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Chapter 10 - Compensation At W. L. Gore

W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) is a company well known for its GORE-TEX fabric for protective outerwear.? In 2006, the company ranked fifth on Fortune's list "100 Best Companies to Work For.? It was the eighth year in a row the firm had made the list. One of Gore's hallmarks is innovation. Rather than job titles, bosses, and organization charts, Gore uses a team approach, with leaders, sponsors, and team members.?

The goals of Gore's compensation plan are internal fairness and external competitiveness. Gore uses two approaches to achieve these goals. The first is straightforward and typically used by companies: comparing pay at Gore with pay for comparable jobs at other companies. That takes care of the external competitiveness part. It is the internal competitiveness part that is different at Gore. The process works like this: Associates (co-workers) on the same team rank each other based on contributions to the company for the year. Team members can provide comments to support their rankings and identify strengths or areas for improvement of the associates they rank. This information is then used for determining raises.

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 10. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:

  1. Provide a critique of the compensation practices at Gore, indicating the pros and cons of each approach.
  2. Do you think that Gore can achieve its goals of internal fairness and external competitiveness with the two approaches used?
  3. Would you want to work for this company? Why or why not? (Personal opinion is allowed for this part, but you must elaborate on your answer).

Please post the case study in Assignment Drop Box as one MS Word document. Note: See template provided for case study paper.

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MGT 510-Human Resources Management




1 Lesson 5 Case Studies


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Human Resources Management


Dr. David Johnson


November 25, 2016


Next time use the primary template like I explained.


I did not take off any points for this. MGT 510-Human Resources Management


LESSON 5 CASE STUDY Running head: CASE STUDY 5 2 Project Management And Next Steps At HP


Almost all organizations recognizesrecognize training due tobecause of its value and


benefit to the organization and to remain competitive in the market as in the case of HewlettPackard (HP)(NO MORE ALLOWING THIS TYPE OF MISTAKE)'s. Through the Ddirector of


Pproject Mmanagement Ccompetency and Ccertification (It is capitalized because it is his title),


Ron Kempf, brought together the company's various stakeholders to conduct needs assessment to


determine what type of training the company needed most in order to achieve its new goals. This


meant that all the companies project managers and support staff had to be trained again in order


to improve their skills. This boosted HP's profit margins and keeping projects within budget


whichbudget, which has made the company to remain more competitive.


The role that a needs assessment played in planning the training program for project


management staff at HP were: First, the needs assessment was used to identify areas of


knowledge or behavior that the training program needed to accomplish with the project


management staff. Second, it played the role of considering the kind of results that HP needed


from its employee. According to Royse (2009) a needs assessment helps to determine the


required results compared to the previous organizations performance. Third, it helped to assess


the type of knowledge and skills that the employees presently had. Lastly, the role to identify the


what knowledge and skills the employees must gain. Lastly, it had the role to identify when the


training should occur and which employees to attend as learners. (EXCELLENT paragraph ? it


explained what is a needs assessment well, which serves for the topic).


According to Lepak and Gowan (2010), tThe issues facing HP now is stiff competition


from many other companies that have the same certification for their project managers and the


retirement of about 20% of the first group of employees who were trained in the next five years. MGT 510-Human Resources Management


LESSON 5 CASE STUDY Running head: CASE STUDY 5 3 The training will play the role of improving the employees "Project Management


Professionalism" designation through certification. Besides, training will improve the


employeesemployee?s knowledge, skills and ability in order to meet the needs of the worldwide


workforce and to remain competitive. Besides, training will create a new bunch of competitive


employees who will take place of the one who will be retiring in the next five years. Thus, the


training will ensure that there is always competitive personnel or employees to offer the


company competitive edge in the market. (Remember where you got this information, and


ALWAYS CITE STATS. All of these cases studies are from the textbook, to it is perfectly okay to


cute Lepak and Gowan).


To begin the process of creating a new business training plan, one has to carry out


training needs assessment. The first step in the training needs assessment is to perform a "gap"


analysis. It involves checking the actual performances of the employees and the organization


against the predetermined standards. It involves the current and the desired situation analysis. In


current situation analysis, the organization must determine the current state of the knowledge,


skills and abilities of the current employees. Besides, the analysis should also determine the


organizational goals, environment, and internal and external constraints (Beltaine, 2009). After


current analysis, there is need to perform desired or necessary situation analysis. This entail the


identification of the desired conditions for organizational and employees success. It focuses on


job tasks as well as knowledge, skills and abilities required to accomplish those tasks


successfully. Second, Identify priorities and importance in the training needs assessment. This


will specify the importance and urgency in the view of the organization needs and requirements.


Third, is to identify the causes of performance problems and / or opportunities. After prioritizing


and being focused on the organizational and employees needs, the next step is to identify specific MGT 510-Human Resources Management


LESSON 5 CASE STUDY Running head: CASE STUDY 5 4 areas and opportunities to determine what the performance requirements are and appropriate


solutions to be put in place. Lastly, identify possible training solutions to provide the required


skills and knowledge to the employees in order to improve their performance.


The people who will be involved in the needs assessment are all the stakeholders of the


company who conduct the needs assessment to determine what type of training would be needed


to achieve the new goal and solve the new issues facing the company. (AHHHHHH, and who are


these stakeholder? Why did you not name who they are? You are SOOOOOO CLOSE!!!)The


desired outcome of the training is to produce more competent employees compared to the


competitors who satisfy the clients who ask for certification when requesting project bids.


Besides, the training should produce competent employees who will replace about the 20%


employees of the first bunch who are retiring in five years.


HP is a very large company and its planning process for training might be different if it


were a much smaller company in terms of time, cost, population or people involved. The


planning process requireprocess requires a lot of time as compared if the company was small.


This is because the company has to carry out organizational and personal analysis whichanalysis,


which requires more time to accomplish. Besides, more resources in terms of money and


personnel are required to carryout the planning process compared to if the company was smaller.


(If the company was smaller, the costs would also be significantly less. This could be easily


outsourced to a local company. Even HP outsourced it to ESI).


In conclusion, training needs assessment has various roles to play in planning a training


program for project management staff at HP in order for the company to remain competitive and


increase the company's profit margin. However the company is faced with competitive and


retirement issues which it needs to solve so as to remain competitive in the market. Moreover to MGT 510-Human Resources Management


LESSON 5 CASE STUDY Running head: CASE STUDY 5 5 begin creating a new training plan, one has to start with needs assessment and involve all the


stakeholders to assess the training needs in order to achieve the company's goals which might be


different if the company was small. MGT 510-Human Resources Management






Beltaine, S. M. (2009). How to conduct a needs assessment study on training and


documentation. Proceedings of the ACM SIGUCCS fall conference on User services


conference - SIGUCCS '09. doi:10.1145/1629501.1629509


Lepak, D. & Gowan, M. (2010). Human resource management: Managing employees for


competitive advantage. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Royse, D., Staton?Tindall, M., Badger, K., & Webster, J. M. (2009). Staff Training Needs


Assessment. Needs Assessment, 110-130.




This was VERY good.


There are a few small problems, which shows how close you are to perfection. 6


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