and their own


when the students were told to complete peer reviews. All of the other learning


outcomes were developed within assignments given and lectures taking place in the


classroom. The one paper I enjoyed writing was the argumentative paper that was


assigned to be written by a group of individuals in the class. Students had to


understand how to research throughout the library, it's database, and find sources


throughout the Internet. In the beginning of the semester, students were assigned to


complete a ?Selfie Scavenger Hunt? which introduced the students to find credible


sources around the library and the library database. The scavenger helped all the


students to become familiar with what later was used to write the different papers


and projects assigned in Professor Atkins? class. The scavenger hunt introduced one


of the first learning outcomes developed in the class, research.


While writing an outline for my argument paper, multiple credible sources


were needed to form an argument. The peers that I was assigned to write my


argument paper with both had two different methods on beginning to write a paper


and how their research is done. Coping with other people?s techniques on how to


write a paper is difficult yet a learning situation which made me enjoy this


assignment so much. Exploration and Argumentation was a major learning outcome


I received from this assignment. When receiving our grade back I was shocked but


understood why we received it. The paper was not laid out properly as said in the


thesis and the different writing skills of each team member did not flow together.


The faults I received from the paper only turned into a gain on what not to do in


future references.


When forming an argument our group felt immoral when deciding Samsung


makes a better smartphone than Apple. All group members own an iPhone and


when researching we figured out that we chose wrong when buying a smartphone. Although our paper included multiple pros and cons for each phone, our paper


turned into more of a bias opinion to both phones than of an argument. Multiple


statistics ran by credible sources were involved in choosing the argument and the


paper. The statistics showed different features and characteristics that are better on


one phone than the other which made the reader confused on our argument.


Our paper covered the durability, display, battery life, price, and camera of a


Samsung smartphone and an Apple smartphone. Samsung won when comparing the


camera, price, and durability to the iPhone whereas the iPhone won when


comparing the battery life and display to the Samsung smartphones. Both of the


smartphones are the top smartphones on the market in contrast of the other ones


sold throughout the world. In whole, the Samsung smartphone was the winner in


the argument paper but should have had more pros than what was written in the




In whole, I enjoyed my first writing class of my college career. Professor


Atkins taught her students everything promised in the syllabus and was a great


teacher in whole. When she would see most of the class loosing concentration she


would quickly gain it back in an easy manner. She taught me the correct steps on


how to write a paper and how to enjoy a writing class. Without learning the five


outcomes written in the syllabus I would not be able to properly write a paper.


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