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[answered] Math 009 Quiz 2 Professor: Steve McKee Name________________

Can I please get assistance with this quiz. I would need the problems to be completed! I am really struggling with this! Thank you!

Math 009 Quiz 2


Professor: Dr. Steve McKee




Instructions: The quiz is worth 120 points. There are 30 problems, each worth 4 points. Your


score on the quiz will be converted to a percentage and posted in your assignment


folder with comments.


This quiz allows open book and open notes, and you may take as long as you like on


it provided that you submit the quiz no later than the due date posted in our course


schedule of the syllabus. You may refer to your textbook, notes, and online classroom


materials, but you may not consult anyone.


You should show all of your work to receive full credit. If you do not show work, you


may earn only partial or no credit.


Please type your work in your copy of the quiz, or if you prefer, create a document


containing your work. Scanned work is also acceptable. Be sure to include your


name in the document. Review instructions for submitting your quiz in the Quizzes




If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail. At the end of your quiz you must include the following dated statement with your name typed in lieu of a


signature. Without this signed statement you will receive a zero. I have completed this quiz myself, working independently and not consulting anyone except the instructor. I


have neither given nor received help on this quiz. Please remember to show ALL of your work on every problem. Read the


basic rules for showing work below BEFORE you start working on the quiz.


a) Each step should show the complete expression or equation rather than a piece of it.


b) Each new step should follow logically from the previous step, following rules of




c) Each new step should be beneath the previous step.


d) The equal sign, =, should only connect equal numbers or expressions. Did you read the rules for showing work on page 1 of the quiz? If not, please go back to


page 1 now and read them. If you do not show work correctly, you will not earn full credit. 1. Find a mathematical expression to represent the values.


i) How many quarters are in d dollars? ________________


ii) How many minutes are in h hours? ________________


iii) How many hours are in d days? ___________________


iv) How many days are in y years? __________________ 2. An example to consider ? let?s suppose 2n + 1 represents an odd whole number. How could


we represent the next odd number after 2n + 1?


Answer ___________ 3. Evaluate the expression at the given values of x and y: 5x2 + 4y2 at x = ?2 and y = ?2


Answer __________ 4. Evaluate the expression: ?12 ? 7x x at x = ?1


Answer _________________ 5. The formula C = 5(F ? 32)/9 gives the Celsius temperature C in terms of the Fahrenheit


temperature F. Use the formula to find the Celsius temperature (? C) if the Fahrenheit


temperature is F = 95? F.


Answer ________________ 6. Use the associative and commutative properties of multiplication to simplify the


expression. ?9(?7x)


Answer ________________ 7. Simplify the expression: 10(?10x + 1) Answer: ____________________ 8. Combine like terms by first using the distributive property to factor out the common


variable part, and then simplify the following. 3x3 ? 18x3


Answer ___________ 9. Combine like terms by first rearranging the terms, then using the distributive property to


factor out the common variable part, and then simplifying the following: ?2x3 ? 19x2y ?


15x2y + 11x3


Answer __________________ 10. Simplify the expression by first using the distributive property to expand the expression,


and then rearranging and combining like terms for the following: 7(8y + 7) ? 6(8 ? 7y)


Answer __________________ 11. The width W of a rectangle is 8 feet shorter than its length L. Find the perimeter of the


rectangle in terms of its length alone.


Answer _____________ 12. Solve the following equation: 8x ? 8 ? 9x = ?3


Answer ___________________ 13. Solve the following equation: 2x ? 2=4x


Answer _________________ 14. Solve the following equation: 7x + 2(x + 9) = ?9


Answer _______________ 15. Solve the following equation: ?5(?9x + 7) + 7 = ?(?9x ? 8)


Answer ______________ 16. Answer the following: The width and length of a rectangle are consecutive even integers.


If the perimeter of the rectangle is 76 inches, find the width and length of the rectangle.


Answer _________________ 17. Answer the following: Steve cracks open a piggy bank and finds $4.00 (400 cents), all in


nickels and dimes. There are 7 more dimes than nickels. How many nickels does Steve have?


Answer _____________________ 18. Answer the following: Alan inherits $25,600 and decides to invest in two different types


of accounts, a savings account paying 3.5% interest, and a certificate of deposit paying 6%


interest. He decides to invest $6,400 more in the certificate of deposit than in savings. Find


the amount invested in the savings account.


Answer _____________ 19. Find the GCD of the given numbers: 84, 24


Answer ____________ 20. Reduce the given fraction to lowest terms: 94/?6 Answer ________________ 21. Reduce the given fraction to lowest terms: 26y2x4 ?62y6x2


Answer _____________________ 22. Multiply the fractions, and simplify your result: ?6/23 ? 9/10 Answer __________________ 23. Multiply the fractions, and simplify your result:


Answer _________________ ?4y3/5x5 ? ?10x/21y4 24. Determine which property of multiplication is depicted by the given identity: 13/8 ? 1 =




Answer _______________________________ 25. Divide the fractions, and simplify your result: ?x/12y4 ? ?23x3/16y3


Answer __________________________ 26. List the multiples the given numbers, and then list the common multiples. Select the LCM


from the list of common multiples. 10 and 6


Answer _________________ 27. Add the fractions and simplify your result: 1/3 + 1/7 Answer _____________________ 28. Subtract the fractions and simplify your result: -1/3 ? (?2/3) Answer _____________________ 29. To make some jewelry, a bar of silver 4 1 2 inches long was cut into pieces 1 12 inch


long. How many pieces were made?


Answer ______________________ 30. Add the mixed fractions, as indicated, by using vertical format. Express your answer as a


mixed fraction: 1 7/8 + 1 ?


Answer __________________


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