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[answered] MBALN-667 - Strategic Marketing Midterm Examination Weight

For the requirements of this assignment you assume the role of marketing consultant. You have to develop a detailed strategic marketing plan for a company of your choice or the company you work for. As they need to increase revenue generation and position their organization within the industry to gain competitive advantage, you have been asked to prepare a detailed marketing one year plan.

MBALN-667 ? Strategic Marketing


Midterm Examination


Weight 40%


TASK: Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan


For the requirements of this assignment, you assume the role of a marketing consultant. You have to


develop a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan for a company of your choice or the company you


currently work for. As they need to increase their revenue generation and position their organization


within the industry to gain competitive advantage, you have been asked to produce a detailed


marketing plan for one-year plan. In the report you will need to demonstrate an understanding of all the aspects of Strategic marketing


planning. You should therefore draw a distinction between strategic and tactical marketing planning,


credible SMART corporate and marketing objectives, clear segmentation, targeting and positioning


strategies and other global marketing strategies. The revenue projections and recommendation on


marketing activities using marketing mix. This can also be used to show the financial implications by


way of stating clear revenue projections and costs of individual proposed marketing activities. You


are also expected to demonstrate your knowledge of how theory can be utilized in practice i.e. all


stages of a marketing plan. The presentation and structure of the strategic marketing plan must have a


professional outlook. The report should cover the following sections:




Executive Summary Wordage Does this provide a good summary of the report and encourage further


reading? You need to think about the audience, creativity, and


competitive advantage. Find away to make sure that your marketing


plan stands out from the crowd. 200 2 Introduction


This should set the scene for the reader. Clear & succinct, it lays out


what is to come, and could make reference to your own research


findings. (Do not include the description and information of the


organization here. But make sure they are included in the Appendices


for tutors). 3 150 Strategic Situation Analysis


Quality and relevance of audit (internal & external)


Clear headings and only relevant information is needed here.


Remember, when you are doing your analysis, you need to discuss this


in relation to the organization or business and the target market. There


is no point just writing PEST factors. Therefore you need to discuss


how they influence the business, their current and potential customers.


Porter?s five forces industry analysis need to conduct in order to


ascertain the current competitive position of the business. What way


the analysis is helping you in this process. Now do the SWOT analysis. 4 750 Aims, Objectives and Strategies


Both corporate and marketing objectives and Strategies


These should be listed and clearly identified, and linked to the 500 controls. 5 Appropriateness of segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies.


Who is your target market? You need to explain why? Explain the


chosen segmentation criteria with justification. Who are the competitors? What is your organization?s current positioning in relation


to the competitors? Is it unique enough to give you competitive


advantage? If not, what are you suggesting? Why? You need to show cur rent


and future positioning using perceptual maps. What is the 600


communication theme? 6 Implementation


The 4P or 7P framework is a good starting point. What specifically are


you going to do in terms of promotion, price, distribution & product?


These should be used to achieve the objectives that you have set earlier.


Also you need to consider the costs, and time constraints. Here, you


need to be creative. You must also think of how to use digital


technologies and media, effectively.


All the marketing activities schedule should be included in a Gantt


chart with the anticipated costs. 7 2000 Appendices


Background of the firm


Any research evidence


Reference list


Other appendices Total Words 4200


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