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[answered] Mgmt 499: Cases in Strategic Management Individual Case Ass


I have a case study for Facebook 2013 will wallstreet hit the "like" button? I was wondering if you're able to assist with it? I already have the financial analysis piece done. Can you help?

Mgmt 499: Cases in Strategic Management


Individual Case Assignment ? Due ?See our class schedule and/or the due date assigned in our associated


D2L class dropbox.


Case: Please review the assignment instructions for the specific case that you will be using. This assignment is an individual assignment, worth 15 out of the 100 points for the semester. Present your analysis


from the point of view of a consultant hired to advise the Chairman of the Board. Thus, your audience is familiar with


all the facts of the case; do not waste time restating case data. Your objective is to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions,


make recommendations and projections that are unique and must be explained and justified.


The following guidelines should help you in writing this case study The time period is the one covered by the case as reported in the textbook. No outside research is allowed. if


you quote something, put it in quotes, and list the page number after the quote. Make use of concepts and theories from the text and class discussions. You need not cite the text directly nor


should you explain/develop the concepts or theories. Please assume that I have knowledge and understanding


of management theories. Simply make the logical connections between the concept or theory and the case


issue to which it applies. The case must be typed, 11 or 12-pt. font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. It will probably be six to ten


pages in length (excluding appendices), but it can be shorter or longer if you wish. Use APA format for this


assignment. Use section headers in your report ? the section header for each section is italicized in the list


below. Your report should be well organized, succinct, and well written. The report should read as a unified piece of


work and flow smoothly. Number pages consecutively from beginning of document to the end. PROOFREAD! In addition to content, grammar, spelling, and style are important! I will take off points for not


following these guidelines and for submitting sloppy reports. See my note about plagiarism at the end of this document. Note about appendices: I have listed the four appendices you must include. Remember to be as complete as you can


in your appendices, so that when you discuss a few of the items in your text, you can be confident that they are the key


items to mention. I suggest you create the appendices first, even though they appear last in your report. They are


intended to give you data to justify your conclusions in the text of the report. For each item below, I use the following rubric in my scoring:


Weak (.5-.6): Acceptable (.7 - .8) Strong (.9 ? 1): Major topic is present, but


major items are omitted,


presented without justification,


or inaccurately described. Every sub-topic is present, Every sub-topic is covered thoroughly


yet concisely. Course concepts used accurately,


Justification of conclusions


obviously based on data, analysis Conclusions are specific, with details


and examples used to illustrate the


concepts. The following are the requirements for the text portion of the report:


Introduction (1 point). Introduce the case in one or two paragraphs describing the market(s) the firm competes in,


a summary of the key attributes of their products, and a general description of how well they are performing. State


the central question or issue presented in the case. Keep this brief, since your audience knows the details.


External Analysis (1 point). Describe the key external opportunities and threats from the point of view of a


PESTEL analysis. Also, What competitive forces seem to have the greatest effect on industry attractiveness (based


on the Five forces). Is the pace of rivalry quickening and becoming more intense? Why or why not?


Internal Analysis (1 point). Describe strengths and/or issues you found in the Financial Analysis. Describe the


most critical strengths and weaknesses you found in the value chain. What are the key value drivers and cost


drivers in this firm? What are the firm?s core competencies? Do any of them lead to a sustainable competitive


advantage? Use the VRIO framework to justify your claims.


Business Level Strategy (2 points). State and justify which generic business level strategy dominates the firm. Use


the capabilities and activities in the value chain as evidence for your conclusion by describing the ways those


competencies and resources increase value (in the eyes of the customer) or how they help reduce costs. Describe


the level of consistency throughout the firm regarding the business level strategy ? do the activities support the


business level strategy, or do they seem to contradict each other?


Corporate Strategy (2 points). Where in the industry value chain does the firm compete, and in which product


markets? Discuss their current level of vertical integration, horizontal integration and diversification. Analyze


these activities ? are they successful, should they do more or less? Discuss the organizational forms they have


used to pursue corporate strategy ? mergers and/or acquisitions, strategic alliances, etc. Why do you think they


have chosen those methods? Any key issues in their corporate strategy?


Global Strategy (1 point). How much pressure is there for cost reductions, and for local responsiveness? Describe


the current global strategy and provide evidence about how the firm?s resources and competencies support the


given pressures regarding costs and local responsiveness. Describe entry modes have they usually used, and


whether they are they appropriate for the given strategy. Any key issues in their global strategy?


Proposed Alternatives (2 points). Based on your Strategic Alternatives Matrix and the issues identified in the


opening paragraph, choose 2 alternatives to develop further, and justify your choice based on the items from your


SWOT that would be affected by that choice (threats and/or weaknesses mitigated, opportunities and/or strengths


exploited, etc). One of the proposed alternatives should be relatively short term and would not cost much, and one


should be relatively long term and would require significant investment. For each of the proposed alternatives,


describe risks and/or benefits to at least two internal stakeholders, and two external stakeholders.


Recommendation and Implementation (2 points) Select and justify, based on urgency and importance, one of your


alternatives and describe an action plan to accomplish the recommendation: State a measurable goal ? what results


would need to be reviewed to determine if additional changes were needed? List at least one input control and one


output control that would support this implementation and include at least 5 steps they need to take to accomplish


the recommendation.


Appendices (1 point each):


Financial Analysis (Include a Strategic Financial Analysis):


SWOT Analysis (use the template in the DropBox)


Strategic Alternatives Matrix (use the template in the DropBox) Deductions will be taken for typos, word usage, grammar, incomplete sentences, and/or incorrect format.


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