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Date: Switch Personal Change Memo


November 30, 2016 The Change


I want to manage my time more efficient.


Benefits to Make It


An efficient time schedule can help people solve lots of contradiction and conflict showed in


daily life. I am going to do the homework, but my best friend invite me to his birthday party.


This is 12 o?clock at night, my mind really wants to sleep, but there is an assignment due


tomorrow morning. When I face lots of problem like that, how should I make decision? If I


can manage my time more efficient, those problems may disappear from my life, or may not


bothers me like before.


Plan and Relate to The Switch Book


There are three parts of change: the path which refers to situational change, the rider which


refers to rational change, and the elephant which refers to emotional change. If I want to


change myself to be the one who can manage time more efficient, there would be three parts


that can help me to make this change. The first one is the situational change, which means the


change of environment around me. Furthermore, the rational change, which means that I


think I should change my time schedule to be more efficient. The last one is the emotional


change, which means that I want to change my time schedule.


? How to improve the rider


The bright spot means the good thing that is surrounded by a bunch of things that are not


good enough. Therefore, for my efficient time schedule plan, I should find what I already do


well. For instance, I work out through every Monday to Thursday. That is quite regular and I


should arrange my other behaviors more regular and obey the arrangement. Doing that would


help me improve my life quality.


According to the book, decision paralysis happens when we have too many choices or


making choices takes too much energy. For myself, I have different homework loads for


different class and I also need to make a big plan for my future. There are too many ways for


me to arrange my time schedule, which makes me feel exhausted and came to a Decision


Paralysis situation.


It is better for me to have a short to medium term goal while making decisions of an efficient


time schedule. It would be better for me if I can make black & white goals. For instance,


rather than ?finish the homework?, it is more helpful to say ?finish MGT 450 Lab


Assignment by 9pm tonight?. This can help me with a clearer goal and helps me making


easier decisions about my time schedule.


? How to improve the elephant


Sometimes I would see myself better than others, according to the positive illusion bias


theory, this may be why I have a difficult changing myself. Sometimes I feel happy and am willing to change, the positive emotion helps me adapt to the new situation. Sometimes I feel


fear and am afraid that I can?t make the change, the negative emotion helps me to avoid some


risks. According to the see-feel-change theory, if I can see something that makes my mind say


that I want to change, that would be very helpful.


One great way to make it easier to reach the goal is to show some work that have already


been done. For my time schedule changing plan, it would be that I know that some part of my


schedule is already fixed, for example, my workout time, lunch time and dinner time. That


makes me feel easier when arranging my other parts of the time schedule.


By changing the identity in my mind, I can achieve my goal faster. I am a fixed-mindset


people and I always consider my ability as almost fixed. If I believe that I cannot finish


something successfully, I would not even start it. If I change my identity to growth mindset, I


would believe that I can challenge myself and thus improve my ability of solving problem.


That would make me more willing to face the challenge I could meet in the process of




? How to improve the path


People usually blame people for the problems rather than the situation, and that is a mistake


according to the Fundamental Attribution Error theory. For myself, when I meet problems


while try to change my time schedule, such as I cannot go to bed earlier, I sometimes would


blame my roommate for her stay up late. However, in most cases, I go to bed late is because


of the Phone and the light. Therefore, I should probably leave my phone away and buy an


eyepatch, which means by changing the environment around me, to make my change.


The author mentions to set up an action trigger to make change easier because if you see it,


you will more likely to do it. For myself, I should put my homework in a place that I can


easily see and reach out for so that I can do the homework before it?s too late. Additionally, I


can make a check list to see what I have done and what I need to do. It will help me make the


arrangement faster and clearer.


By changing the behavior of the majority can affect one member of the group. For me, if


most of my close friends have a great time schedule in their life, I would be affected by them


and thus have an efficient life time schedule. And in order to make them have an efficient


time schedule, I could use all the method mentioned above.


If I want to finally reach my goal of changing into a healthier time schedule, I should keep


doing all the changes until I finally achieve my target. Change is a continuous process. For


me, I need make step by step change and not stop during the process. Finally, I would find it


easier to do the last steps. For the change I want to make, I need a clear goal, which I already


have, a motivation, and a support environment, which would be my close friends and my life


habit. By combining those, I can make the change happen eventually.


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