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Math with Business Applications


Exam 3 (Written Portion)


20 points possible Version 2 Name________________________________________ Show all work to receive credit on each problem. If no work is provided, no


credit can be given. Label the answers.


1. (3 pts) A tablet notebook sells for $384. Find the dollar markup and the


cost of the tablet, if it is marked up 200% on cost. 2. (3 pts) An i-clicker is marked up $48 by a book store. Calculate the cost


and the selling price of the i-clicker, if it is marked up 60% on selling


price. 3. On April 2, you purchased 8 cartons of Jelly Belly jelly beans; each carton


contains 24 bags of candy. The list price per carton is $24. You also


purchased 12 cartons of Cadbury Cr?me Eggs; each carton contains 48


eggs individually wrapped for resale. The list price per carton is $16.


You are offered a 20/15 chain discount and cash terms of 3/10 EOM.


(a) (2 pts) Fill in the purchase invoice below.




y Item Description Unit List Unit Net Subtotal Amount Due $ (b)(1 pt) What is the last day of the discount period?


(c) (1 pt) What is the last day of the credit period?


(d)(2 pt) If you pay your bill on May 5, what is the amount due? Math with Business Applications


Exam 3 (Written Portion)


20 points possible Version 2 4. (3 pts) The Cadbury Cr?me Eggs you purchased in #3 always fly off the


shelves; in the past, you have always sold out of them by Easter.


Assuming this is true, find the selling price for the Cadbury Cr?me Eggs


in your store. In the candy section, you markup 80% on selling price.


Remember to pass along the savings of the cash discount to your


customers. 5. retailer purchases flashlights for $8 apiece, after a 50% trade discount


and a 5% cash discount were applied. The retailer marks up everything


in the hardware section by 125% of cost for operating expenses and


another 75% of cost for profit.


(a) (1 pts) What was the unit net price of the flashlight? (b)(1 pts) What was the unit list price of the flashlight? (c) (1 pts) What is the retailer?s target selling price? (d)(1 pts) Assume that the flashlight is sold during a 25% off sale. What


is the sale price? Math with Business Applications


Exam 3 (Written Portion)


20 points possible Version 2 (e) (1 pts) Profit is the difference between sales, inventory costs and


operating expenses. Did the retailer make a profit or a loss on the


flashlight? Calculate the profit/loss on the sale price of the flashlight. 6. Create a sample promissory note: The Example is as follows:


Promissory Note


For value received, XYZ Corporation promises to pay $50,000 to ABC Bank


on March 1, 2017 along with interest of 6% interest due at the time of


payment. This agreement is dated November 14, 2016.


Signed XYZ Corporation On December 15, a payment of $10,000 will be made to ABC Bank.


Interest accrued to date: 50,000(.06)(31/360) = $258.33


Adjusted balance due on Dec 15: 50,000 + 258.33 = $50,258.33


Balance Due after Payment: 50258.33 - 10,000 = $40,258.33


On February 1, 2017, a payment of $15,000 will be made.


Interest accrued to date: 40258.33(.06)(48/360) = $322.07


Adjusted balance due on Feb 1: 40258.33 + 322.07 = $40,580.40


Balance Due after Payment: 40580.40 - 15000 = $25,580.40


On the promissory note's due date, March 1, the final payment is due.


Interest accrued to date: 25,580.40(.06)(28/360) = $119.38


Adjusted balance due on Mar 1: 25580.40 + 119.38 = $25,699.78


Balance due after final payment: 25,699.78 - 25,699.78 = $0


Balance paid in full! Then, give a payment schedule involving a minimum of three payments: two


partial payments and a final payment. Apply the U.S. Rule.


For full credit, you must: Math with Business Applications


Exam 3 (Written Portion)


20 points possible Version 2 State the face value, interest rate and maturity date of the short-term (less than one


year) note, along with a proposed partial payment schedule.


Show all of your work for each of the two partial payments, including the calculation


of interest due and adjusted principal balance.


Calculate the note's final payment due on the maturity date.


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