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[answered] MBA 5850 Fall 2016 Block 2 Case Study #2 The president of L

  • The submission is to be?one Excel fileincluding the text submission.? You can type your text submission in Word and copy it into your Excel spreadsheet or type the text submission directly into a text box in Excel.?
  • If any calculations are required, they must be shown.?
  • Utilize Excel formulas to the fullest extent possible.
  • Formatting counts. ?Use the examples provided in the text?for correct formats.
  • The case study answers must be clearly marked and easy to follow

MBA 5850 Fall 2016 Block 2


Case Study #2


The president of LBS, Inc., Mr. Flugler, recently hired a new accountant to prepare his financial


statements. The new accountant has prepared a balance sheet, an income statement, and a statement


of stockholders? equity for the calendar year ended December 31, 2015.


Mr. Flugler is extremely dismayed at the appearance of the financial statements presented to him and


needs to have them corrected before presenting them to his shareholders.


The financial statements below are the statements as presented to Mr. Flugler. You have been hired as a consultant to correct the LBS, Inc. financial statements. In addition to the


presentation of the information, Mr. Flugler has also noticed some discrepancies in the amounts on the


reports. He has provided the following information to help you adjust the financial statements.


(1) Inventory is recorded at the average cost. Inventory at December 31, 2014 included 1,000


units at a total cost of $29,000. Purchases during the year included: 40 units at a total cost of


$1,280 and 30 units at a total cost of $840. Ending inventory includes 950 units.


(2) Equipment includes two assets.


a. Asset #1 was purchased on February 1, 2015 for a cost of $29,000. This asset has a


salvage value of $5,000 and has an expected useful life of 5 years. The asset is


depreciated using the straight-line method.


b. Asset #2 was purchased on December 1, 2015 for a cost of $4,500. This asset has no


salvage value and has an expected useful life of 3 years. The asset is depreciated


using the straight-line method.


(3) Accounts receivable detail is as follows: The allowance for doubtful accounts is based on the aging of accounts receivable method. The


estimated percentage of uncollectible amounts is as follows:


Current amounts (not yet due) = 2%


1 - 30 days past due = 3%


31 ? 60 days past due = 9%


Over 60 days past due = 20%


Invoices are billed at net 30 days.


(4) There were two loans with activity during 2015.


a. Note amount, $10,000. Annual interest rate of 4%. Interest was accrued monthly.


Loan date: July 1, 2010. The loan and all accrued loan interest was paid off on




b. Note amount, $7,200. Annual interest rate of 5%. Interest is accrued monthly. Loan


date: April 1, 2015. The loan and all accrued interest is due on April 1, 2020.


(5) Deferred revenue is for services to be provided in 2016 and should be $2,500 at December 31,




(6) A physical count of supplies at the end of the year reflected $1,500 of supplies on hand at


December 31, 2015.


(7) LBS rents one space for both office and storage. Total rent for the year should reflect 12


payments of $1,250 per month.




(1) Prepare a trial balance spreadsheet for the year ended December 31, 2015 as demonstrated in


Exhibit 4.5 of the text. You should use the accounts included on the financial statements


prepared by the new accountant. All required accounts are included on the original financial




(2) Record the adjustments required based on the seven items of information presented above. Be


sure to include all calculations used to determine adjustment amounts. These calculations may


be made on separate worksheets (tabs) in your one Excel file.


(3) Using your adjusted trial balance, prepare a properly formatted income statement, balance


sheet, and statement of stockholders? equity for the calendar year 2015.


(4) Prepare a memo to Mr. Flugler with some talking points that he can use for his upcoming


shareholders? meeting. This memo should include the following information with your


comments on what the information says about LBS, Inc.: current ratio, working capital, net


profit margin, receivable turnover ratio, average collection period, inventory turnover ratio,


average days to sell inventory. Additional information to assist you with your memo is:


a. Average net profit margin for LBS, Inc.?s competitors is 35%.


b. Accounts receivable at 12/31/2014, $25,600


c. Product inventory at 12/31/2014, $24,000 (base your inventory turnover ratio and


average days to sell inventory on the product inventory only).


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