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[answered] MEMO To: Anne Brown, Division Manager From: Roger Stevens,

A large percentage of the writing we do in the workplace involves writing routine, neutral, and/or goodwill messages. Routine and neutral messages cover a wide range of topics, from the ordinary (e.g., sending colleagues a reminder to attend a meeting) to the more detailed (e.g., updating a supervisor about a project).

In Week 3, Anne Brown, the division manager for E227 Global Solutions, is asking you to write an individual routine message, which will be formatted as a memo. In order to complete this assignment you must follow the steps below:

  1. Read thetrucking supervisor's email.
  2. Read Anne Brown?s memo (available in Doc Sharing) and pay close attention to the questions asked at the bottom of the memo.
  3. Use the Week 3 Routine Planning Questions/Audience Profile (in Doc Sharing) to assist you with preparing your routine message to Anne Brown. These questions are for planning only, not submission.
  4. Follow the Specific Guidelines below when drafting your routine message to Anne Brown.
    This assignment is related to the Week 4 Collaborative Analytical Report (see Doc Sharing for details on the Week 4 Assignment) that you will be completing with your team next week.

Specific Content Guidelines for the Routine Message

The written response will be formatted as a memo with headings/subheadings, bullets, tables, etc. in the body of the message for easy readability. The following items are to be included in the memo:

  • Paragraph briefly introducing the issue
  • Your preliminary considerations about how to best communicate with the Indonesian population
  • Team identity ? members? names and contact information (phone numbers and email addresses). Identify the team leader or project facilitator and documentation coordinator.
  • A list of all individual-specific tasks (not just the major deliverables) needed to complete the project, including due dates for each task, and personnel responsible. Present this information in table format.
  • Concluding paragraph

A Successful Message will include the following:

  • Evidence the writer fully and firmly grasps the purpose/goals of the message.
  • Full and complete original text that reflects audience needs in relation to the message.
  • Proper use of formatting and style (e.g., bullets, headings, lists, etc.); message must be written in the proper document format.
  • An awareness and proper use of all ten writing conventions for professional writing (as appropriate) covered in Week 2.

Use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.



To: Anne Brown, Division Manager From: Roger Stevens, Transportation Coordinator Date: Today Subject: Route Change Affects Shipping/Receiving Your division is in charge of shipping from the plant in Tebing Tinggi to deliver materials to the company?s


warehouse at the port of Tanjung Kuala. I have received the following information from the Logistics




1. The major highway used for shipping will be partially closed in 30 days. The construction is


scheduled to take two weeks but could well be longer.


2. The alternate route will cause the trucks (semi-tractors with a 40-foot/12m trailer) to go


through rural farming communities as well as residential areas. The schedule requires 40 loads


per day with 10 of the loads at night. Needless to say, this also means 40 return trips.


3. The alternate route is often reduced to two-lanes and there will doubtless be complaints from


other motorists as well as residents. We have acquired all the required permits and believe


safety will not be a concern.


4. The Indonesian Transportation Agency has been very supportive and will work with us to


reduce, as far as is possible, unreasonable traffic congestion.


5. Truck drivers will be operating under strict guidelines. The rights of Indonesian citizens will be




6. Extra police will be assigned to the route to immediately clear any disabled vehicles from the


road (not an uncommon occurrence in Indonesia). Our trucks will observe a strict speed limit


while on the alternate route.


My division is handling the truck re-route on this end so shipping and receiving shouldn?t be affected.


It?s up to your division to work out community relations with our PR team.


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