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I' m looking for someone who can check?my assignment. The assignment i put in the file, please paraphrase the sentences that i underlined, and check the sentence structure and grammar error in other parts of the assignment as well. The maximum word account is 1500 words.?









DATE: Carrie Mitchell, Professor


Xiaoyan Luo, Student


Progress report for PLAN 102


November 20, 2016 Summary


This report is prepared as per your requirements, detailing information from the


experience in School of Planning in the first semester and my progress in the all related


courses. I concur that it is particularly important to be informed about my progress so that


any drawbacks could be identified and remediated.


Since courses have started on September 8, I have been attending and paying attention in


every lectures. Through practices from assigned written works and readings in the courses


I have during this semester, I have become knowledgeable about the skills required to


become a professional planner. Although I faced few challenges when I wrote some of the


assignments, on the whole, my progress is deemed satisfactory.


To date, in total, nine assignments, two presentations and three midterm tests has been


completed, while four more assignments and four exams are expected to be completed


before December 14 respectively.




In this semester, I have five courses: PLAN100, PLAN102, PLAN104, PLAN105 and


EVNS195. For these courses, there are three different type of classes: lecture, tutorial and


labs. During lecture classes, the professor gives the knowledge about the course, while


tutorial and lab sections are for assignments help and complete presentations if required.


After attending the lectures, guest lectures, tutorials and labs, an idea came across to me: to


be a qualified urban planner, we should respect the diverse needs and wants of individuals,


impart knowledge and independent professional opinion to people in cooperation with


partners, and sum up experience in working with colleagues as well as have an appropriate


degree of self-criticism1. 1.Professional Code of Practice | OPPI. (n.d.). Retrieved from Progress


Planned work


Assignments are prioritized based on their respective weights and deadlines and give


students a better understanding of knowledge that they learn from lectures and textbooks.


The essay written assignment from ENVS 195 planned to completed before November 22.


The assignment four: Spatial Data Exploration from PLAN 105 designed to finish at


November 25. The group assignment from PLAN 104 will be finish before December 5.


Moreover, the exam from PLAN100, PLAN 102, PLAN 105 and ENVS 195 will take place in


December during the exam period.


Work completed


As of late, assignment one, two and three in PLAN 105 have been completed and taught me


the correct method to collect statistics and create graphs by Excel. These three assignments


mainly about demographic and socio-culture, which illustrates the distinguish of demand


required among individuals. For example, in assignments two, we use the data from


statistic Canada about individual?s incomes and education levels by age groups in two


similar cities in 2011. While we analyse the differences between these two cities, we


discovered that people?s needs and wants are depend on their conditions, such as incomes,


ages groups, nations. Similarly, in PLAN 104, assignment one, we demonstrated six


important trends in a city and found that people?s demand is different while under different


situation. Therefore, planners should understand the diversity of individuals? requirements.


Additionally, the assignment 1a and b in PLAN 102 has been successfully completed in


terms of high individual performance and adequate group collaboration; the grades end up


with a pleasant mark of 84 and 78 degrees. The assignment 1a is a team contract, all of the


group members did the personality test on ?16 personalities? website and made a reference


about personal strengths and weaknesses, in order to get deeper information among team


members and cooperated better during the group works. Moreover, in assignment 1b:


formal proposal, we indicated an individual and term evaluation by the ?SWOT analysis? in


the appendix at the end of the proposal, which is a self-criticism and a summary of the team


work expectances. Hence, planners should criticise themselves and sum up work


experiences frequently, in order to cooperate better with colleagues.


Furthermore, during assignment 1b, from PLAN 102, our team members did discuss the


idea together, had meetings frequently and share research results when we wrote the


proposal. When we discuss the topic of the proposal, every team member gave opinions


with professional and logical thought. Also, in class activities in ENVS 195, our group


members give others opinions about the topic and finally complete the activity together;


the marks of those activities are all at high 80s. Thus, give team members independent


advices will collect more ideas and get the work done easily. I am currently working in the written assignment in ENVS 195, and will alongside finish the


Spatial Data Exploration assignment in PLAN 105, leading to the end of all the assignments


in this semester.




Presently, significant challenges that I experienced are the first assignments from both


PLAN 104 and PLAN 105. Firstly, the topic of assignment one in 104 is abstract with too


much reference required, which is including 30 references in 2500 words. In addition, I was


unfamiliar with Excel uses for the first assignment in PLAN 105, so I did not get a pleasing


mark. Overall, few grammatical errors, inconsistent voice, and improper format are


appearing in my essays. To improve my grade in other assignments I plan to do more


research and use Workshops in the UW frequently.




The written assignments from ENVS 195 and PLAN 105 are currently in progress, and is


expected to be completed by November 22 and 25. The last assignment from PLAN 104 will


be completed on December 5th. All the exams will be done during the exam period at the


beginning of December.


Future Plans


Written assignment for ENVS 195: the group meeting will be in the afternoon on November


20 to put all researches together. I will continue work on PLAN 105 assignment on


November 23. Furthermore, the meeting for PLAN 104 group assignment will be on


December 2.


For the final exam, my notes will be organized in a package and updated for studying at


least two weeks earlier. After this period, further notes will be added thereto when


necessary. I will also combine reading of notes with reviewing of textbooks in order to


achieve superior results.




An 84 percentage-based grade was achieved on assignment 1a in PLAN 102, it was the


maximum grade in this class. Unfortunately, for assignment 1b, the marks dropped to 78


because of some sentences stretcher problems and grammar error. However, in PLAN 105,


first assignment only 60, because misunderstanding of the questions and familiar of Excel


uses. After visited professor and TAs during their office hour, the second one I achieve a


grade of near 90. Other course such ENVS 195 and PLAN 104, I got marks that close to the


average in class.


My lecture notes were insufficient and missing details for the textbooks. This led to my


disadvantage in the mid-term in some courses, because I deemed it unimportant; however,


the exam result reflected the importance of taking notes more comprehensively. On account of the grade received, comprehensiveness of course notes, and the overall


diligence, I believe that my progress is satisfactory; yet, note taking is to be emphasized.




In conclusion, this report detailed my progress in the School of Planning in semester one,


covering aspects such as works yet to be done and those already completed, challenges to


be reckoned with, schedules keeping track of the project, future plans, and personal




After attending the classes and accomplished assignments, I comprehended that to be a


qualified urban planner, we should respect the diverse needs and wants of individuals,


impart knowledge and independent professional opinion to people in cooperation with


partners, and sum up experience in working with colleagues as well as have an appropriate


degree of self-criticism.


Overall, my progress has reflected the need of improvements in areas of note taking,


editing, and proofreading. These are integral in achieving desirable results in written


assignments and examinations.


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