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[answered] MAT-144 Worksheet 2 Answer directly on the EXCEL spreadshee

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Are you able to help me with the attached paper asap? I need help with only Part two. I attached both the word and excel forms that explains it.?

Just Part 2 Please.

MAT-144 Worksheet 2 Answer directly on the EXCEL spreadsheet.


Part 1:


Worth 20 points. Go to and locate the table for CPI U U.S. All Items Indexes and Annual Percent Changes From 1913 to Present (as of May


2016 the table is number 24). Look for the most recent entry CPI Detailed Report


(complete text and tables) PDF. Beginning with the month prior to the current one, count


back 60 months. Use that value and the one for the prior month to find a five year


inflation rate. Use this rate to project the cost of the items from your budget in


Worksheet 1 for five years in the future. Part 2:


You have just completed a mission to Sierra Leone. The goal of the mission was to


improve the quality of water in 100 wells in a certain region. You collected data on the E.


coli count from each well before after your mission. You need to write a report on the


success of the mission and for that you need to perform some statistical analysis on the


data. 1) Worth 30 points. To begin with find the mean and standard deviation of each set of data.


Compare the two means and standard deviations, intuitively does it appear that there has


been improvement in water quality?


a. Mean of Before Data =


b. Mean of After Data =


c. SD of Before Data =


d. SD of After Data =


2) Worth 10 points. Pick a particular well (that has E. coli), if you drank 24oz of water how


many E.coli would you ingest if you drank from the well before the mission? After the




Values of chosen well:


a. Amount Before Mission =


b. Amount After Mission =


3) Worth 20 points. Say that water quality is ?good? if the count of E coli is 0. Consider the


proportion of wells with ?good? water to wells whose water is not good. From this


measure does it appear that the quality of water improved?


a. Proportion of good water wells before mission = b. Proportion of good water wells after mission =


4) Worth 15 points. Since you collected water from the same source twice it makes sense to


consider the mean of the differences, i.e., the mean and standard deviation (SD) of the


differences, Before - After. This will require finding the differences in the water quality


of each well and using those as a separate data set. Find the mean of the differences and


create a histogram for Before - After.


a. Mean of the differences =


5) Worth 15 points. Find the standard deviation (SD) of the mean of the differences for


Before - After. Next find the standard error (SE = SD/sqrt(N))) of the mean of the


differences. (See section 3.5.)


a. Standard deviation of the differences =


b. Standard Error =


6) Worth 10 points. Assuming that the mean of the differences is normally distributed find


the 95% confidence interval.


a. Confidence interval:


b. If 0 is inside this interval what can you say? If 0 is not inside this interval, what


can you say?


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