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MBA Degree Programs ? Project Guidelines




In fulfillment of their MBA degree requirements, American Graduate University (AGU) degree


candidates have to complete a project. The project requires students to combine their academic


experience with their life and business experience and successfully develop and implement a


new effort in a real business situation.




The project, as defined by AGU, is the development, implementation, documentation and


analysis of a new business undertaking. Examples might be the development of a business plan


for a new business unit, the development and implementation of a contract analysis and


negotiating position, the development of a program or project plan, or the development and


implementation of a new business process. Projects are limited only by the innovation and


resources of individual students.


It must be stressed that the project is a real activity, not a purely academic process; it is not a


traditional master?s thesis. Students may petition for a project that is purely academic in nature,


such as the development of a computer model for a specified business operation, but all such


requests must pass the University?s review process.


Project Proposal


The first step in the project approval process is the project proposal. Degree candidates must


petition the University for project approval using the Project Request Form found on the AGU


website in the Forms section of the Student Center. This communication should contain a short


description of the project. The registrar will open a project file for the student and assign a


project file number.


The Registrar will forward the student?s request to the Vice President, Academic Affairs who will


review the request and approve it or request additional information on the topic. At this time the


student will be assigned a faculty advisor.


Within 21 days of being notified, candidates must submit a detailed project proposal outlining


the project. Project proposals must include a detailed explanation of the project to include:


Purpose of the Project ? This element is the basis for the project and outlines what the project


intends to accomplish and its business purpose.


Background of the Project ? This element covers why the project is important in the short or


long term success of the business or government organization. What goals can be expected to be


reached? 1 Research ? What needs to be known? How will the information be obtained? What methods will


be used?


Schedule ? What milestones must be reached? At what milestone will the project be


implemented or completed?


Results and Benefits ? What specific results and benefits are anticipated? How will they be




If the project is assigned as part of the student?s regular business activities, or will become part of


a business, a letter from the candidate?s immediate supervisor approving the effort is mandatory.


Projects that do not directly affect a current business activity will require a defense by the student


as to the importance of the project as related to the education of the student or to the body of


knowledge of the project?s subject area.


Project Guidelines


Although all projects are unique, they will include some required elements. Each project will be


designed in conjunction with the faculty advisor and must meet the approval of the evaluation




A sample outline for the project report is furnished below. Also, the student is referred to the


chapter on ?Presenting Insights and Findings: Written and Oral Reports,? in the Course 653 text,


Business Research Methods. An additional source is the ?Research Project Guide? on the Oxford


University website at:




Project Report (Sample Outline) Title Page Executive Summary Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables Introduction Purpose of project Describe the problem Why is this analysis appropriate? Importance of the problem The scope of the review How the results of the review will be applied Identify the research questions you hope to answer


2 Methodology Identify the method used to identify and locate sources Explain the rationale used for selecting the sources to analyze Explain the procedures to be used for analyzing the sources Identify the criteria for evaluating the information found Analysis and Discussion (general points to consider) Present evidence and ideas from sources Concepts are organized by sub-topics Sources are grouped by concepts instead of individual entities Grouping may be related to research questions Validity of sources is stated to support your ultimate answers to your questions Cite each of your statements by placing the number(s) identifying the reference(s)


which support your statement Conclusions and Recommendations Identify and synthesize findings Systematically answer your research questions Provide recommendations for:


o Future research


o Applications


o Policies and procedures


o Program revisions


o Other warranted situations References List each of your references using APA format (, or as close to it


as you can get Number each of your references so you can cite your evidence in the Analysis and


Discussion section. This is a sample format. Students may use another similar format. However, students should use


the APA style as much as possible for headings, margins, references, etc.


The body of the project report must be from 30 to 50 pages in length. This does not include the


Title Page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, References or Appendices. 3 Project Schedule


Like all business endeavors, the project must have a realistic schedule that also dovetails with the


120-day project schedule. Projects needing greater time periods may be too extensive for the


educational goals of the student and University.


The schedule, with major milestones, must be submitted to the faculty advisor within 21 days of


the project?s approval. Each part of the project ? each milestone, each project chapter, or each


section ? must be submitted to the faculty advisor for approval as they are completed. Students


may, of course, continue project work while the advisor is reviewing the project submissions.


Each project section will not be considered finished until the section has been approved by the


faculty advisor.


It may be that there will be faculty changes or suggestions that will be returned to students for


evaluation and revision. Where appropriate, these changes must be instituted before the section is


considered complete. All project sections must be completed before the project can be considered


completed and credit earned. Following successful completion of the project, the student may


petition for award of degree.


The difficulty of a project often leads to students underestimating the amount of time needed to


complete. In certain instances, students may petition for additional time to complete the project.


Such requests are not granted automatically, and students must prove that the additional time is


needed due to business situations, rather than lack of planning or underestimation of resources by


the student.


The goal of the University is not to force students to conform to a specific schedule for


completion, but rather to avoid projects stretching out to unmanageable lengths. That is why the


University forces a realistic evaluation of projects prior to approval.


Submission Of Copies


Following completion of the project, the student is required to submit the project in a


professional format. The final document will be archived in the University?s library. The


University reserves the right to cite and quote from the final document, and to review the project


in its publications.


Faculty Advisor


Since all projects are unique, much project design and structure will be developed with the


faculty advisor. Students will be able to communicate with their advisor by e-mail, or depending


on the schedule of the faculty member, by phone. Direct meetings with the faculty advisor are


desired, but all expenses associated with such meetings are borne by the student.




Any questions concerning these guidelines should be addressed to: AGU Faculty Project


Committee, or the designated faculty advisor. Phone: (626) 966-4576, Ext. 1006; FAX (626)


915-1709. 4


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